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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Gov. Pat McCrory says his administration is looking at many options to bolster North Carolina public school teacher pay, including front-loading raises toward new teachers and increases based on instructional performance or in-demand fields.

McCrory made the comments Thursday as he welcomed dozens of business leaders to the Executive Mansion for lunch and discussion.

North Carolina teachers have had one raise since 2009. It’s led to low morale and protests outside schools and at McCrory’s office one day last week. McCrory held his first teacher advisory committee meeting later that week.

McCrory says he wants input from that panel and the North Carolina Business Committee for Education, whose members gathered at the mansion.

McCrory has blamed Medicaid shortfalls for siphoning away money he wanted for teacher and state employee raises.

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4 Comments on "McCrory: Frontloading teacher raises among options"

2015 years 10 months ago

money available for teacher salaries fell short due to Medicaid shortfalls; which by the way are Federally mandated.

So, why not carry protests to the residences on Easley and Smiley? THEY are the ones responsible for that Medicaid glutton.

And why not push for coverage limits for the baby making machines who do not work and have half a dozen on the ground before they are 25?

jeff nelson
2015 years 10 months ago

So now what the leadership is saying is that years of commitment to our schools, our communities, and our students does not matter as long as we can be replaced with cheaper, less experienced, and non invested people. by the way…how was one selected to be on his panel because i guarantee that I and several people i know are more experienced and know way more than most of them.

2015 years 10 months ago

you must have missed reading comprehension along the way.

The panel is composed of business leaders. The panel’s focus is on refocusing the education system to provide training which will help high schoolers and junior college grads to get good paying jobs. The Governor has made it very clear funding does not exist for college level programs such as Russian Appreciation.

Guess you missed those news conferences.

Guess you also missed the references to the Medicaid funding drain which the state has to deal with. What impact would $154,000,000 have on education and teacher compensation? That’s how much the state is repaying in interest for Medicaid funds borrowed from the Feds to keep Medicaid afloat. And that’s for just 1 year. The outflow will continue. Were you vocal when Easley and Smiley were borrowing $2.5 Billion for Medicaid and other foolish squandering?

You did prove the value, or lack thereof, of your guarantee.

jeff nelson
2015 years 10 months ago

Ah yes reading comprehension…your first clue at the main subject of the article would be the title, “McCrory: Frontloading teacher raises among options” , this was then supported by the entire first and third paragraphs and half of the fifth. Keep in mind this article only had five paragraphs. As a result I would say that my first comment was directly related to the subject. We will come back and extrapolate that point shortly. I can see where I was confusing with my second comment “…how was one selected to be on his panel because i guarantee that I and several people i know are more experienced and know way more than most of them.” To this I have to apologize for my lack of clarity. He was speaking to the the North Carolina Business Committee for Education which I would definitely not be qualified for but when you look just above that line of the article it clearly mentions the teacher advisory committee which, with twenty three years of experience in teaching grades 6-12, I taught a self contained cross-categorized class, been lead teacher in an alternative school, taught all levels ec-aig in my subject area, obtained my masters in reading education, created and taught a reading program during my planning period, obtained my national boards in middle/secondary social studies education, and sat on various boards, committees, and hearings, also, as a side job I worked at measurement incorporated evaluating and scoring writing tests from across the U.S. so yeah I pretty much stand by that comment in that context. I also believe that every school has several people that are as good or better than whoever is on the committee. I do question who is on that committee and how they were chosen…this administration and our state leadership have shown through their actions, rhetoric, and hires that they do need questioning. But that was not what this article or your comment about my reading comprehension was about so I’m not going in that direction.
In the fourth paragraph, McCrory mentions wanting input from the committee but there was an advisory committee last fall that met with and made suggestions to the big three, McCrory, Berger, and Tillis. They either ignored or did the exact opposite of every suggestion. Again, this is why they must be questioned.
Going back to my first sentence, I used the word leadership which, in the context of the article, was directed at McCrory saying he “wanted to frontload and pay new teachers more”…this echoes a news conference on Tuesday in which Jerry Tillman mentioned that and also “retirement incentives “ for older teachers. See what this point of view misses is that most, more-experienced teachers are committed and invested in their community, its success, and the success of its children. That is what this article was about.
The last sentence about McCrory blaming medicaid shortfalls leaves out the part, as do you, that the shortfall would not be there if our leadership had accepted, as most states did, the federal money to cover it…but that also is larger argument.
The line about Easley and Perdue make assumptions on your part that I voted for and or supported them. They are also currently non relevant. Just fyi…I didn’t and I questioned and criticized them just as I do now. As for your last sentence…. “And why not push for coverage limits for the baby making machines who do not work and have half a dozen on the ground before they are 25?” It just reveals that you are as vile as you are ignorant.


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