New Hanover Co. Sheriff’s deputy charged with DWI by another deputy; resigns

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Submitted: Sun, 11/17/2013 - 4:30am
Updated: Mon, 11/18/2013 - 4:47am

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A spokesman for the New Hanover County Sheriff’s office says Det. Craig Blackmon was caught by another deputy driving drunk. He was charged with DWI early Saturday morning.

The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Alcohol Field Enforcement (SAFE) Unit was conducting routine patrol when the SAFE deputy came into contact with Blackmon and he was subsequently charged with DWI.

Blackmon resigned from the Sheriff’s Office before the internal investigation began.

“I continue to stand firm on my position concerning alcohol related incidents,” Sheriff Ed McMahon said in a statement.

Blackmon had been with the Sheriff’s Office for nine years.

This is at least the seventh deputy who has been fired or has resigned before being investigated this year.


  • Deputy004 says:

    I have known this Deputy for at least 8years.
    I also know he doesn’t have any enemies at work or on the street.
    He made a poor choice, and now he is being held accountable for it.

    He will pay the price. We also know several other employees at the sheriff’s office that have gotten away with this
    And much, much worse, but instead of them being terminated or resign they have moved up in rank, or just transfer inside the dept.
    I feel for Craig and hope he lands on his feet. He truly is a very nice guy that should’ve made more influential friends there instead of just good quiet deputies. It’s a shame that place is so loaded with needless stress, this becomes an outlet!

  • jon smith says:

    You haven’t the slightest idea what you are talking about. He was arrested like everyone else is for DWI and was given the conditions of release. He then chose to resign from his position as a deputy. Next in the process will be court. Now do you understand the process. He is being held accountable for his actions. The stuff people spew out of their mouths when it comes to law enforcement is amazing. We make mistakes like everyone else and yes we are held to a higher standard, however if you will take a look around you these days the standard really isn’t that high.

  • guest now says:

    The bad part is they arrest people for drinking and driving and look what he do…good he should be out its not fair that people go to jail for it while he gets to just resign, he should resign,pay a fee and the people he arrest or tickete should be cleared in my eyes.. i dont see whats so good about alcohol and anyways

  • WilmMan says:

    Why wyould you make a comment so ignorant? I’m not saying you are stupid, but a stupid comment makes you look really stupid.

    As far as the 250 deputies, think of all the different division. There are over 100 deputies that work in the jail alone, probably 25 or so in the courthouse, close to 50 on patrol, around 10 on the traffic unit….then you have Vice, Detectives, Gang Unit and the Civil division. I would say there are probably closer 350 Deputies that work at the Sheriff’s Office..

  • Bill OBrien says:

    Well, about 249 of them are Lieutenants or higher so…

    Seriously, why are there so many employees at a sheriff’s office that has such an incredibly small territory? New Hanover is one of the smallest counties in this state and 90% of it is patrolled by Wilmington Police. The rest is covered by corrupt deputies!

  • beach guy says:

    Why on earth would you make a statement like this? why don’t you try patrolling an area the size they do in twelve hour shifts by themselves no less. Every interaction I have ever had with the sheriff’s deputies has been professional and courteous These men and women make it safe for us whom live outside Wilmington, protecting us mostly from those who live inside Wilmington.
    And by the Way Captain geography , Wilmington is not 90 percent of the county. You guys just think you are.

  • 10689 says:

    The physical area of Wilmington is but a small area in New Hanover County but population wise it has a population of 106,000 versus 202,000 for the entire county.

  • ILM NATIVE says:

    Bad thing is when they resign before the investigation they can just go somewhere else and go to work, they should be fired and then their certifications taken away. They resign and just go on down the road. What do you expect from people that think they are better than everyone else.

  • theo says:

    Amen!! Law enforcement officers should abide by all the laws we, the people, are expected to abide. They should also go above and beyond the standards of good character and set an example for good.

    If you break one law, you’re fired. Period. As simple as a parking ticket. Bye. If you don’t want to be held to the higher standard of a peace officer, find another career.

  • 1234543 says:

    it is time for nc and all states to get a uniform law, allowing people with their hand caught in the cookie jar to avoid losing their certifications is wrong, if you can not conduct your personal life in the same laws you are sworn to uphold then you should be out, period, finished!

  • guest9999 says:

    Officers loose their certification as a LEO for DWI and many other violations at a min of 5 years. Most loose their certification for life.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    You need to find a hobby old man.

  • taxpayer says:

    Ron White said it best…”You can’t fix stupid”. It’s nice to see there’s no professional courtesy when it comes to LEO’s driving under the influence…most times.

  • I Care Why says:

    This goes to show how stupid a lot of law enforcement employees are. Do people not have any morals anymore?

  • ilmc says:

    You obviously are speaking about yourself with your ignorance.

  • Dave says:

    I agree with you partially…..but when a law enforcement officer, military, public official,etc…. does something wrong it’s in the news. When the avg. citizen drives drunk and gets caught, nobody other than a few people know about it.

    If they made a law that anyone that gets caught receives the same media attention that police, military, public officials, etc….maybe more people would consider voicing their opinion about living outside of the fish bowel. Just saying.

  • Gaily says:

    Yes because you sound super intelligent!

  • Guest888888 says:

    This deputy was a good guy, hate he made a bad decision that cost him his job. Don’t drink and drive, people.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Let’s put this in proper perspective:
    The Sheriff’s Department has 250 employees.
    The year is almost over. Given the stress, high pressure, and high standards, 7 out of 250, is not bad.

    If it was over 25, I’d be concerned. If it was at zero, I’d be real concerned.

  • I Care Why says:

    There are 250 sheriff deputies? Why is crime so high then?

  • Vog46 says:

    I agree to a point.
    I don’t expect our LEO’s to be chaste while off duty. They have stressful jobs and will from time to time, blow off some steam. I’m ALL for that.
    I DO however expect them to know that when they’ve had “a few” that they should call a cab, call a friend, hell, I’d allow them to call a patrol unit to bring them home.
    This was a blatant lack of judgement.
    I have one question……..if he resigned to avoid a IA investigation, was there something else going on besides drinking? Or was this just a way to keep his record clean for other job opportunities?


  • Bill OBrien says:

    The problem you are missing is that several of these deputies are in positions of leadership. We have had a few that merited being charged and arrested but, “Sheriff Ed” decided to give them hugs and let them resign instead.

    We also still have the situation with former NHCSO Lt. Joey Leblanc. He was fired over 6 months ago. He is likely responsible for destroying hundreds of narcotics cases and he is still walking free. DA Ben David had the SBI investigate the situation and they have finished…no charges filed yet! Of course, Leblanc knows all the dirt on some of the highest ranking officials in the county and at the department.

    You may think that 7 out of 250 is just peachy but, it is more than just numbers. It has to do with leadership and how these situations are being handled.

  • ? says:

    WWAY ask Ralph E how many Officers he HAS NOT fired for DUI ..Might make for an interesting story.

  • ? says:

    WPD Won’t fire you for DWI …

  • point says:

    Your point on the officer being fired is unfair. Should he be punished? Yes, but to lose his job is something else. Should a plumber, Doctor, lawyer, teacher or you lose your job for DWI? If you say you should be fired for DWI then I guess the Deputy should also. However, he is human and can have issues like everyone else. So, I would think the Sheriff if he was a true boss, would keep him on the job and make sure he had alcohol counseling.

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