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Group protests Myrtle Grove Christian School anti-gay policy


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- It has been just days since Myrtle Grove Christian School announced in a letter they are adopting a new biblical morality policy that could keep some families from attending.

Now, some community members are speaking out, and protesting the policy.

In a letter signed by the head of the school, Stacey Miller, the school reserves the right to refuse admission or kick out a student "if the atmosphere or conduct within a particular home or the activities of the student are counter to or are in opposition to the biblical lifestyle the school teaches."

The letter says that includes homosexual or bisexual activity.

“I find it troublesome that a place that's formed to educate our future is teaching them that certain people aren't welcome in their environment,” protester Tara Smith-Russell said.

Smith-Russell and her daughter Maddie stood together across the street from Myrtle Grove Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

As attendees filled the church to hear the sounds of Christian music, Maddie and her mother took to the streets to protest.

“I have friends that are gay, and there is really no difference,” Maddie said. “They just love their same sex, and that's not right to not allow them to do certain things that we can."

Eric Anderson, a member of the church and parent to a Myrtle Grove Christian School student says in church everyone is welcome.

“Jesus gave his life so that everybody could have acceptance,” Anderson said.

He says school is a different matter, because it affects how his children are raised.

"The school should have rules and standards and things like that, kind of that foundation your building,” Anderson added.

But he and his wife say it has nothing to do with hate.

"There was no hate,” Megan Anderson said. “It's just biblical, and that's what's important to us."

"If there are some folks that don't believe in what this school stands for, and what they teach, it's their right not to go there,” the Andersons said.

The policy will go into effect at Myrtle Grove Christian School in the 2014-2015 school year.

All families applying for admission or re-enrolling at the school will be required to sign the policy.

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Christian school in myrtle grove

You southeners need to get with the program and come into the 21 century! You are 2 racist, 2 homophobic, and 2 judgmental to call yourselves Christians! Shame on you! Y'all!

Where's the News?

This piece is a sneak attack on a private Christian school. They are exercising their right to do things their way in a PRIVATE setting. If they disclose everything in advance to ensure informed consent before obligation, it is protecting everyone involved and avoids being misleading. They are not a threat to our rights or freedom, but this article would have you believe the exact opposite. The people who abuse their power, cause confusion and stir up anger deliberately to impose their personal preferences onto the majority, and then frame it as the only way are the real bullies. Being content with unobjective writing and accepting it dooms all of us to being stripped of our rights, ultimately.

What the hell is wrong with

What the hell is wrong with you people? How can you sit there and even call yourselves 'Christians' when only hatred and abomination comes out of your mouths. I'd rather be gay then ever bring myself as low as you cynics. Pick up a bible and read the real truth.

"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love."
John 4:7-8

New Policy

I find it appalling that a school that professes to love Christ and says that they have Christian values can honestly believe that they are not practicing hate. You can believe as you will, as do I, but to PRETEND to be a Christian and hide behind the Bible while you practice hate and publicize it is....well, unChristian. I hope that God gives you the judgment that you deserve.

Thank you

Its about time that someone needs to voice the truth. Gay is not natural. God and nature never intend same sex relations. By god, you can reproduce naturally without it being a man and woman. I support them for their choice to not tolerate it.

They have a constitutional

They have a constitutional right to practice their religion. So all you GIBLTs hating on these principled people need to get over it.

Myrtle Grove

What they don't have the constitutional right to do is to receive North Carolina tax dollars in 2014 for discrimination. Keep the hate contained in those walls, leave the rest of us and our MONEY alone.

Big protest...6 people, and

Big protest...6 people, and tons on these Forums backing up these 6? Bet these 6 people don't expect the Forums to resolve this issue. At least they stood for something they believed in!

Be careful of who you follow....

Jim Jones was one of the most powerful preachers of all time, and one of the most horrid people known in my lifetime.
. He said, come to Gayana to live the perfectly protected Christian life, spouted verses of protection from the sin of others, and led his congregation, entire families, families who had children there with them, to kill themselves in preservation of their holy world and lifestyles. That "magical kool-aid" still exists today, but in different forms.

Jesus did say that ALL children could come to exceptions, no rules for their parents, friends, grandparents, or up-bringing. This over-zealous stance on banning CHILDREN from learning about God's love for ALL people, and the kingdom of God, no matter what happens in their home, can be restricting these little ones to a life of not knowing. I believe that this rule is not to protect the children who don't know the difference from knowing the REAL world that we live in, who wouldnt JUDGE these children unless their parents taught them to, but to eliminate an unknown "threat" to their parent's own sacred and holy worlds.

God is love, God is forgiveness, and God loves the sinner. If this is your mantra, you would be accepting all for the opportunity to witness to anyone and everyone. ESPECIALLY the children, for whom, with God's love and acceptance, would empower them to be all they could be.

About time we stand up for Jesus

If your gay or bi sexual take your baggage with you. This is a Christian school with prayer and a pledge allegiance to the American flag. One nation under God! Go to a public school if you have a problem with God and where the school caters to atheists. .If you look at America we are going to hell due to atheists. This country was founded by the four fathers that were religious. My child goes to Christian school and I will fight to keep junk out of that school. I'm a patriot and love my country. But Obama hasn't helped freedom of religion or the country on any fronts. Start a atheist school where ever you want. Leave the Christian schools alone. I'm sick of this mess from these people.

