Group protests Myrtle Grove Christian School anti-gay policy

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Submitted: Mon, 11/18/2013 - 4:52am
Updated: Mon, 11/18/2013 - 1:07pm

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It has been just days since Myrtle Grove Christian School announced in a letter they are adopting a new biblical morality policy that could keep some families from attending.

Now, some community members are speaking out, and protesting the policy.

In a letter signed by the head of the school, Stacey Miller, the school reserves the right to refuse admission or kick out a student “if the atmosphere or conduct within a particular home or the activities of the student are counter to or are in opposition to the biblical lifestyle the school teaches.”

The letter says that includes homosexual or bisexual activity.

“I find it troublesome that a place that’s formed to educate our future is teaching them that certain people aren’t welcome in their environment,” protester Tara Smith-Russell said.

Smith-Russell and her daughter Maddie stood together across the street from Myrtle Grove Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

As attendees filled the church to hear the sounds of Christian music, Maddie and her mother took to the streets to protest.

“I have friends that are gay, and there is really no difference,” Maddie said. “They just love their same sex, and that’s not right to not allow them to do certain things that we can.”

Eric Anderson, a member of the church and parent to a Myrtle Grove Christian School student says in church everyone is welcome.

“Jesus gave his life so that everybody could have acceptance,” Anderson said.

He says school is a different matter, because it affects how his children are raised.

“The school should have rules and standards and things like that, kind of that foundation your building,” Anderson added.

But he and his wife say it has nothing to do with hate.

“There was no hate,” Megan Anderson said. “It’s just biblical, and that’s what’s important to us.”

“If there are some folks that don’t believe in what this school stands for, and what they teach, it’s their right not to go there,” the Andersons said.

The policy will go into effect at Myrtle Grove Christian School in the 2014-2015 school year.

All families applying for admission or re-enrolling at the school will be required to sign the policy.


  • guestwho says:

    Yes they can and surely will. Never the less, this is a level of ignorance worth bringing into the light. Not all Christians believe that homosexuality is wrong. There are many things in the bible that I’m sure even you don’t agree with.

  • guestwho says:

    You have a very selective attention. One of the first comments on here was someone calling the protestors lesbians. Making my point is not at all challenging, as for your ability to understand it, well that’s entirely different.

  • Guestomfg says:

    B.I.B.L.E. stands for, “Biased Information Based on Lack of Evidence”.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    understanding your point is a challenge for those who are sober or non-drug users.

    How, in any way, does your post relate to the ACLU, which was the focus of my post?

    Are you that destitute of mental capacity that you must try to make feeble shots on a topic you are unaware of?

  • Ron says:

    The message Myrtle Grove Christian School wants to send is this:

    Gays are not fit to attend our school.

    Here’s the message I want to send to the principal of this Anti-Christian school:

    You are not fit to shine my shoes!

    I remain . . .

    Gay and Proud, Holding my head up High, up High to the Sky!

  • Ray carter says:

    If your gay or bi sexual take your baggage with you. This is a Christian school with prayer and a pledge allegiance to the American flag. One nation under God! Go to a public school if you have a problem with God and where the school caters to atheists. .If you look at America we are going to hell due to atheists. This country was founded by the four fathers that were religious. My child goes to Christian school and I will fight to keep junk out of that school. I’m a patriot and love my country. But Obama hasn’t helped freedom of religion or the country on any fronts. Start a atheist school where ever you want. Leave the Christian schools alone. I’m sick of this mess from these people.

  • Will White says:

    Jesus Christ died on the cross for all sin. Before there was Jesus, there was the Law. The Law was given for people to live by during a time of wandering in the desert, and later, to live by during the time after Israel became a nation. Since no one could possibly be perfect, there were things a person had to do to be forgiven. The first was to repent and then to sacrifice according to the Law. We still have to repent, or turn from our sin, before God will forgive us. God didn’t send Jesus to give people a pass to sin, but to forgive those who repented and asked for forgiveness. Jesus loves everyone, even sinners, but will not allow sin to enter heaven. All sin can be forgiven, but only after the person rejects sin and turns away from sin.

  • Will White says:

    Jesus forgives all sin, but only after repentance or turning away from that sin.

  • kzpony says:

    Jim Jones was one of the most powerful preachers of all time, and one of the most horrid people known in my lifetime.
    . He said, come to Gayana to live the perfectly protected Christian life, spouted verses of protection from the sin of others, and led his congregation, entire families, families who had children there with them, to kill themselves in preservation of their holy world and lifestyles. That “magical kool-aid” still exists today, but in different forms.

    Jesus did say that ALL children could come to him…no exceptions, no rules for their parents, friends, grandparents, or up-bringing. This over-zealous stance on banning CHILDREN from learning about God’s love for ALL people, and the kingdom of God, no matter what happens in their home, can be restricting these little ones to a life of not knowing. I believe that this rule is not to protect the children who don’t know the difference from knowing the REAL world that we live in, who wouldnt JUDGE these children unless their parents taught them to, but to eliminate an unknown “threat” to their parent’s own sacred and holy worlds.

    God is love, God is forgiveness, and God loves the sinner. If this is your mantra, you would be accepting all for the opportunity to witness to anyone and everyone. ESPECIALLY the children, for whom, with God’s love and acceptance, would empower them to be all they could be.

