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Gay alum disappointed with Myrtle Grove Christian School anti-gay policy


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Myrtle Grove Christian School is adopting a new Biblical Morality Policy that could keep some families out.

According to a letter signed by Head of School Stacey Miller, the school reserves the right to refuse admission or kick out a student "if the atmosphere or conduct within a particular home or the activities of the student are counter to or are in opposition to the biblical lifestyle the school teaches."

The letter says that includes homosexual or bisexual activity.

"I started crying over it, because it truly broke my heart," former student Jenna Ingram said. "They are being taught hate is what it really boils down to."

Ingram is gay. She says the church sees many lifestyles as sinful. She's not sure why the school is targeting and shunning homosexuals.

"I praise the same God as they do. I read the same Bible," Ingram said. "I practice most of the same morals, and I consider myself to be a Christian. Yes, I am also gay, and I think God loves me no less for that."

Ingram says she used to speak highly of Myrtle Grove Christian School, but won't anymore. She plans to marry her fiancee next October.

Officials at Myrtle Grove Christian School said they would only respond to questions through e-mail. We have not heard back from administrators.

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M. school

Way to go! Stand up for what is right. All kids don't need to be exposed to the sickness of two moms or Dads. we were created for a man and woman to be together. What would happen to the earth if beginning NOW only men were with men and women were with women? there would be no future generations born. un natural. we are to go forth and mulitply. same sex can't do that on their own.
The idea is you can love the sinner even if you are disgusted by their sin. Help show them the way to live according to our Lord. Even perverts can turn from their ways if they want to badly enough.
Stay strong school!!! Our church had the same gay/lesbians attacking when we chose not to sponsor scouts at our church once the organization was pressured into accepting gay scout leaders out camping with our sons. Just say no. none of us have to accept anything we don't want our families exposed to. their should be some "safe" places.

Way to go Myrtle Grove. If

Way to go Myrtle Grove. If Christians don't take a stand, this world is going to be worse than Sodom and Gomora

Biblical Bigots!

". . . in opposition to the Biblical lifestyle the school teaches,"

I smiled when I read this phrase. Biblical lifestyle? Myrtle Grove is promoting the Biblical hatred found throughout the Bible. The Bible was written by illiterate desert dwellers, who knew nothing about science, and claimed the world was flat.

The men who wrote the Bible were misogynistic, pro-slavery, genocidal ignoramuses.

And the moral code in the Ten Commandments? They borrowed most of the commandments from other rabbis and philosophers.

The Ten Commandments has nothing to say about child abuse, slavery, genocide. Why? Because the men (not God!) who wrote the Bible believed these evil practices were good for their propagation.

As for homosexuality, they did not understand its genetic and environmental cause.

Myrtle Grove Christian School has revealed its staggering ignorance and hatred. Is Myrtle Grove, by chance, Baptist? The Baptists usually win the cake when it comes down to mean spiritedness and ignorance. (Think Westboro Baptist)

Shame on you, Myrtle Grove, and shame on all the parents who sign this evil document. It's the kind of document Nazi Germany made its citizens sign, indicating they would shun Jews and demonize them at the same time, creating a climate that sent millions of Jews to the death camps, and "Christians" had a big part in the killings of the Jews. Read Martin Luther's toxic anti-Semitism. He set the stage for the annihilation of the Jews. Christians have a lot to apologize for.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

IL-LIT-ER-ATE: unable to read or write

So ... The Bible was "written" by people who were unable to read or "write"?

That reminds me of another "ILL" word: "Illogical".

I can appreciate you're having feelings about a group being exclusionary, but leave it at that. When you start explaining the Bible, it becomes instantly obvious that you've had little exposure to it. By inaccurately defining some of it, you remove your own credibility from the equation which in turn makes your entire post relatively moot.

MGCS is associated with a

MGCS is associated with a Presbyterian church, not Baptist. Please do not lump all Baptists together.


I agree the church is in the wrong here... but your attack on the Bible proves to me that you have NEVER even read it much less understand what it teaches.

I've read the entire Bible, the good theology AND the evil

The Judeo-Christian God, according to the Bible, is directly responsible for cruelty on an epic scale: mass-murders, rapes, pillage, plunder, slavery, child abuse, killing, and blood sacrifice.

The God of the Bible also allows slavery, including selling your own daughter as a sex slave (Exodus 21:1-11), and bashing babies against rocks (Hosea 13:16 & Psalms 137:9).

