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WILMINGTON, NC (StarNews) — The Wilmington City Council directed staff members Monday to hire Musco Lighting of Iowa to change the lighting around the Kenan Memorial Fountain.

The company will charge between $50,000 and $60,000 to upgrade the lighting. For months, the city has been exploring hiring a firm to better illuminate the iconic fountain at Market Street and Fifth Avenue to protect it from being struck by cars.

In October, council members gathered at the fountain as Musco Lighting demonstrated how it would change the lights. The demonstration cost $5,000, but the fee will be knocked off Musco's final price, according to the city. The city also paid $500 for another lighting company's demonstration.

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  • guesty

    Since there is only one block on Carolina Beach Rd that is 35, I hope you don’t see anybody going that speed.

  • Simple

    It is simple, enforce the traffic laws and this wouldn’t happen. The Fountain has been there for years and when the laws were enforced there were few people running into it. That is the problem with so many wreck in the city. The Police Chief needs to put his officers back out there enforcing the traffic laws. Just ride down 3Rd street or Carolina Beach Rd around 7:40 am and see how many are driving 35.

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