Smell The Brimstone! Fear The Wrath!

Was it Harpo, Groucho, Zeppo and Chico you speak of? John, Paul, George and Ringo? Or Howard, Fine, Howard and Howard? Either way, thanks for the laugh...the whole rant, not just the Four Fathers bit. No doubt, those homos and heathens will perish with brimstone under their breath!


Good grief. I honestly laughed at your comment. The grammar and spelling are atrocious (Google it if you do not understand the meaning).

Ahh the dreaded Atheist. The people that invented the platform for your computer. Look up "Alan Turing", he was a GAY Atheist and was highly influential in the development of computer science. Not to mention Bill Gates and Steve Jobs , both Atheists who made PC's available to us all. Do you have a Facebook page created by Mark Zuckerburg the Atheist?. Now do you want to complain some more about us horrible Atheists?

You are so blind.

Awesome. Just awesome

This response literally made my day after all ignorant comments I have subjected myself with today. I would high-five you in person if I could. Thank you.

"Four" Fathers

...Seriously. You couldn't make yourself look dumber if you tried.

Ray Carter

(This country was founded by the four fathers that were ) there is nothing worse than an uneducated person spouting ideas like they are facts. Please lean some history before you make yourself look stupid. This Nation was not founded on religion or the founding fathers did not push religion ( several even most did not believe in God and did not want it in goverment) History 101 hunny. Educated yourself before you rant.


Please learn to spell.

Spell Check

Im so very sorry for the fact my word was not spelled right, shame on me for being on my cell phone,while on lunch, eating and typing. So very sorry that a mispelled word is worse than someone who does not know history, not only does not know but lies about it.

Messag Myrtle Grove Wants to Send

The message Myrtle Grove Christian School wants to send is this:

Gays are not fit to attend our school.

Here's the message I want to send to the principal of this Anti-Christian school:

You are not fit to shine my shoes!

I remain . . .

Gay and Proud, Holding my head up High, up High to the Sky!

Myrtle Grove

What the school isn't fit to do is to receive Charter School Funds for there bigotry in 2014...I'd be on the phone to my Representative if I were all of you!


I respect and support you and hope nothing but joy for you in life. Any religion that picks out what they want to follow or support from the Good Book is horrible. They preach divorce is a sin, but they welcome it into their doors.

You are all kidding right?

This school is a Christian school, and I, Myself am a Christian. I am really proud of this school for standing strong in what we believe. Its a Christian school. And they abide by our beliefs and what the Bible says and if people dont agree with that, the ones who dont want to follow it, they can go somewhere else.




Yes they can and surely will. Never the less, this is a level of ignorance worth bringing into the light. Not all Christians believe that homosexuality is wrong. There are many things in the bible that I'm sure even you don't agree with.

...I'm just waiting

I'm just waiting for the poor family that either had two moms or two dads or the homosexual child that either attended or is attending the school recently who is the reason for this horrid new "morality" rule. First off, morality has nothing to do with religion. Second, discrimination is immoral. So the new "rule" is really a hypocritical stance.

I attended this church in the past - they have really gone down hill over the years and the membership has plummeted. Perhaps it was rebounding but this last decision ostracized any immediate hope for growth.

When you look beyond the pulpit, down the aisle and deep into those who came up with this hateful "rule", you will find that all they are doing is hiding discrimination and true colors behind the bible.

Heck, this might even make national news. Again, North Carolina will be front and center in the state that seems to love to go in the wrong direction of MODERN SOCIETY.

What they are doing are

What they are doing are holding to the principles found in God's Word. The ones being hateful are the ones who insist that an institution changes to suit them instead of simply finding another school for the child to attend.

No man can serve two masters. Choose you this day whom you ill serve. As for this school, they will serve the Lord.

Modern society promotes this lifestyle which was declared in the Bible to be an abomination. Modern society accepts the murder of unborn children. Modern society does everything possible to prevent our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion.


As long as my tax dollar does not fund Myrtle Grove, I have no problem with them practicing their beliefs.

the issue is

This issue is that this church is using the being gay to remove people but does not follow their own teachings, if they did anyone who has been divorced would not be allowed in along with many other sin's. But they have picked what so called sins can seak God and attend this school.

Myrtle Grove is right!

Jesus Christ died on the cross for all sin. Before there was Jesus, there was the Law. The Law was given for people to live by during a time of wandering in the desert, and later, to live by during the time after Israel became a nation. Since no one could possibly be perfect, there were things a person had to do to be forgiven. The first was to repent and then to sacrifice according to the Law. We still have to repent, or turn from our sin, before God will forgive us. God didn't send Jesus to give people a pass to sin, but to forgive those who repented and asked for forgiveness. Jesus loves everyone, even sinners, but will not allow sin to enter heaven. All sin can be forgiven, but only after the person rejects sin and turns away from sin.

Hypocrites at MGCS

When do they send home the letters banning children whose parents eat pork and shellfish, have tattoos, associate with women who are menstruating, shave their beard, become drunk on fortified wine, commit adultery, bear false witness, covet their neighbors ass, fail to honor the Sabbath, etc. etc. etc.

Read your Bible!

Jesus forgives all sin, but only after repentance or turning away from that sin.