  • Nancy at the Beach says:

    I say just leave it be. It is a private Christian School, and I have no problem with small minded, like minded folks sticking together. What I dont like is when these same people want to infringe on our public schools… wanting us to pray, and eliminate literature and works of art. When they want the ten commandments posted on the front of court houses, and they senselessy judge everyone based on their ignorant, interuptations of what they believe a book written by God. Let them stay together and make their own rules – I dont have a problem with that. It’s a shame though, how many people I have met who call themselves Christians, and have secrets and are sinners, but they go to church and pretend and they go to feel better. Just leave the rest of us – caring, empathetic, tolerant and loving folks alone. What are they so afraid of anyway? because this all just sounds like FEAR… It’s a shame – but listen anyone of you who have been rejected, please know that you are probably better off anyway. PEACE

  • guestwhat says:

    you did it! most idiotic comment in this thread. congrats!

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    Big protest…6 people, and tons on these Forums backing up these 6? Bet these 6 people don’t expect the Forums to resolve this issue. At least they stood for something they believed in!

  • Erlkoenig says:

    They have a constitutional right to practice their religion. So all you GIBLTs hating on these principled people need to get over it.

  • Dandy says:

    And yet, an aggressive “diversity” effort by gay rights advocates is allowed in the public schools, even though that may be quite objectionable to Christian/Jewish/Muslim parents. For the sake of “diversity,” they are expected to simply accept values and beliefs of a small minority of the population.

  • janice A. Reilly says:


    The Bible is a flawed book full of both good and evil advice. Since every word of the Bible reflects the beliefs and superstitions of an illiterate desert-dwelling people from 2,000 years ago, the writers got a few things wrong, including the belief the world was flat.


    If you think God wrote the Bible, then obviously God was pretty ignorant.

    As for the few passages on homosexuality, the desert-dwelling illiterates knew nothing about science, psychology, genetics, etc. that are factors in determining sexual orientation.

    I know that I am wasting my breath by stating this because it is obvious that many of you on here want to go on being intolerant, bigoted, willfully ignorant religious bigots.

  • Guest2020 says:

    What they are doing are holding to the principles found in God’s Word. The ones being hateful are the ones who insist that an institution changes to suit them instead of simply finding another school for the child to attend.

    No man can serve two masters. Choose you this day whom you ill serve. As for this school, they will serve the Lord.

    Modern society promotes this lifestyle which was declared in the Bible to be an abomination. Modern society accepts the murder of unborn children. Modern society does everything possible to prevent our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Obeying God’s Word is part of the Christian faith. I am very well aware how some people twist the Bible to defend their erroneous beliefs. However, the Bible is absolutely clear on the subject of homosexuality. There is no twisting needed.

    By the way, the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Man simply put to paper what God told them to.

  • David Burney says:

    Its about time that someone needs to voice the truth. Gay is not natural. God and nature never intend same sex relations. By god, you can reproduce naturally without it being a man and woman. I support them for their choice to not tolerate it.

  • Edward W. White says:

    Here are the five core doctrines of the infamous John Calvin being so honored by Presbyterians (no wonder they singled out gay children and their parents to persecute):

    1) That humans are totally depraved (utterly vile), and even before an infant can sin, he is a sinner.

    2) That God elects (chooses) and predestines everything (every action –even the worst of evils) –down to the smallest robotic detail. And that to bring Himself glory, He predestines (foreordains, assigns ahead time) some humans to go to Heaven (“the elect”) and some to go to Hell.

    3) That Jesus did not die for everyone, but only for “the elect” –those God decided at random to save.

    4) That “the elect” have no choice but to be saved, and that those chosen for damnation –even if the gift of salvation be dangled before them– can in no way ever be saved. Why? –Because God deliberately withholds it from them.

    5) That no matter how a Christian lives –his conduct, his character, his thoughts, his motives…– no matter if he murders or rapes hundreds, since he is of “the elect”, he is still chosen, reserved for, and thus guaranteed Heaven.

    And “once saved, always saved” say the Baptists, another denomination that loves to persecute gays.

    These “Christian” denominations have a lot to account for.

  • guestwho says:

    This is a breathtakingly ignorant position for any institution public or private to take. The schools “rules and standards” should have nothing to do with anyone’s sexual orientation. Are they going to require them to sign an oath to kill anyone, even their own family who attempt to have them worship other gods? After all “it’s just biblical and that’s what’s important to us”. I’m just saying if you’re going to cherry pick bible verses that happen to be consistent with YOUR moral beliefs (however misguided) and use them to exclude others via “rules and standards”, that’s not acceptance Anderson that’s ignorance.

  • Lynn Shoemaker says:

    When the NC General Assembly controlled by Republicans voted to use $50 million in tax monies to fund vouchers for private schools, private schools became accountable to the taxpayers. The GOP blurred the line that separates Church from State. The protestors understand better than most, I think, that their tax dollars siphoned from public schools will be available to support MGCS’ anti-LGBT and discriminatory curriculum. They’re ex revising their First Amendment Right.

  • tammy says:

    tall it like it is

  • anne says:

    Dear Nancy – what I don’t like is the gays trying to force their agendas on us. It is okay for them to protest and say what they want, but it is not okay for the Christians to stand up and say what they want? Doesn’t work that way honey!

    When it is all over and done, what God says will be what is important. His word specifically tells that homosexuality is an abomination.

    I guess by your thinking, we should just let pedophiles do what they want – because they are born that way! Not! Rapists should be allowed to do what they want – they are born that way – Not! Why not open all the jail cells and let everyone out to do what they want because they are born that way.

  • Guest000000 says:

    You’re right. Maybe there’s still time for the administrators of Myrtle Grove Christian School to read their Bibles and follow the teachings of Jesus and save themselves before it’s too late

  • Vog46 says:

    me is how the Bible clearly states in several places women’s role to be subordinate to man:
    Deuteronomy 22:22: “the mastered of her master.”
    Corinthians 14:34 (. . . [women] should be subordinate, as even the law says..