I know that most Christians believe that God is a good and loving god, and wants people to do good things. I believe that most people, like me, want to do good things and behave morally.

I also believe that many Christians haven’t really read the Bible, or just read certain passages in church. This is understandable, as the Bible is hard to read due to its archaic language. Also, and most significantly, many people, including priests and preachers, don’t like to read certain passages in the Bible because they present a message of hate NOT love. The Bible is chock full of hateful passages.

There is much good in the Bible; much of the New Testament is ethically and morally sound. But so many passages are evil and horrific to ponder. As I stated above, the passages about homosexuality were written by morally-flawed men who knew nothing about psychology, science, genetics, biology, etc.

The mentally ill were scorned by the people of the Bible because they thought the victims were demon possessed. Adulterers were stoned to death.

The moral code for much of the Bible was "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," which was and is contrary to Christ's teachings.

For Myrtle Grove Christian Church to demonize gay children is morally reprehensible; it is deplorable in the extreme. The thing about religious fanatics is that they put beliefs over behavior, and they lack a sensible concept of morality and ethics. In fact, many so-called Christians are themselves immoral and unethical.

Will Myrtle Grove Christian School ponder the moral and ethical repugnance of their campaign to reject and demonize children who are perceived as gay?

Again, I say shame on you, Myrtle Grove. You are almost as bad as the willfully ignorant, vicious, and violent members of Westboro Baptist Church.

Let me close by making it clear that I have no respect for your school. I denounce you and assign you to another of the many HATE GROUPS that operate across our country.

Well Said

Well said Charles! Myrtle Grove Myrtle Grove doesn't support equality for all, that's their opinion and they have a right to voice that. However, if they do not agree with the LGBT lifestyles and view them as "sinful", what better way to witness to children about The love of Jesus then to allow them into their "Christian" school? Seems a little contradictory to what the bible says about Jesus' ministry, in my opinion. Is it really necessary to completely ban certain children from the opportunity to learn in a "Godly" environment? Sharing the love of God should not be limited to certain children as opposed to others. Seems to be a decision that is polar opposite from what Jesus would do....last I read Jesus welcomed ALL and told people to come as they are. What message are Christians sending when they prevent, and even stand in they way, of people coming to know Christ??

I think you are right on with your opinion!

It's ok from a Biblical standpoint to be against open sinful lifestyles, but to kick students out because of their parents isn't a very good witnessing opportunity.

It would be better that these kids continue to attend, and hear Biblical truth (if that's what MGCS is actually preaching) and then let the Holy Spirit work to save individuals..

The goal should be salvation for people, and training in Christian education for the youth. That includes Grace for those still yet unsaved!!

The school can uphold Biblical values (and not compromise) and have compassion at the same time.

I call for them to make a clear statement if (what the report about this issue) has said isn't what they mean by this policy and its implications..

Homosexuals and Christian schools...

There are such loving families that have two dads or two moms. Many homosexual couples have adopted these children and taken them away from lives of violence, hatred, drugs, and deprevation. These people want their children to know Christ and get a good education as well. God loves all who accept him. How can we judge others? As always, the self-appointed judges peer suspiciously and fearfully into the bedroom of the homosexual couples, but I can count so many "Christian" pastors that violated the bedroom trusts of their heterosexual spouses. You people are sick and perverted in the head, thinking only about private moments between two consenting adult, but stand behind your "Godly" teachings to condemn those who have done no wrong to you but try to save a child of God from an unimaginable future. Shame on you, and thanks for the good post Mckenzie! Jesus said to bring the little children unto him, but he did NOT give guide.ines for those who could not come....ALL children...according to the Bible.


So if they are Gay...or thinking about applying to become Gay...should they simply take cold showers as much as possible throughout their live long days to settle their desires...or what?
I always picture the scenario(s) of a Gay woman, or man, reaching out to grab a persons hand, that's about to fall off of a cliff...or a Gay surgeon about to perform emergency surgery on a so called God Fearin' person...and the Christian looks up at them as they are offering help and says..."You're Gay...No Thanks!"
Hey Christians...did Jesus ever walk on another planet...or was he just assigned to Earth????
What...can't answer that one??????

Walking on the moon...

"Hey Christians...did Jesus ever walk on another planet...or was he just assigned to Earth????
What...can't answer that one??????"

I can answer that.

HE created them so man could...

