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Gay alum disappointed with Myrtle Grove Christian School anti-gay policy


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Myrtle Grove Christian School is adopting a new Biblical Morality Policy that could keep some families out.

According to a letter signed by Head of School Stacey Miller, the school reserves the right to refuse admission or kick out a student "if the atmosphere or conduct within a particular home or the activities of the student are counter to or are in opposition to the biblical lifestyle the school teaches."

The letter says that includes homosexual or bisexual activity.

"I started crying over it, because it truly broke my heart," former student Jenna Ingram said. "They are being taught hate is what it really boils down to."

Ingram is gay. She says the church sees many lifestyles as sinful. She's not sure why the school is targeting and shunning homosexuals.

"I praise the same God as they do. I read the same Bible," Ingram said. "I practice most of the same morals, and I consider myself to be a Christian. Yes, I am also gay, and I think God loves me no less for that."

Ingram says she used to speak highly of Myrtle Grove Christian School, but won't anymore. She plans to marry her fiancee next October.

Officials at Myrtle Grove Christian School said they would only respond to questions through e-mail. We have not heard back from administrators.

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The Bible is NOT fiction.

It is a collection of stories, some of them historical, some of them parables, some of them dramatic. The Bible is a wonderful resource for any Christian wanting to live a better life. For the students who go there the Bible is NOT merely superstition it is the inspired word of God. If you want to be the foolish Atheist that you are, that is your choice. But don't call others foolish for believing the right thing - you know, the thing that will actually get them somewhere in this life - that there is a God and He loves us dearly.

What it all comes down to is

What it all comes down to is this--if you don't like the school's policies, then go somewhere else.

I grew up in a Christian school. My parents and I did not agree with every rule or teaching, but I was there with the understanding that we would all abide by their rules. We were always free to choose a different school to attend.


Let me be the first one to post a completely random passage in defiance.
Leviticus 15:19-20. "When a woman has her regular flow of blood, the impurity of her monthly period will last seven days, and anyone who touches her will be unclean till evening. Anything she lies on during her period will be unclean, and anything she sits on will be unclean."

Does this school herd its female students when they are on their period? Else a boy might touch them and become unclean til supper.

Are the uniforms at this school consisting of 100% purity, or are they of a blended material?

And alas, it is Noshavember. So for this month, many a man is keeping up with Leviticus 19:27. "Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard." So I guess we're all safe this month.

Truth is, as society changes, many things do. It is not my voice that needs heeding, nor is it yours, nor the principle. Under the Christian Doctrine, we are not supposed to judge: That is God's job.

Alas, at the end of the rant. A partial quote from the Pope.

If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to judge them? They shouldn't be marginalized. The tendency [to homosexuality] is not the problem ... they're our brothers." hrmmm

God's laws are the same now and in 1950.

God's laws haven't changed from the 50's, the 20's, or whatever decade you choose to tag. His word is not filled with hatred. He's our creator and by such offers us the freedom of choice to accept Him or not. Any other organization could choose to eliminate certain types of people and it would barely make the news. But make a choice by standing on your faith, and this is where it gets you. Well done Myrtle Grove. Stand tall and strong on God's principles and represent true Christian values.

New Principle that does not JUDGE

I really think that the school needs a brand NEW principle! Mr. Miller needs to go and that's an opinion of a lot of parents with students at that school. How can you JUDGE, Jesus did not Judge! Why punish the children because of one or more there parents life style! YOU Mr. Miller should love the Children and teach the parents, not cast them out!

If we are not to judge any

If we are not to judge any wrongdoing, then we don't need prisons, we do not need police officers, we do not need attorneys and judges, we do not need laws.

Jesus called a sin a sin. That is making a judgment. The Bible is clear that homosexuality is a sin. The Bible states that it is a sin for a Christian to condone sin. The Bible says that you cannot serve two masters, for you will hate the one and love the other, you will cling to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and Satan. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Well said!

Well said!

It is a private school...

...with the authority to establish whatever policies they desire. It is a religion based institution and has every right to institute restrictions that are parallel with their charter. No different that a Jewish based, a Muslim Based or a Catholic based institution would do to accommodate their particular beliefs.

If the homosexuals don't like it, they can take their money elsewhere to a school that accepts their lifestyle or go into the public school system, they take anyone. Nobody should occupy space where they aren't welcome.

There is a lot of hatred and name calling spread on this topic by both sides. The very basic fact of the matter is, the vast majority of Americans are still Christian, believe in God and the Holy Bible. We have all been forced to "acknowledge and be tolerant" of homosexuality. Some of us do a better job than others, but remember one very important point here! "Acknowledgement and tolerance" should NEVER be confused with "Acceptance and Approval"! We're still many eons away from that.

The problem is that they are

The problem is that they are taking government money to run their school. If they want to be that way, they have the right to, as awful and despicable as it is; however, they should not be accepting public funding, or rather, they should not be allowed to.

"The Problem is" ?

I’m sorry Newlin that you are not educated and have been brain washed by our Government ran schools. MGCS does NOT receive any GOVERNMENT MONEY. It is FUNDED by the parents that send their children there. That includes the Teachers’ salaries and benefits that are SUBSTANDARD to what a teacher earns working in our public school system. But they choose to teach just like the parents choose to send their children to MGCS. We have the right to choose just like you have the right to make a statement that is not accurate.

