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WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The US Coast Guard is modernizing its boats.

Station Wrightsville Beach got this 45-foot boat in June and will get another in February. Each costs $2.2 million. They are expected to last about 15 years.

It replaces their more than 30-year-old, 41-foot utility boat, or what they call 41.

The 41 is operated by a steering wheel and rudder system. The new 45, however, is electronic and uses a water jet system, which increases capabilities.

“We can put it in shallower water than 41 with the jets. Also, the speed and the maneuverability the jets provide us with over the standard screws is much better,” Tucker said.

The 45 is almost twice as fast; leaving the 41 in its wake.

“It halves our time of response, which makes me feel better,” PO2 Eric Tucker. “We joined the coast guard to help people, and being able to have a more capable boat to respond definitely makes the crew feel that we are about to serve the public better.”

The boat can navigate through 12 foot seas and travel 50 miles off shore.

Wrightsville Beach is the second station in North Carolina to get this boat.

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  • Guest123

    As a local sailor and fisherman who goes offshore, I appreciate knowing the local coasties have reliable and very capable equipment should something ever go horribly wrong and I need it. It’s like knowing your local fire department is well equipped.

    But on this website, it’s only a matter of time before someone declares this a waste of tax money, ro part of government overreach and I’m somehow draining their resources and contributing to the demise of Apple Pie, Momma and the American way.

  • Wilmington Observer

    I am one of “those” that is very vocal regarding “government overreach? and the waste of MY tax money. BUT….. this is one of the fundamental jobs of our government and I, too, am appreciative of the fact that our, local, Coast Guard Station is being up fitted with up to date equipment. It is sad that it took so long to find the money to make this happen. Perhaps if MY tax money was not being wasted on “ObamaPhones” and “Websites” that don’t work, our local Coast Guard Station could have been better equipped earlier.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Carol Kramer

    Here I am Guest123. For $2.2 Million, I think it should float, fly and be submersible.
    Here’s a video with all the guns on board.

  • USCG Ret.

    Awesome boat…only wish I was 22 again, a BM2 still, and driving it. I do have to laugh at the 15 year service life estimate. These things will be around for 25 – 30 years – a testament to how well crews take care of them, and the Coast Guard’s dysfunctional acquisition process.


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