    So, when women began protesting their lack of “rights” where were the Christians?
    The Church seems to be picking and choosing which rights they support, and which ones they oppose and the groups that are involved in those “rights”. This is of course in opposition to the teachings of Christ which call for the universal unconditional love for all. A person can live a life of sin and still get to Heaven if they are accepting of Jesus with their last breath……
    So it appears as though those who are judgmental are wrong, however in this case there is also the secular law that allows for a private enterprise to exert certain freedoms of policy where they deem fit.
    The interpretations of the Bible are as contradictory as the book itself


  • Guest00000 says:

    There’s a big difference between ‘forcing someone’s agenda’ and making sure that everyone has equal rights. Seems to me that “Christians” are the ones forcing an agenda. If you don’t like their lifestyle, don’t live like they do. But you do not have the right to deny someone their rights as a human being just because you don’t agree with them. And stop cherry picking what the Bible forbids. What makes homosexuality any different than other things that are forbidden in the Bible? Tattoos, eating pork and shellfish, being in the presence of a woman who is menstruating. You know why you think they’re different? Because those are things that YOU don’t find “icky”. Just admit that you’re a homophobe and stop hiding behind cherry-picked Bible verses to justify your position.

  • Guest000000 says:

    Seems if God had such a problem with homosexuality He would’ve had his Son speak about it, not just some homophobic priests and prophets. You’re so intent on following God’s law so I assume your breakfast this morning was pork free, you’ve never had shrimp or lobster (if that’s true, go eat some now because they are delicious), you have no tattoos, you’ve never shaved, and if your wife (in the off chance some woman could stand your presence for more than 10 minutes) happens to be menstruating she’s staying in a cave out back for the week.

  • guest2013 says:

    I would be all for no vouchers for private schools if anyone that chooses to send their children to private schools can get a refund on the taxes paid for funding a sub par, failing, NC government school system.

  • guest123456 says:

    (This country was founded by the four fathers that were ) there is nothing worse than an uneducated person spouting ideas like they are facts. Please lean some history before you make yourself look stupid. This Nation was not founded on religion or the founding fathers did not push religion ( several even most did not believe in God and did not want it in goverment) History 101 hunny. Educated yourself before you rant.

  • guest123456 says:

    I respect and support you and hope nothing but joy for you in life. Any religion that picks out what they want to follow or support from the Good Book is horrible. They preach divorce is a sin, but they welcome it into their doors.

  • guest123456 says:

    This issue is that this church is using the being gay to remove people but does not follow their own teachings, if they did anyone who has been divorced would not be allowed in along with many other sin’s. But they have picked what so called sins can seak God and attend this school.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    You gays are really something else, almost unbelievable. You call people “homophobes” simply because they happen to disagree with your bent lifestyle (as has occurred worldwide for thousands of years). You call it “HATE” when anyone disagrees with your unusual lifestyle. It isn’t “homophobia” and it isn’t “hatred”. It’s you spoiled brats that get governmental permission to flaunt your lifestyle in everyones face and demand your rights, but that isn’t good enough for you. You have to blow it up into a fake problem that doesn’t really exist. No different than the blacks that pull the race card and blame their poverty on the white man simply because he didn’t have the motivation to get up of his @$$, get an education an break the cycle of poverty. He’s happier with taking handouts and teaching his children to milk the handouts than he is with becoming a success and teaching the same. That is….only when he may decide to remain a father and teach as one, which is becoming an ever-increasing rarity.

    It is “acceptance” that you desire so intently and will never get. We only have “tolerance” and are forced to give that. “Tolerance” is not to be confused with “acceptance”.

    Nobody has denied ANYONE their rights. You simply have a privately funded religion based school that doesn’t want homosexuality intermingled in their curriculum and they have every “RIGHT” to do so. So just sit down, shut up and go find a school that can accommodate your societal needs. The public school system will take anybody! Oh…and here’s a tasty tidbit for you! My company extends FULL benefit packages to “partners” that are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender. Marriage not required. That is NOT the case for heterosexual couples where marriage IS a requirement and a “partner” is NOT covered. Now tell me more about your “rights” K?

  • guest2013 says:

    This is not a sub par, failing, school system. It will become one if we continue to take money away from it and use it to fund PRIVATE schools.

  • Guest000000 says:

    …Seriously. You couldn’t make yourself look dumber if you tried.

  • Stephanie Agosta says:

    What the school isn’t fit to do is to receive Charter School Funds for there bigotry in 2014…I’d be on the phone to my Representative if I were all of you!

  • 1022 says:

    Please learn to spell.

  • Ereeves says:

    What do the protestors not understand about “Private” and “Christian”?? MGC is a private, Christian school. There is nothing Christian about homosexuality. It is a perverted and sinful lifestyle that is not to be accepted. Eric Anderson is absolutley wrong in his statement that “Jesus died so everybody could have acceptance”. He needs to read his Bible. Jesus died so that everyone could be FORGIVEN. Jesus himself said that homosexuality is an “abominantion”. Jesus NEVER said that we should “accept” sin or immorality. Proclaiming the truth is NOT hate. Proclaiming the word of God is not hate. Parents of children that attend MGC have every right to expect that Christian values are upheld; and homosexuality is NOT Christian. Any homosexual who calls theirself a Christian is a hypochrite. The good news is that God will forgive them if they ask forgiveness and repent of that behavior. All of the “politically correct” who stood and “protested” need to also take a long look in the mirror because they are supporting a sinful lifestyle when they should be telling their homosexual friends the truth about homosexuality. They are sinning as well. Is condoning that behavior “love”? I think not. True love would be removing your friend from that perverted lifestyle. Stand strong MGC! There is no place in a Christian school for homosexuality.