Hardly so. No gov't money at all.

Myrtle Grove is a fully private funded school paid for by tuition as a basis. So tell us all Newlin, what is it that's so "awful and despicable" about restricting the homosexual "lifestyle" from the religion based education for little kids. I suppose you think it healthy to teach them and encourage the homosexual method? Hell, it's going to get to the point where nobody has babies if this continues. Remember, a hole and a hole, a peg and a peg doesn't work. Perhaps not such a bad thing...

I don't necessarily agree with the fact that the government takes thousands of dollars out of my check each month to pay illegal aliens to live here, send billions out to third world countries that hate America and continue to pay lifetime entitlement recipients that won't get off their lazy @$$es, but their isn't anything I can do about it.

Remember, we are "tolerant" of your unusual lifestyle of homosexuality, we do not accept it or condone it!

No. They do NOT accept any

No. They do NOT accept any tax dollars and have NEVER received ANY tax dollars. The school is completely PRIVATE. This news story is just discussing the potential for that next year. I suspect the school will choose NOT to accept future tax dollars in order to be able to maintain its freedom to teach as it believes.

Myrtle Grove Christian

Maybe you'd have them wear armbands, or a star on the chest so you could more readily identify them. Shame on you, you are in no way Christian

A Christian is supposed to

A Christian is supposed to uphold the Bible, so you are completely wrong.

Here we go again with that

Here we go again with that "hate" excuse. Just because someone does not believe the same as you does not mean they hate you. A true Christian loves the sinner but hates the sinful act.
If you disagree with this school, I guess that means you hate the school.
If you don't agree with them, go to another private school that you can agree with.

I Hope They Also Signed

I hope those parents also signed that they would not commit adultery, divorce their husband or wife, marry interracially, allow single women to fornicate or allow their wife to walk out of the home without her head wrapped in cloth. It also says that men are superior to women. So hopefully women aren't teaching their children because women are not as smart as men (according to the Bible; not my belief). You cannot single out one piece of the Bible without addressing the rest. All this school is doing is teaching that hatred is OK and gay people are beneath them. Not cool at all.

well said. After all, Who

well said. After all, Who Would Jesus Discriminate against?

Can you refresh my memory on

Can you refresh my memory on where in the bible it says inter-racial marriage is wrong as well?

"Can you refresh my memory

"Can you refresh my memory on where in the bible it says inter-racial marriage is wrong as well?"

Some people cite the story of the tower of babble, Babylon, as god's admonishment against interracial marriage.

The policy covering this,

The policy covering this, includes sexual immorality of any kind. The Bible does not forbid women from teaching children. It states that women cannot teach men or be spiritual leaders over men.

This school is teaching nothing of hatred. They are setting an example to its students by standing up for God, instead of giving into what society dictates.

Hey MGCS, the 1950s called...

It wants its mentality back. Do they teach kids the earth is 6,000 years old too? But seriously, it still surprises me why some Christians are still so obsessed with gay people. I got over it years... DECADES ago. One good thing to note is that these types of people are a dying breed. I don't know how many students they have enrolled but I imagine that statistically some of them are gay. My heart breaks for them.

Christian School denying gyas and lesbians in and of homosexual

I agree with the school. Yes, every sin is forgivable, BUT, when you repent of a sin, repent means to turn away from. Remaining gay is NOT true repentance. If you are KNOWINGLY continuing in that sin, YOU ARE NOT FORGIVEN. You have NO right to force kids in a Christian School to deal with that sin in their face. BTW Manipulation the Scriptures is an "UNFORGIVABLE SIN.

Can you pray the gay

Can you pray the gay away?
No, you can't.
Asking a homosexual to change their orientation
is like asking a zebra to lose it's stripes.
God made them that way and you shouldnt judge them
for being fabulous.

Pray Gay

homosexuality is a learned social behavior, not genetics.

Beach Bum? REALLY? I'm floored.

Beach Bum, REALLY? Are you really that ignorant? Ueducated? Learned social behavior? Can YOU learn it? Go and talk to a real gay person. Do you really think that if I, as a guy, who liked sex with woman would one day decide to give it all up so that I can LEARN to be sexually attracted to other men? Again, REALLY? WHAT AN IDIOT... Bahahahhahahaha!!!! LEARN SOMETHING, Cleetus... Jeez.


Missing the point. . you, I and every single person working for and attending that church is NO less of a sinner and we ALL repeat sin...judge not, lest ye be judged. thy neighbor AS THYSELF...

Good for you Myrtle Grove!

Good for you Myrtle Grove! Stand up for your beliefs and don''t back down!
A private Christian school teaching the Bible and wanting their families to support them in can anyone argue that? They are NOT public and do NOT use tax dollars. If you don't like their clear stance then don't go there, and leave them alone.

Actually, the new state

Actually, the new state voucher program allows many inner city kids to use taxpayer dollars toward tuition at MGCS.


Actually............Myrtle Grove Christian will be able to accept tax dollars in the form of private school tuition vouchers which will become available for the 2014-2015 school year to families that meet free and reduced lunch eligibility requirements.

Unfortunately it's a private school...

It's their school. If they choose to be a bunch of ignorant homophobic morons, that's their right.