Im gay. I grew up in a

Im gay. I grew up in a Christian environment in eastern North Carolina. I spent most of my teens contemplating suicide and thinking that I was a depraved lunatic. I never had a choice in who I was attracted to. I just wanted to find love and romance like every other kid in my school. I was forced to live a lie, and hate myself. It wasnt until college that I came to terms with myself. Today, I'm 38. I'm happy. I'm married to a wonderful man. He is a doctor and I am a city planner. We are productive members of society who work to make the world a better place. I don't care for these people's approval. I do feel terribly for any children who are subjected to their intolerance. This type of influence is so morally wrong. Children shouldn't be taught to dislike those who are different from them. They also shouldnt be taught that there is something wrong with them if they are gay. I'm so thankful that I was able to survive my intolerant Baptist upbringing. I have lived a wonderful life. If there are any teens out there reading this... PLEASE don't let these people bring you down. It does get better. Work hard. Study hard. And get away from intolerant people. They don't deserve your love.

Gay grown up

Your alleged marriage is not legal in the state of North Carolina and will never be accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Name your husband so we can get it on record who to avoid.

No body forced you into your chosen lifestyle. You consciously made that choice to embrace your perversion.

Thank you

I had to come back to say thank you for sharing this. I had 3 friends go through with suicide due to these same pressures. Parents preaching hate and not even knowing those hateful comments applied to their own flesh and blood. Kids who cannot talk to the parents and parents that will never truly know their child. Sometimes because of ignorance and sometimes because ignorance and bigotry pushes them to commit suicide. I read these comments and I shed tears. I used to feel different because I was Jewish in a world filled with Christians spewing jew jokes on a daily basis and then the gay jokes started in kiddle school. I am both jewish and gay and I am how very,very PROUD. I educated MYSELF and learned my roots and history. I am a second generation holocaust survivor and again, these comments make me so sad. To think of how far I have come, my family and humanity itself. These comments brought me back down to earth because I honestly had the perception we were so much farther than we really are. I have extended family that attends this school. Yep,my PARTNERS family.They support LOVE and know that god doesnt make mistakes and love is a positive thing. They chose this school for the education and diversity and put their children here to not only get an education but also be taught the teachings of the bible as in the positive lights of loving thy neighbors and the love of god. Obviously they are now regretting this decision and preparing a talk on why the kids will have to change schools. Imagine that having to deal with their school is teaching the bible in ways it wasnt supposed to be taught. Marinate on that,people.

Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself

Well said JGregoryB! I have many gay friends and they are loving parents, partners and friends in their communities. It's 2013 and this sad world we live in still believes that we should shun gay people. There may be many things written in the Bible, but does that mean that we should take it all literally in this day and age??? Those of you who are anti-gay, what would you do if your son or daughter came to you and said they are in fact gay? Would you shun them, too? Or would you take the advice of Jesus and love your neighbor as yourself? It makes me angry knowing that people have considered or worse taken their lives because their families didn't accept that they are gay. We should be embracing each other - not dividing!

It's No Longer 1950

Then, as now, WE ARE ALL GOD's CHILDREN! Shame on you, Myrtle Grove Christian - and you purport to be CHRISTIANS? I think not.

What planet are you from?

We are NOT all Gods children, we ARE all Gods creation! Try reading the book, instead of putting it in the back window of your car!

What hole has your head been in?

check the books. It is against NC laws for individuals to engage in certain sex acts. By the way, those same acts are normally associated with homosexual or lesbian activities.

And if you're going to beat on Christians, go read the bible. The scriptures are pretty clear on homosexuality. So if we are all God's children, we should follow the scriptures. Are you certain you're a true Christian?

So before you beat on Christians, why not lead the battle in Raleigh to change the laws?

As a Christian

I will leave judgement of sin to the only non sinner there is and the only one capable of passing it...I can only ensure my actions show the love of Jesus and that my actions and words don't steer someone away from God and into Hell.

I was wondering the same about you...

> It is against NC laws for individuals to engage in certain sex acts.

Regardless of whether they are still "on the books", those laws are not valid or enforceable anymore. Nor, for that matter, is the law "on the books" prohibiting horseless carriages west of Fifth Street.

The Supreme Court has ruled on multiple occasions that sodomy laws are unconstitutional under the Due Process Clauses of the Fifth (if federal) and Fourteenth (if state) Amendments. The key opinion on the matter, Lawrence v. Texas (2003), was written by Anthony Kennedy... a Reagan appointee. If any law enforcement officer in North Carolina tried to enforce a sodomy law on someone, it'd be immediately vacated and the arrestee would be able to sue the officer and the department for a civil rights violation. And they'd win, too.

