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AP Special Correspondent

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says he hears Americans who are upset about losing their health insurance “loud and clear” and is offering a fix.

Obama on Thursday announced that insurance companies can keep offering consumers plans that would otherwise be cancelled.

The president noted that the first-month enrollment numbers in health care plans under his law are lagging and he isn’t happy about it. He said that “we fumbled the roll-out” of the program. And he vowed to build a better health care system for every American and “get it right.”

The administrative changes are good for just one year, though senior administration officials said they could be extended if problems with the law persist.

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  • Rick Wilson

    Can the President pick and choose what laws the people/companies of this country obey without new legislation? I did not know that the veto powers of the President extended to laws already on the books. Oh, excuse me, this is not a veto, it is a temporary suspension. I doubt this is legal, but even if it is, it appears to only apply past the next election…….then everyone is supposed to start obeying the law again. If this law that the President shoved down the throats of the American people needs to be put on hold for over a year, then it needs to be done away with forever. I am amazed that a sitting President did not even bother to read and understand the legislation that will define his Presidency. I “hope” he “changes” his mind about any other landmark legislation he has planned if he doesn’t plan on reading the finished product or even have a basic understanding of what the legislation will/will not accomplish.

  • Guest: tax payer

    How is it that no one is asking how can the President change a law? He has no legal authority to write laws or change them. This is the job of Congress. They wrote the law and passed it (Dem’s in Congress). Remember Nancy Pelosi saying we have to pass the law so we can find out what’s in it? Are we living in America anymore? This President has signed more executive orders to change what he doesn’t like and to bypass Congress. People aren’t even questioning his legal authority to do so, are we so ignorant that we just don’t know to question what is going on? Where is the news media on this subject?

  • Thinker

    You are assuming that you have been told the truth by the Obama crowd which has already admitted to lies to you. Many of those policies had to add things like birth control and maternity benefits which at 65 My wife and I don’t need. My policy has doubled and my deductible have triple only to get things that are mandated that I don’t need or want. If it is so good why doesn’t congress and the President include themselves in it.

  • Robert Green

    Obama is trying to throw a lifeline to his fellow Democrats in order to get them through the next election cycle. There is no damn fix in the making. Obama plays the part of a socialist dictator very well. He can not cherry pick parts of the law to be implemented and offer remedies because he is not a lawmaker! This is the job of Congress! Just because of political convenience can he make such declarations willfully ignoring the Constitution. This man is treading awfully close to impeachment proceedings given the fact he has perpetrated the biggest fraud in American history and ignores our Constitutional Republic by making imperial declarations that bypass Congress. This man is a threat to the economic security of America. This country will run eye popping deficits to breathe life into Obamacare annually. How much more evidence do low information voters and citizens need to see Obama malevolent behavior?! Obama can only hope for repeal because he may join the company of Richard Nixon if this fraud continues. Even the state-run media will not be able to ride the Pinnochio Train much longer.

  • deb

    News story comments: free entertainment. Never fails to deliver.

  • Riiight

    I checked obama and the gov were not who were in charge of the insurance companies. So he is telling them what policies we can have!?!? Great well than tell mymortgage co that i want my house paid off, 2 new cars in the driveway, and a bag of cash on the doorstep.
    Remember it was “the law” to get health care. Now after you mr pres got caught lieing, you think you can just DICTATE what the so called remedy is and it will be all right?!? You work for me, and the rest of the USA, you need to be fired. Although since you have never held a management position you have no clue of what that means. God help us.

  • taxpayer

    he’s ordering the insurance companies to continue their “old” policies, it’s up to each state’s Insurance Commissioner to say yes…or no. Washington State’s IC has already said no.


    Sadly, Prezbo knew this was going to happen yet continued to defend it until the end…which is near…for Obamacare.

  • george

    I can’t believe the greatest nation on earth,the United States of America,the nation that saved the world from fascism in the 40’s and demanded the end to communist occupation of europe in the 80″,has been deceived to the point of electing a marxist to the White House,our White House,my White House!These are sad times in our nations history.Our grand children are going to look bck and wonder if we were all crazy.Those of you who voted him in are responsible for this mess.This fiasco was never about “health care”(this liar hs no iterest in your health care)it is only about control of the citizens of this country.If you voted him in you should be ashamed of your selves.His policies will effect you to.

  • Iworkformymoney

    I refuse to comply. I refuse to comply. I refuse to comply…..

  • guest22

    The greatest threat to the future of this Country is the enemy within.

