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Judge refuses to throw out inmate beatings lawsuit


Associated Press

RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- A federal judge has rejected efforts by the state to dismiss a lawsuit filed on behalf of eight inmates at North Carolina's Central Prison who say they were severely beaten by guards while handcuffed and shackled.

US District Court Judge Terrence W. Boyle ordered Friday that the case move ahead, granting lawyers for North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services authority to access state records and conduct interviews with prison staff in preparation for trial.

The case involves Unit One, a special section of the Raleigh prison known as "The Hole" where inmates who violate prison rules are held in solitary confinement. The lawsuit alleges officers systematically carried out beatings in a secluded area not covered by surveillance cameras, resulting in inmate injuries that include broken bones, concussions and a shattered hip.

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Inmates Being Assaulted by Corrections Officers

The same is happening at Polk Correctional in Butner N.C. on the H-Con unit. These inmates cannot contact anyone due to fear of retaliation.Their mail is being held, they can't use phones, and their visits are took for six months to a year at a time.They are removed from their cells in full restraints taken to an area where there are no cameras & severly beaten. Bringing in gaurds from the yard with face shields & full riot gear,to keep inmates from knowing their identity. It's bad enough these guys are in a tomb 24 hours a day then have to deal with beatings on top of that. Does Dept.of Corrections wonder why officers are so often attacked?Start checking their actions. Don't know anyone that's goin to take beatings especially while restrained and not want to retaliate. Why not try this without the restraints? These officers are cowards. This could be considered FIRST DEGREE KIDNAPPING,AWDWIKISBI and I'm sure a few more charges could be found. They are restraining people and moving them to another location with the intent to harm them.Someone please help these guys before one of our sons,brothers, husbands,etc.end up dead.

Sounds like a good reason to...

...stay the hell outa there to me! I've always proposed that if we modeled prisons more like Bolivia, Mexico and Turkey, there would be quite a bit less crime!