The laws are still on the books because nobody has standing to challenge them until they get charged for them... and nobody has been charged with them because the State of North Carolina and the individual county and municipal law enforcement agencies and DAs know that they are unconstitutional.

Mississippi just got around to taking slavery "off the books" last February, but it doesn't mean slavery was legal in Mississippi from 1865-2013. The U.S. Constitution has a thing called "the Supremacy Clause" to make sure that doesn't happen.

> By the way, those same acts are normally associated with
> homosexual or lesbian activities.

Only if you're lame.

Actually, now that we're on the subject, are you married? If so, I'm sure your wife would appreciate some "lesbian activities" every once in a while. Heck, maybe you'd be in a better mood if she gave you a "homosexual activity" once a week.

> And if you're going to beat on Christians, go read the bible.

She's not beating on Christians, she's beating on ignorant people who want to tell people what they are and aren't allowed to do in their own bedrooms. Some ignorant people are Christian, some ignorant people are Muslim, and some ignorant people are just mean-spirited pathological homophobes with nothing better to do than try to make everybody else as miserable as they are. It doesn't mean that all Christians or all Muslims have some sort of moral or legal obligation to be like that.

tl;dr: I'm a Christian, and you don't get to speak for me.

> The scriptures are pretty clear on homosexuality.

They're also clear on divorce and premarital sex, but I don't see any "true Christians" trying to pass laws against those. And the only ones I see trying to ban payday lending are the Episcopals and Catholics. Seems like the only thing clearer than the scriptures (the church fathers are lol'ing right now) is your double standard.

> So if we are all God's children, we should follow the scriptures.
> Are you certain you're a true Christian? So before you beat on
> Christians, why not lead the battle in Raleigh to change the laws?

The laws don't need to be changed in Raleigh because the Supreme Court of the United States has already ruled them unconstitutional. If we are all Americans, we should follow the Constitution. Are you certain you're a true American?

mumbo jumbo

Wow, you must not read the Star News, every once in a while someone will get caught in Hugh McCray Park "committing the act of crimes against nature" which does get punished. This pretty much trashes the rest of your legal education; and the rest of your comment.


Amen SCJ!!!

SurfCityJeff, YOU ARE



a lot of gum work for naught. The constitution allows each to have their own opinion.

I notice, like so many weak minded, you find yourself using personal aspersions. When did my wife become a topic?

Pretty lame Jeff. Why not verify your identity?

Better still, why not meet at the city park and resolve your use of personal aspersions? With a day or 2 notice, I can arrange ticket sales with the proceeds going to benefit Wounded Warriors. I promise I'll leave my mamaluke and service pistol on the wall at home.


Dear Internet Tough Guy,

I never said the U.S. Constitution or any federal or state statute prohibited you from having a stupid opinion, I just said your understanding of the law was factually incorrect. Which it is.

As for your gentlemanly challenge, I have better things to do with my time than play you one-on-one in basketball.

In the future, if you don't want people casting "personal aspersions" toward you, don't question total strangers' faith on the internet. And if you do, don't be surprised if some other stranger replies to you with something other than deference. Live by the sword, die by the sword, right?

I don't know you or your wife as far as I am aware. I just wanted to point out that oral sex is not a "homosexual" or "lesbian" thing unless you're lame... that's just my Constitutionally protected opinion, of course, and you may not actually be lame. I am truly sorry if I caused your internet comment board reputation great personal offense rather than the mild intellectual offense that was intended. If I did so, please know that it is because I am a weak minded and not because I have any actual real-world knowledge or opinion relevant to either your sexual prowess or the legal reality of your U.S. citizenship. I apologize for taking your completely ridiculous comment to its logical conclusion.




Outstanding comments Jeff! Wish some of these people had just one tenth of your mind!

Jeff Boy

take all the shots at me you want.

It shows the weakness of your position when you're reduced to throwing aspersions at a member of my family. That just does not cut it.

I wasn't thinking basketball when it came to acting on your comments concerning a member of my family.

From your lengthy post, I take it you don't have the stones to back up your words.

When you have to resort to attacking someone's family, that's a pretty clear indication you have a weak position.

The bible also says slavery

The bible also says slavery is ok. What are your thoughts on that?

The bible also forbids eating shell fish. What are your thoughts on that?

We could go on for days over what the bible allows and doesn't allow. Can you pick and choose what to believe in?