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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – When the Wilmington City Council meets on Monday, they are scheduled to discuss if they can get raises at the same time city employees get raises.

A resolution would make any future across-the-board employee pay increases also effective to the council.

The resolution, sponsored by council members Margaret Haynes and Laura Padgett, would direct the city manager to apply any future across the board cost of living pay adjustments for general employees to the pay of the mayor and city council.

Right now, Bill Saffo makes $14,040 annually as mayor. Other council members make $10,670 per year. Those rates were set in 2006 for the FYI 2006-2007 budget.

“Inflation and the cost of living impacts this compensation level as it does for general employees,” City Manager Sterling Cheatham wrote in a letter in the agenda recommending passage of the resolution. “Prior City Councils have sporadically provided for adjustments with an adjustment in 2003, prior to 2006 increase.”

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  • guests

    I wonder if the city council is the lowest paid in the state? It must be…just like the city fire department. Hopefully this mean that the city employee are finally getting a pay raise.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    “I wonder if the city council is the lowest paid in the state?”
    Probably…and the City Council isn’t worth a penny they’re gittin’ now!
    Just wait until they buy the 3.7 million dollar swamp land project and sinkholes form when they build on it…like a stadium.

  • fleebailey

    They knew the salary when they ran for office. This is a sneaky way to get increases without having to vote directly for it. Why wasn’t this brought up a few weeks before the election, instead of few weeks after.

  • Carol Kramer

    What about medical coverage and pension? How much are those worth?

  • Guest45

    Hey WWAY, tell us what their total package is. Do they get free medical care for life after serving one term? Find it all out for us. County too…does Berger get 100% medical insurance paid for by the tax payers when he leaves?

  • Guest Reply Redux

    Get them taller chairs!

  • SurfCityTom

    let them sit on telephone books?

  • Guest2020

    Put them on an elevator.

  • tke1

    Aaaahhh. Nothing I love better than dedicated public servants. If they want city employee benefits, let them work full-time city jobs. Financially, you are not talking about a wad of money, but it is the idea behind elected officials making an elected, public service position into a bundle of feathers for their nest.
    The council should be reimbursed for their actual expenses incurred while they are performing their elected duties so that the job doesn’t cost them anything. These two would want mileage and gas money for showing up at meetings.
    Yes, indeed. Dedicated public servants.

  • truthseeker

    I can honestly say I have voted in every election since 1989. I have not voted for anyone presently in City Council and never will, But. some Wilmington idiots keep electing these morons in office every term. Now we have a useless Convention Center, terrible roads, low paid first responders and more politics than potholes. Evidently city residents want more of the same cause they just will not come out and vote them out. So, the present council thinks well we can build buildings we do not need and almost get a baseball stadium we do not need and get pay raises we do not deserve cause we keep getting elected no matter what we do. You get what you vote for morons, so continue the present path and erect monuments to their greatness!

  • Rick Wilson

    Sure they want to set up automatic pay raises…….DUH. Talk about conflict of interest……..I do not believe any public “self-servants” should be allowed to give themselves pay raises. It should be a stand alone item on the ballot every 4 years when we elect the President. The voters and only the voters should decide. There has to be more benefits than their pay, or why would they spend so much to get elected to such “low paying” jobs?

    Did anyone notice the property for the proposed park was starting out at 3 to 3.5 million and now is up to 4 million? Hold your breath and wallets when you see what the final bill will be. Also consider that this property will no longer be on the tax rolls…….This is another situation where the money needs to be closely followed and monitored.

  • WILM1

    Why does it matter? They are going to get it anyway. They will sneek it in later in the year and “We the People” will just sit back and VOTE them back in again! Just like we do every election. Just like the County Commissioners keep increasing their benifits. They all ready have insurance and after 2 terms get lifetime benifits. As they say ” Voters have such short memories”


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