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Deputies make raw heroin bust at Wilmington apartment


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office at ATF say a six-week investigation led them to bust a man with more than 44 grams of raw heroin at a Wilmington apartment.

Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer says in a news release the investigation centered around Vincent Bruce Jackson transporting heroin from neighboring states to New Hanover County. Investigators say Jackson manufactured and packaged the heroin in individual gram form units that he sold from his apartment at Campus Edge Condominiums.

Brewer says the 44 grams of raw heroin equates to more than 1,800 individual bindles of the drug after its been cut, or mixed with other ingredients. If sold individually, the bags would worth more than $73,000 on the street.

Brewer said the investigation stemmed from several undercover purchases from Jackson and led to officers executing a search warrant at his home at 454 Racine Drive Building E Apt. 305A.

The Sheriff's Office says Jackson has an extensive criminal history in California and North Carolina over the past two decades. Jackson was recently released from federal prison after serving a 17-year sentence for crack/cocaine distribution. Jackson was still on federal supervised post release when he was arrested Tuesday.

Jackson is currently in jail under $901,000 secured bond. He is charged with 11 counts of trafficking heroin, five counts of possession with intent to sell/deliver/manufacture heroin, five counts maintaining a dwelling/vehicle, five counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and one count of sell and/or delivery of heroin.

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Its always a story

dont judge a person if you dont know all the facts cause you too will be judge.

so sad

the brother spent over half his life behind bars. i've spoken with him and worked with him . i'm no psychologist in fact no doctor . i believe he was just institutionalized. so sad

real truth

look theres politicians and police that are real "scumbags as you all call a dear friend of mine im not sayin he was right by no means but when u have a background you dont get a chance to better yourself because no one will give you a chance to make a better life for yourself honestly so he was doin what he knows to eat in this world

To the Guest in the 6th

To the Guest in the 6th grade.
Maybe you should read the article about the two white pieces of trash. One is being charged with "accessory to murder after the fact" & the other is charged with "obstruction of justice". As far a the worthiness of all of these individuals..They are all worthless & a menace to society. Regardless of color. It is what it is.

Yall are all childish,

Yall are all childish, really? How old are you again? Let by gones be by gones..just by yall commenting on it when nobody said anything about race.shows your racist thoughts.let along you are probably teaching your children or being racist in front of them...there were plenty of other news to comment on but you all chose this one..what about the two white women that is charged with murder thats right about this post..did you forget to leave.your thoughts and comments.... sorry slavery isover and black people are equal is that why you really mad? Stop making this a race issue yes the man ws most likely selling it to the.white college students but he also didn't force them to take it either.. if you dont have.anything nice to say dont say anything at all..the sad part is im only in the 6th grade and im more mature than you

Good job, deputies.

Good job, deputies.

This can not be

are the authorities certain? even if drugs were found, no doubt the NAACP will claim a frame up or some type of post incarceration mix up. There must be a Caucasian or Asian male who fits the description and should be charged.