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Gay alum disappointed with Myrtle Grove Christian School anti-gay policy


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Myrtle Grove Christian School is adopting a new Biblical Morality Policy that could keep some families out.

According to a letter signed by Head of School Stacey Miller, the school reserves the right to refuse admission or kick out a student "if the atmosphere or conduct within a particular home or the activities of the student are counter to or are in opposition to the biblical lifestyle the school teaches."

The letter says that includes homosexual or bisexual activity.

"I started crying over it, because it truly broke my heart," former student Jenna Ingram said. "They are being taught hate is what it really boils down to."

Ingram is gay. She says the church sees many lifestyles as sinful. She's not sure why the school is targeting and shunning homosexuals.

"I praise the same God as they do. I read the same Bible," Ingram said. "I practice most of the same morals, and I consider myself to be a Christian. Yes, I am also gay, and I think God loves me no less for that."

Ingram says she used to speak highly of Myrtle Grove Christian School, but won't anymore. She plans to marry her fiancee next October.

Officials at Myrtle Grove Christian School said they would only respond to questions through e-mail. We have not heard back from administrators.

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The original post

dealt with homosexuality. I did not note any references to shell fish eating or slavery.

Why cloud the issue with irrelevant posts? Pretty evident you will wander all over when you can not accurately and factually debate an issue.

As for me, I don't pick and choose from the Bible.

And the list is Final:

" It is against NC laws for individuals to engage in certain sex acts. By the way, those same acts are normally associated with homosexual or lesbian activities." (Unquote)

As listed below with sex junk desires: Pay tention now...Ya Hear?

1. Never at your partners parents house...especially their kitchen.
2. *Never ever* on the back patio (satellites are watching/infrared/body heat signals. Watch picking your nose outside too, and flipping it. You are being watched!!!)
3. Never during a football games 4th quarter (2 down/2 to go)
4. Never while going to the bathroom/in the bathroom...this isn't Germany!
5. Never on top after 60 years old (lumbago)
6. Never while drinking buttermilk (don't know why...but it's the law)
7. Never 3 hours after a pork 'n beans dinner (obviously)
8. Never before/after church...just never!
9. Never during the Ernest Angley TV Hour Show!
10.If done during the Ernest Angley TV Hour Show...just touch the TV afterwards...and say "Baby"...and all will be well in the garden!
PS: Don't smoke afterwards...not even an E Cigarette!!!
The End

3500 years of Christian teaching

For 3,500 years, Judeo-Christianity has clearly taught that homosexual practice is contrary to the laws of God and the Word of God. This school is simply following in this great orthodox tradition of the church. What's really weird is that some folks believe Christian teaching should be jettisoned to comply with the current platform of the Democrat Party and the Obama administration. Thank goodness the church, nor Christian schools, do not pay heed to these ungodly voices of sin. With all the blatant immorality of contemporary society, we need Christ in our lives more than ever--especially in crime-torn Wilmington. Thank the Lord for this school.

I am as straight and

I am as straight and HETEROSEXUAL as they come, but some of you people are totally ignorant when it comes to gays. They were born gay. IT IS NOT A CHOICE. If they were created this way, why would any God condemn them? When in YOUR lifetime did someone come to you and give you a choice as to your sexual orientation?


I didn't see anywhere in this statement the word "hate"...that they "hate"...? Please stop fanning the flames of this sensitive subject and realize that MGCS has a right to censor any subject that would be against the scriptures. FYI, Jesus Christ is censored in public school in case you haven't noticed. No one is constantly blasting that ad nauseum. If you don't agree with the policy you don't have to apply/send your kid. I am sure you can find another school, free or paid, that will gladly take your tuition and tell you what you want to hear. Thank you MGCS for NOT compromising.

Jesus in public schools?

Robin, You may not realize that in public schools, there are MANY other religions there, other than Christianity, so, therefore, that is why Jesus is not taught... but therein lies YOUR problem! You don't CARE about that, do you? As long as it serves YOU and your beliefs, this is ok with you. No cares about alienating others? Again, YOU don't care about that, either, do you? I suggest you re-think your priorities, Robin, Jesus is a loving God, not one who alienates, discriminates and teaches intolerance to our children. Ignorance is bliss, you know!

Jesus in public schools...

I am aware that He/Jesus isn't allowed in there. Any other religion is but not Christianity. ALL God's children, gay or straight, are loved and I love them too. I do practice what I "preach". I also believe, while people are looking to jump on the good that Christian schools do, what the school tolerates is their business. I grew up in the public school system in this county...I CHOSE to send my children to a private school. I vote when the polls are open. I teach my children to love everyone as Christ does. I do not agree with or appreciate the general populus putting gay lifestyle on their finger and pushing it down my throat which is exactly what I get when something like this is reported...or when I turn on my television. I tolerate you and your opinion. Please, use some manners and do the same for me and those who disagree.

Reply to Robin

Robin, I respect your beliefs. That said, the reason you're seeing us on tv and in other mediums is because we're here. We exist and we are a very real part of this world and this community. In fact, more and more of us are coming out proud and not hiding from intolerable people like you. With all due respect to you, ma'am, we're here to stay and we're not going anywhere. We aren't the big, bad wolf and we hurt no one. We just want to be who we are. And we will, no thanks to you. Signed, a PROUD GAY MAN.


Oh that Christian community, they may love God, but why do they hate God's children, and treat them with such contempt?

Really really are you kidding me.

Well, does this mean I can drink, beat my wife, have affairs and meth lab in the basement, but, I better not be GAY. In this day and time it is very sad what are you teaching the kids, TO HATE is the way I see it. What when the kids grow up and go in the work place and there are all different walks of people they will come in contact with. I really think you need to rethink this. and if you are teaching the Bible way. Then you need to know this WE ARE ALL GODS CHILDREN.

Private School

I don't agree with their decision, but they're a private school and can do what they want. I'm sure the Red Star is going to make this front page news for weeks since it's more important than daylight armed robberies. BTW, I wonder how many of the recent pizza & bank robbers attended Myrtle Grove Christian Academy?


Sure hope they are not receiving Federal Funds!

This is all about the new

This is all about the new voucher program in NC starting in 2014 where parents can get $4200 a year in state tax money to send their kids to private school. MGCS looked at the numbers of potential enrollees and jumped on it. They may lose a few which object but now with tax money there will be plenty like minded close minded parents who will send their kids to school there. Shame shame shame. So all of you who say it's their business who they want to accept in their school..... It isn't. It's everyone in North Carolina who pays taxes because it's our money paying for these vouchers. And btw. The vouchers are for underprivileged whose parents don't pay taxes.

SO un-God like

Hate. Does a Christian good. So sad :(

So what life lesson is being

So what life lesson is being taught when you tell a student that they must leave or not attend a school because their parents are gay? Here is a child who has been brought up in a very loving environment (one would hope) and is now being told that this environment is NO GOOD?
This is a no-brainer. If the school thinks the children should be denied an education because of their parents' lifestyles, the children are better off going to a school where they will be accepted despite who their parents are and, God forbid, how their parents choose to express their love for one another. I speak from experience of being a straight person with many gay friends, both single ones, ones in partnerships, ones who have adopted children, those who have born children, those who once tried being who they were not and married and had children and are now happy grandparents while now embracing their true selves. I think it is very commendable that the gay parents want what they think is the best education for their children by sending them to a private, Christian school. That is, before all of this controversy erupted. It never ceases to amaze me that people continue to be so ignorant and unforgiving in this day and time.