  • guest2013a says:

    The government should not be in the business of attempting to educate children, which is evident by the state of the Country today.

  • Theresa says:

    The only hatred is in your own message. There is no hatred for anyone among those who follow Jesus Christ, for we are all sinners in need of a Savior. And thanks to Christ’s great love for all of us, we have One.

    But in saying Yes to Jesus, we also say Yes to doing our best to follow what God has taught. And the only true source as to how our Lord would like us to live is in the Holy Bible. God, ever merciful and ever just, left us a road map so to speak in the Holy Bible so that we might have guidance on how to follow Jesus, and how to live. God left us that “road map”, because our Lord loves us. All of us.

    May God Bless you and your family always,


  • Guestsfndi says:

    Good grief. I honestly laughed at your comment. The grammar and spelling are atrocious (Google it if you do not understand the meaning).

    Ahh the dreaded Atheist. The people that invented the platform for your computer. Look up “Alan Turing”, he was a GAY Atheist and was highly influential in the development of computer science. Not to mention Bill Gates and Steve Jobs , both Atheists who made PC’s available to us all. Do you have a Facebook page created by Mark Zuckerburg the Atheist?. Now do you want to complain some more about us horrible Atheists?

    You are so blind.

  • guestwho says:

    But the bible was written, edited, compiled, printed, distributed fought for, died for by men. It’s to easy to find a bible verse to justify any type of behavior, infanticide, homicide, slavery. If you’re going to have a voice in a discussion like this you’ll have to leave out the “obey god’s word” diatribe if you expect to have any credibility.

  • Guest000000 says:

    A homophobe is someone who dislikes someone else because of their sexual orientation. Also sounds like you are one. You want to know why your company extends benefits to same sex couples who are not married and not heterosexual couples who aren’t married? It’s because in most states same sex couples are denied the right to marry. Thanks again for proving that there’s not a bigger racist, homophobic idiot posting on this site than Guest-o-matic.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    to the school’s policy must also be opposed to the precepts and beliefs of the ACLU. For the uninformed, that stands for the American Civil Liberties Union.

    The school adopted a policy. That was their privilege.

    Some approve the policy; some are opposed to the policy. A Constitutionally guaranteed right for both parties.

    To those in opposition, voice your disapproval. That’s one thing. But, back it with fact or logic. When you reduce your argument to references to a supporter’s birth, parentage, or his or her family, you really detract from your position and weaken the arguments of those who use fact, law or bible based references to support their position.

    When you lower yourself to personal attacks with no merit, you strengthen the supporters’ arguments. And clearly, you can not be a believer in the ACLU or its position that everyone should be entitled to their own beliefs.

    I have yet to read 1 supporter’s comments which require personal attacks on non-supporters.

    That says something.

  • guest123456 says:

    Im so very sorry for the fact my word was not spelled right, shame on me for being on my cell phone,while on lunch, eating and typing. So very sorry that a mispelled word is worse than someone who does not know history, not only does not know but lies about it.

  • Stephanie Agosta says:

    What they don’t have the constitutional right to do is to receive North Carolina tax dollars in 2014 for discrimination. Keep the hate contained in those walls, leave the rest of us and our MONEY alone.

  • guest023456 says:

    Oh yes the horrible gay people force their ife on me everyday. It hurts me to see two men hold hands…I need Jesus after watching them hug. Sorry hun i will believe a book when the followers of the book really live to its teachings. Anne have you been divorced? have your children? you family? friends? If yes by the mighty rules lets stone them, and sell their children as sex slaves… shall i go on. You want to blow things up that have nothing to do with the person?
    example your speah about gays… you compaired them to a pedphile by being horrible…. trust me hun when i say i can call bible thumpers a great stuff aso ( funny thing is I go to church but choose to treat everyone the same inlife ) and refuse to let stupid hatful people in my life … you

  • hello says:

    Are you to stupid to use google. Let me help you

  • gueatwho says:

    That’s funny. Being gay isn’t like choosing to join a gang. People are gay, not by a decision but by biology. What you’re saying would be the same as saying being born white or black was a sin. But I’m guessing you’ve heard something like that before and have a perfectly illogical biblical reference to reply.

  • Molly Brodbeck says:

    This response literally made my day after all ignorant comments I have subjected myself with today. I would high-five you in person if I could. Thank you.

  • Sylvia A. says:

    “There was no hate,” Megan Anderson said. “It’s just biblical, and that’s what’s important to us.”

    You can see the anger curling around the corners of Ms. Anderson’s lips when she says the word “biblical.”

    Ms. Anderson,The writers of the Bible knew nothing of the psychology and genetic predisposition of sexuality. They knew nothing of genetics and how homosexuality is perfectly normal in the animal world. There is nothing abnormal or sinful about homosexuality.

    Ms. Anderson, did you “choose” to be heterosexual? If so, when? What age were you when you made this “choice.” (I’m laughing out loud as I type this)

    And as for sin, Ms. Anderson, how do you evaluate “sin”?

    Christians evaluate the degree of sin, or even whether or not a real sin has occurred, by looking at both the harm caused by the sin, and the intent of the sin’s perpetrator.

    They do, that is, for all sins except homosexuality.

