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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A recount of the votes in the Nov. 5 election in Carolina Beach confirms Dan Wilcox has won the town’s race for mayor by seven votes.

Wilcox defeated incumbent Bob Lewis, who called for the recount, but did not show up to the New Hanover County Government Center this morning for it.

Carolina Beach Town Council appointed Lewis mayor in December 2012 after Mayor Ray Rothrock resigned.

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  • W. T. Hatch

    Three (3) down and two (2) to go! Even with Former Mayor Bill Clark and wife voting when they should not have, as they moved to Florida in the summmer, we now have a Mayor and two Councilmembers that will work together, agree to disagree and do the best for our Town of Carolina Beach as a organized team. Let’s hope two years from now we can elect two more Councilmenbers to replace Shuttleworth and Friede and have a Carolina Beach Team of five. CONGRATULATIONS TO DAN, LeAnn and Gary.

  • Savannah

    Seems to me poor ‘ole CB will always be a somewhat-trashy place as long as the same ‘ole 2nd rate people run the place. Don’t appear to know what constitutes a healthy path forward, much less how to get there, thus it will never even be as desirable as its KB neighbor, nevermind other classier, cleaner US/NC beach resorts. Too much emphasis on bottom line of a few — often the case — so ruin the very things it has had going for it…..People need to open eyes, look around and learn from those who’ve gone before them here and in similiar places.


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