    Barack Obama

  • guest16578

    Over the last few weeks I’ve had several people come up to me and apologize for voting for Obama. They regret their vote, and they will unfortunately have to live with this shame for the rest of their life. I told them not to worry about it, instead just try to learn and grow from their mistakes. I encourage them to be a more critical and open minded thinker in the future, to cast their vote for people who are accomplished, experienced, and competent. My dad regrets voting for Jimmy Carter, we tease him about it all the time, but fortunately we can laugh about it now because Reagan came along and saved us. Hopefully, our country can crawl out of the mess that Obama has left us, but it’s going to be tough, and we need voters who are able to think rationally, critically, and from an educated/informed perspective. It’s very sad that our great country is being hurt by the Obama administration, but who knows, this could be a turning point. We are seeing the effects of central planning, liberalism, and socialism, and they are not very pleasant. Maybe this simple lesson will serve our country well in the long term. Of course this all could have been averted if our educational system would have taught our students to think critically and to be informed about history and basic economics.

  • whatleader

    He passes a Law mandating rules for insurance coverage. Now if the insurance company does follow them they would be in trouble. Now that it hurts him he want the insurance companies to not follow his laws.

    Also, this will take them pass the mid-term elections and they will be dropped again like a hot potatoes. He only did this because he knows the Dems are in trouble.

  • guest45

    all smoke and mirrors designed to get his buddies thru the mid term elections, he doesn’t give a rat about anybody having health insurance, he has already destroyed that, so how does he reserect insurance companies that have just folded up, are they going to reopen for 1 year to have him slam the door again, no sir, people are going to reap what they have sowed, and this time everybody is going to get a belly full

  • guest7969

    True in my case…set the koolaid down and please don’t vote

  • Mr.T

    It is being reported that the vast majority of those people that have received cancellation notice, had limited coverage policies that would not meet the minimum standards set up by the ACA and not cover pre-existing condition. These policies would be easy to cancel by the provider and had very low max. coverage and very high deductibles. If this is true then most rational people would see the value of spending a little more for real health care. However I support letting people evaluate the old policy offers verses the new better offers. The real stupid people will just keep their old inferior policy. I think the government should tell these people that if you keep the inferior policy and you have a claim, don’t ask for help when you reach your max coverage or can’t meet the deductible.

  • Erlkoenig

    Obama = communist. How nice of Dear Leader to bequeath this upon us.

  • Mr . Wilmington

    Thank you Mr. President… You have helped us all tremendously!!! North Carolina would be worse off without you sir.. God Bless You…

  • Erlkoenig

    Its me you should be thanking for your food stamps.

  • Are you stuck on stupid or something? Or maybe you’re just a Dem planted to defuse the opposition. Any person who has not been living in a cave for the past 6 years knows what he is doing. Even CNN, ABC and others are seeing through the haze now and reporting the truth.

  • works hard ,gets screwed by gov

    so what about all of us that cant afford insurance, and dont qualify for help… guess we are screwed… Americans need to step it up!!

  • bamacare

    My wife and I got a quote from BCBS of NC. We do not qualify for subsidies based on 80K income.

    For a plan with a $5,000 deductible, partial prescription payments (I would still pay $100 a month for my prescrip), $45 each for the first 4 Dr. visits then they pay after we pay all of the deductible, we would be paying almost 18 THOUSAND a year for 2 ppl in our 50’s.

    That is 22.5 % of our income ~~~ HELLO ?? SO much for saving any money or vacations or a steak once and a while. WAY TO GO AMERICA. Hard working people get screwed again and the bums get almost free and FREE crap.

  • Guest2020

    It’s messed up. Are you having to carry maternity and birth control?

  • guest 9999

    He hasn’t fixed a thing. All he did was delay it a year hoping the American short-minded people will forget before the next mid-term election and then – BAM – you will dealing with it again. Who really thinks the problem with the law will not continue into 2015. It can only be fixed by repelling and starting over. Wake-up America. He is not interested in fixing this nor does he really care about you. He is all about controlling. Even those of us who have insurance through our employors are seeing sharp increases. What a name – “Affordable Care Act.” Affordable for who????

  • GuestToday

    Healthcare costs were going to bleed America dry – let’s at least give this new program a chance!

  • Erlkoenig

    Did you miss the collapse of the Soviet Union?

  • beach guy

    Health care costs are too high because of government not in spite of it. This new program has raised mine that I have had through my employer 25% in one year.
    if the government would have allowed insurance companies to sell products across state lines it would have increased the size of the risk pools and actually lowered the premiums but no now you have the government seizing 1/6 of the entire economy. Everyone needs to realize that the government is not about helping people it is about controlling people. if you believe anything else you are exactly the kind of person this government wants as it leads you further and further down the road into socialism and control of every aspect of your existence. The entire reason these democrats (no republicans voted for it) passed this bill into law is so that it would fail and they could turn it into a single payer system the same as they have in Europe by administrative tweaking instead of trying to pass it into law. So now that you have read it how do you like it? 140000 North Carolinian’s have been dropped off of insurance they chose and liked and were paying for. Nothing is free some one has to pay for it I have paid for mine along with my employer I also pay taxes which is used for medicaid I think we working Americans have stepped up.

  • guest7969

    Are you awake?

  • bennie

    A weak effort to look like he is fixing a problem he created.

  • Freedom Of Speech

    Until after the 2014 elections, then your butt is canceled again.

    Quite gracious Dear Leader.


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