    Homosexuality is THE hot button issue, and Myrtle Grove (I hesitate to write the next word) Christian School has jumped on the issue with full brutal force.

    But let me tell you right now that you will be defeated in the end. You will be defeated by moral and ethical Christians who live lives of compassion and inclusion.

    I, a churchgoer and mother of three, will do all in my power to see that your jumping aboard the anti-gay bandwagon will be condemned by all well-meaning people of conscience. I, as a devoted mother, will begin by ensuring that my children love and accept gays without reservation.

    Myrtle Grove’s ignorant principal will soon look as outdated as George Wallace standing on the school steps keeping blacks from entering the University of Alabama.

    Gays WILL triumph in their quest for social justice . . . and soon!

  • Marco Luxe says:

    Anderson’s quote, “Jesus gave his life so that everybody could have acceptance” stands in stark contrast to his further exclusionary position. It epitomizes Gandhi’s aphorism: I like your Christ, but your Christians are so unlike him.

  • sb says:

    The judgemental policy is not Christian AND taxpayers should not have to pay for vouchers to send students there (same goes for other, like schools).

  • Ethical Humanist says:

    The Bible presents a God who delights in genocide, rape, slavery, and the execution of nonconformists, and for millennia those writings were used to rationalize the massacre of infidels, the ownership of women, the beating of children, cruel dominion over animals, and the persecution of heretics and homosexuals.

    Humanitarian reforms, such as the elimination of cruel punishment, and the abolition of slavery were met with fierce opposition in their time by religious zealots.

    John Calvin, founder of the Presbyterian Church, was a terrible despot, a man of immeasurable hypocrisy and evil.

    Here are a few of his crimes against humanity:

    Thousands of religious nonconformists were killed and witches burned after John Calvin turned Geneva into a religious police state. John Calvin, the “Protestant Pope” of Geneva ordered Michael Servetus, the Spanish physician, to be burned alive at the stake for heresy. Servetus had opposed infant baptism. Calvin ordered the beheading of Jacques Gruet for blasphemy. Calvin urged the burning alive of witches. The vast majority of them were poor old women who were senile and confused.

    So much for the morality of the founder of Presbyterianism.

    Yet the Myrtle Grove Presbyterians are basking in their smugness. The hurt they have caused gay children and their parents would please their monstrous founder, the cold-blooded murderer John Calvin.

  • Guest2020 says:

    The homosexual lifestyle was not the only thing mentioned in the new policy. There is nothing anti-gay about a Christian organization choosing to obey God’s Word. As Christians we should choose God’s ways instead of man’s ways.

  • Keith says:

    If the school takes that stance thats fine. Then they should receive no government funding or support. Thats just the way it is. I would not let my child attend a school that promotes exclusion, bigotry, and hatred but hide it behind religion.

  • Guest000000 says:

    The question was what did Jesus have to say about homosexuality. I’ve read everyone of those verses, and not a single one of them is written in red. Jesus said not one single recorded word regarding homosexuality. Now unless your Bible says something different than mine, I guess you’re the one who needs to do a little reading.

  • Matt says:

    “numerous times”? It says it TWICE. None of it is in the Gospels.

    You know what the Bible doesn’t condemn? Slavery. Rape.

  • Matt says:

    You do know that Jesus was already gone by the time of the book of Romans, right? Your patronizing attitude is somewhat undermined by the fact that you’re still totally wrong.

  • tammie says:

    My question is, why are so many people surprised when Christian businesses and Christian people stand up for what they believe in. We go by the word of God, The Holy Bible. It is our example. In it we are to love people as ourselves. It does not say we are to condone things that are wrong. Same sex relationships are WRONG. The Bible says so numerous times. Our Bible says it is an abomination. So why are we being picketed and put down because we believe the literal word of God. If you feel differently that’s your business, but as Christians we have to go by the Word of God, we desire to. We can Love you, but Not go along with the sin that is being committed. We just pray that God opens your eyes and changes your life. God Bless you all. Hang in there fellow Christians and hold your moral ground. The end is getting closer and it will become tougher to stick to your beliefs. Don’t cave in to the immorality of this country. Stay strong and allow God to lead you.

  • guestwho says:

    you’re too easy…Maybe you should read your own post again. Or better yet have someone else read it to you.

  • deputy25 says:

    group?? i see 4 people, probably lesbians holding up signs!!

  • deputy25 says:

    Leviticus 18:22–20:13 – 1 Kings 14:24 1 Kings 15:12 — 2 Kings 23:7 Romans 1;18-32 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 1 Timothy 1:8-10 Jude 7. this should answer your question. Now get your Bible out and read these verses. it will answer your question, where is it at in the Bible.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    TWO PEOPLE. All 2 of them. The two children don’t count, because they are dependents. It’s hard to say they are exercising their Free Will, or even old enough to have a opinion.

    So sorry that a Christian Church disagrees with Chaz Bono. And has the nerve to express their opinion. With the exception of these two “protesters”, most people would probably feel uneasy about Chaz Bono, adopting, and “raising” a 4 year old girl.

  • Gramps1945 says:

    Instead of protesting someone’s legal opinion, they should protest Catholic priests, sexually assaulting young children, and the cover-up, around it.

  • Guest000000 says:

    When do they send home the letters banning children whose parents eat pork and shellfish, have tattoos, associate with women who are menstruating, shave their beard, become drunk on fortified wine, commit adultery, bear false witness, covet their neighbors ass, fail to honor the Sabbath, etc. etc. etc.

  • Katherine Grimes says:

    Please point me to the chapter and verse in which Jesus speaks about homosexuality. I’ve never seen it.

  • Challengetheworld says:

    Well said. I completely agree with everything that you wrote, I would just like to add if the institution is run by a church, than if that Church pays taxes like every other business, (which for some awful stupid backwards law, they do not…) who cares if they choose to brainwash each other? Its a private institution….just as long as they pay taxes.

  • Challengetheworld says:

    I’m just waiting for the poor family that either had two moms or two dads or the homosexual child that either attended or is attending the school recently who is the reason for this horrid new “morality” rule. First off, morality has nothing to do with religion. Second, discrimination is immoral. So the new “rule” is really a hypocritical stance.

    I attended this church in the past – they have really gone down hill over the years and the membership has plummeted. Perhaps it was rebounding but this last decision ostracized any immediate hope for growth.

    When you look beyond the pulpit, down the aisle and deep into those who came up with this hateful “rule”, you will find that all they are doing is hiding discrimination and true colors behind the bible.

    Heck, this might even make national news. Again, North Carolina will be front and center in the state that seems to love to go in the wrong direction of MODERN SOCIETY.

  • guest who says:

    “Because the bible says so…” is not fact, logic or law. When all you can call upon for your argument is a bible reference or calling something a “sin”, YOU are strengthening the opposing argument. No one is questioning the right of the school to do this. They clearly have the right, that is not the issue.

  • Ted Healy says:

    Was it Harpo, Groucho, Zeppo and Chico you speak of? John, Paul, George and Ringo? Or Howard, Fine, Howard and Howard? Either way, thanks for the laugh…the whole rant, not just the Four Fathers bit. No doubt, those homos and heathens will perish with brimstone under their breath!

  • bravenewworld says:

    Whose public schools are they? You said they are “our” public schools. Then are Christians excluded? Do we not all pay taxes? Shame on us for “wanting you to pray.” We should just sit in the back on the class (since we’re small minded anyway) and learn about “literature” and “art.” I just saw where Harvard students couldn’t name Canada’s capital. Why don’t you try asking some public high school students to name four past presidents? Or who’s the speaker of the house? Regarding the Ten Commandments, do you even know what they are? Which ones are ok to break? Thou shalt not kill? Oops, there goes abortion. Thou shalt not steal? Sorry we have such ingorant, interpretations. When you get through bashing Christians, you can go back to being “caring, empathetic, tolerant, and loving.” Congratulations.

  • Deputy 25 says:


  • Taxpayer8576 says:

    As long as my tax dollar does not fund Myrtle Grove, I have no problem with them practicing their beliefs.

  • deputy 25 says:

    Well Einstein you do know who Jesus is right?. God sent his son in his own image. So God said it he created the Bible so what difference does it make if it was old testament or new testament? It still stands.

  • Delancy says:

    This comment adds to what “Ethical Humanist” had to say about the evils committed by the Presbyterian Church.

    During the years from 1590 through 1700 Scottish witch hunts led to over 3,000 accusations and about 1,300 executions. The hunt was spurred on by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian church.

    The Roman Catholic Church has apologized numerous times for its barbaric cruelty, but the Presbyterian Church has never uttered a word of remorse for its part in putting to death thousands of witches in Scotland and other parts of Great Britain.

    As you said, Ethical Humanist, these were poor, old women–many of them mentally ill– who were rounded up by Presbyterian zealots and burned at the stake, burned alive at the stake.

    It’s time the public knows more about the hateful and hideous history of the evil and deranged founder of the Presbyterian Church, John Calvin, and the evil the church has committed in his name.

    And it’s high time the Presbyterian Church offers an apology for its crimes against humanity.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    is it too challenging to make a point with your verbal spewing?

    I never questioned the school’s right to adopt a policy.

    I challenged those in opposition to use more than personal aspersions and insults if engaging in an intelligent debate.

  • HelloMyNameIsChildoftheOneTrueKing says:

    This school is a Christian school, and I, Myself am a Christian. I am really proud of this school for standing strong in what we believe. Its a Christian school. And they abide by our beliefs and what the Bible says and if people dont agree with that, the ones who dont want to follow it, they can go somewhere else.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    Allow me to provide the definition of “homophobe” since you evidently lack the ability to look it up before posting.

    Homophobe – (noun) Intense hatred or fear of homosexuals or homosexuality.

    I haven’t viewed the first post yet that that displays that behavior. I don’t see anything even relative to “hatred” in any form here. All I see is disagreement with that lifestyle and you just can’t seem to accept that. This public view has always been prevalent and always will, so sit down and get used to it.

    My basic point is that homosexuals are “tolerated”, they are not “accepted” by the vast majority of global society.

    If you enjoy calling me names that’s okay, but it would behoove you to understand what you’re calling me before you call it! There is absolutely nothing racist or homophobic about my factual comments. You simply have a closed and one-sided mind incapable of accepting the reality that exists. That pisses you off! Well…too bad.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …from the pedophile and rapist organizations. “We’re humans too and deserve OUR rights!” say the John Wayne Gacy’s of the world. Geeeez…

  • guestwho says:

    It makes a pretty big difference. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure that out.

  • SMBeez says:

    Peace be with you.
    Have a Blessed Day!!
    OH! U R Definitely Hypocritical :)

  • Guestomfg says:

    Believing in gods is completely illogical. You and all your sheep who follow a book of superstition and lies written by ignorant peasant men are blind to the truth.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    How do you figure they are hell bound? How do you know the level of education they have received?

  • guestwho says:

    for such a clear and perfect example of how far away from God religion has placed the christian populous.

  • I Care Why says:

    It figures that a group of hell bound, uneducated, and blind to the truth would protest this. What is really sad is the kids that were brought out there to do this have a slim chance to go to heaven. Its time to turn before you burn.

  • Pogo Mogo says:

    Myrtle Grove Christian School has done the unthinkable!

    By their angry homophobic stance they have taken Christ out of Christmas.

  • Having-Done-All says:

    Ms. Grimes, you didn’t mention at which church you attend and teach Sunday School, but would I be correct in concluding that it is not Myrtle Grove Presbyterian?

    I likewise am not (nor have ever been) a member of that particular congregation. But don’t you think you’re taking Scripture even a *little bit* out-of-context to compare slavery (an ancient institution originating from sinful man) and marriage (a lifetime covenant relationship invented and ordained by God Himself) on an equal parallel? Surely you are being sarcastic when you refer to “children of slave-owners” being allowed to attend the school?

    From a Christian spiritual point-of-view (because as a believer, that’s what you are reasoning from, right?), what did that accomplish? There is a clear difference between what the Bible *records* and what it *teaches*. That much should be evident to even the youngest (spiritually-speaking) adult Christian who has sincerely studied and placed faith in the Scriptures. Well-intentioned believers fall short of God’s (and even their own) expectations every day, in a myriad of ways. “There is none righteous, no, not one”…

    But regardless of the type and nature of the sin, only from a perspective of humility, and a “Thy-will-be-done” (as contrasted with a stiff, determined, “my-will-or-none”) attitude can we please the Father and experience a victorious Christian life. That’s kind of hard to do if we’re insisting on our own preferred interpretations of God’s message, and the exercise of our own individual rights instead of what best honors God and edifies our fellow man over the “long run.”

    While slavery has little to do with marriage and homosexual rights, since those accepting and promoting the free, unbridled expression of same-sex attraction often bring it up in that context, I feel it could use a brief, comparative examination. From the writings of the Apostle Paul in the New Testament, we see God dealing with the slavery issue from a more important, lasting eternal perspective – i.e., the effect on the individual believer’s walk with Christ, the ability to forgive others and to experience true contentment in the most adverse of human circumstances. Likewise, although God made provisions for women victimized by divorce in the Old Testament (i.e., He “regulated” it), that didn’t signify that He approved or sanctioned it from the beginning; or that it was any reflection of His highest will for His creation. Wherever free will exists — the freedom to follow one’s own inclinations and desires, rather than what God wants, there is great potential for natural consequences — and it was this which God desired to mitigate on behalf of those who represented the innocent party.

    And before anyone accuses God of hypocrisy… Yes, thousands of years ago He did allow foreign pagan nations to enslave His people at different times; or exacted punishment on other nations as retribution for their own wrongs by (among other things) allowing them to experience enslavement at the hands of His own followers. No Christian could deny that with a straight face.

    But would that not be God’s prerogative as the universe’s only supreme, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient Being? After all He is the only One who knows the end from the beginning. Anyone who, as a Christian accepts God’s own description and definition/identification of Himself — that is, takes Him at his own Word — to then second-guess and attempt to call Him to give an account of Himself to them is at best seriously misguided and at worst, just being outright rebellious. Read the Book of Job.

    As for the “rich” folks and the “worship of money,” we know from Jesus’ words in the Gospels that it’s not mere money itself which is sinful, but rather the LOVE of money that is the “root of all evil.” Even those of modest incomes can “worship” money — by placing too much importance on it; or sacrificing their moral integrity to try and gain more of it; or trusting in their own abilities and resources rather than in God (idolatry). While often the more financial resources one has at their disposal, the greater the temptation to grant it an inordinate level of respect and influence, by no means is it a “given” (“[B]ut with God, all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:23-26).

    Interestingly enough, Jesus’ teachings on that subject are in the same chapter as His patient declarations regarding the origin and nature of marriage as consisting of “male and female” (19:4-6)…. Coincidence?

  • tired too says:

    Then DON’T BE HATEFUL!!! It’s THAT simple, Sheesh! But ya can’t, right? RIGHT. That’s what I thought.

  • SMBeez says:

    I do not have hate in my heart or soul for anyone or thing!!!!
    That being said, I do believe that christianity does abhor homosexual activity. It is a sin. If that offends you or angers you too bad. It is true and should not be endorsed by christians.
    This school is correct and justified in their actions. If you do not agree do not let your children attend.
    I am absolutely tired of Christians being labeled as hateful for following their religious beliefs!!
    I have encountered more bias, hate and bigotry from the sinful minority side then anyone else. They preach tolerance and practice hate. The “lib” minded homosexual community wants acceptance, yet won’t give it!!!
    I also will tell you that there a absolutely crazy christian zealots out there, true. This fact does not deter the fact that homosexual activity is a sin!!! The problem here is that these people do not want to own up to their sins. They have been raised without consequences. Raised in a society where everyone gets a gold star. Raised where we all get a participation ribbon.
    It is a very deceiving to children to raise them this way. There is right and wrong. Homosexuality activity is wrong. Children need to be taught to accept the consequences and be responsible for their actions.
    I am and always will be a sinner, an adulterer!! I am divorced and after that, having a relationship makes me an adulterer, plain and simple. I accept that, I am a sinner, I am repenant about this. God Loves ME regardless. He loves all including Homosexuals. Again, own up to our misgivings, we are not perfect we are human. We do not pass judgement, only God!

  • Katherine Grimes says:

    So your children could not go to this school, right? Any child who has a divorced and remarried parent would be banned, based on the teachings of Paul, I presume. Children of rich people would be banned, too–worship of money. But children of slave-owners could attend, correct?

    I go to church weekly, teach Sunday School, and sing hymns loudly to make up for the fact that I don’t sing well. I am NOT criticizing all Christians, just the mean ones. If we ban the children of all sinners from a school, wouldn’t all the seats be empty?

  • Janet Wright says:

    I find it appalling that a school that professes to love Christ and says that they have Christian values can honestly believe that they are not practicing hate. You can believe as you will, as do I, but to PRETEND to be a Christian and hide behind the Bible while you practice hate and publicize it is….well, unChristian. I hope that God gives you the judgment that you deserve.

  • Zac says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people? How can you sit there and even call yourselves ‘Christians’ when only hatred and abomination comes out of your mouths. I’d rather be gay then ever bring myself as low as you cynics. Pick up a bible and read the real truth.

    “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.”
    John 4:7-8

  • Zack says:

    I realize the Good intentions of this, but a Christian school/church is made up of imperfect people. A christian school should care for students hearts more than their image; if that is true, then all should be accepted. Christian schools and churches were never made to be full of perfect people; if that were the case they would all be empty. If Christian schools and churches push away homosexuals, who will share the gospel with them? No Christian would be saved if people hadn’t looked past their sin and imperfections.

  • Don wrong says:

    Win, lose or draw this a private school and they can implament this ruling if they see fit….this is America…..if you don’t like it, then don’t send your kids here….PERIOD! !

  • brenda wade says:

    Why must homosexuality be the ONLY sin pointed out? I have not seen this letter but are they going to say no to a family that has alcohol problems, drug problems, experienced divorce, & any other sin. I understand sin is wrong but folks sin does not come in levels of 1-10. Sin is sin and it is all killing lost souls! Please understand i am NOT saying it is ok. It is just time for us to all stop pointing fingers at others and worry about how we can take care of our own issues! People are hurting and need to be loved unconditionally! Let God do the work on the heart of us all!!

  • Erlkoenig says:

    Finally, an institution standing by its principles and not caving into the politically correct, anti-religious bigots.

  • guestwho says:

    That’s funny. Perhaps you should look that one up. While you’re at it try “hypocrite” as well.

  • Carl Wright says:

    There is no directive in the Bible to marginalize and ostracize gay people. Myrtle Grove Christian school’s hateful action has hurt gay children, and its anti-gay stance is morally indefensible, and must cease immediately.

    Christians have caused a great deal of pain and suffering to gay persons by doing the following:

    Banning their participation in the church, and in church schools, thus depriving them of the comforts and spiritual fruits of the church;

    Banning their participation in the sacrament of marriage, thus depriving them of the comforts and spiritual fruits of marriage;

    Damaging the bonds between gays and their straight family members, thus weakening the comforts and spiritual fruits of family life for both gays and their families; and

    Using their position within society as spokespersons for God to proclaim that all homosexual relations are disdained by God, thus knowingly contributing to the cruel persecution of a minority population.

    I thank Mara Smith-Russle and her daughter, Maddie, for having the moral fortitude to denounce the ignorant and evil actions of Myrtle Grove Christian School.

    Unfortunately, I must drive by this evil institution twice a day on my way to work. I look at the school, and I think, “These people are hard, cruel, mean-spirited bigots perpetuating hatred against a sexual minority that is just as normal and good as the sexual majority.

    The overriding message of Jesus was love. Jesus modeled love; Jesus preached love; Jesus was love. Christians desiring to do and live the will of Jesus are morally obliged to always err on the side of love.

    Myrtle Grove has erred on the side of hate.

    I have nine words for the principal and teachers of Myrtle Grove School: You Make Me Ashamed To Call Myself A Christian.

  • Tony says:

    Carl Wright, your words have touched me deeply. I cannot thank you enough for your post. And while I believe that the Christian Church has created a hostile environment for many, due to some who make it their will to instill bigotry and hatred on their fellow man, I do believe, however, with people like you in our community, this cycle of hate will, at some point dissipate. One of my favorite quotes is from Mahatma Ghandi. “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” It’s sad that many in this world will agree with this. May God Bless you and your family, and Happy Holidays. -Tony

  • Missy says:

    I’ve been giving this some thought. While I do believe that the bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin, I’m not sure this school is correct in their thinking.

    They are saying they won’t accept children whose parents are living a sinful lifestyle.

    Does this now mean they won’t accept children whose parents have been convicted of robbery, are cheating on their taxes, are committing adultery, are gossiping about their neighbors, etc…etc….etc.?

    Seems that the children of sinners need guidance in a Christian environment most of all. They are the innocents in this situation.

  • saddned says:

    Why does it bother so many people about a Christian school’s policies? If you need a cause, spend time assisting to feed the hungry of this city, help your fellow man. Also, pray to accept Jesus in your heart & life..praise Jesus! MGC is doing what is right for its students..

  • groovy says:

    This piece is a sneak attack on a private Christian school. They are exercising their right to do things their way in a PRIVATE setting. If they disclose everything in advance to ensure informed consent before obligation, it is protecting everyone involved and avoids being misleading. They are not a threat to our rights or freedom, but this article would have you believe the exact opposite. The people who abuse their power, cause confusion and stir up anger deliberately to impose their personal preferences onto the majority, and then frame it as the only way are the real bullies. Being content with unobjective writing and accepting it dooms all of us to being stripped of our rights, ultimately.

  • Kay says:

    You southeners need to get with the program and come into the 21 century! You are 2 racist, 2 homophobic, and 2 judgmental to call yourselves Christians! Shame on you! Y’all!

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