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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioners today approved a raise for the head of the county’s Alcohol Beverage Control and banned e-cigarettes from county property.

The Consent Agenda for today’s commission meeting included a $7,000 raise for ABC CEO Dan Sykes. Sykes has been making $105,000 since he was hired in April 2010, except for a one-time $7,000 bonus he received in 2012. The commission has to approve raises for the CEO position, for whom the salary is restricted by the state ABC after issues that arose with former ABC chief Billy Williams and his pay.

Also at this morning’s meeting, commissioners also approved a ban on e-cigarettes and expanding the county’s restrictions on smoking. E-cigarettes and regular smoking products are now banned in county buildings and vehicles and within 50 feet of entrances to county buildings.

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  • 8844

    Now that we’ve got that out of the way, go outside when you smoke it.

    FYI: “despite any “bans”, I can do it anywhere because nobody is the wiser” ….. Uhh, we’ll see your “cigarette”, and because all cigs are banned, everyone will be the wiser.


  • Janet Patterson

    Ridiculous! No waste. No fire hazard. No second-hand smoke. No odor. Hundreds of deadly chemicals eliminated. A little bit of nicotine and proven to help thousands of people to quit smoking real cigarettes every day! Like me. My family and my doctor’s are thrilled that I vape and despite any “bans”, I can do it anywhere because nobody is the wiser.

  • taxpayer

    I believe both father and son are now “retired” and enjoying their inflated monthly pension check at the hands of the taxpayers they ripped off.

    Billy was convicted in court, but did no time.

  • Tax-Payer

    Does anyone know whatever happened to good ol boy Billy Williams and his crooked son? Why were they never brought up on charges or ordered to pay back what they ripped off from honest tax payers??? Im assuming it’s who they knew and not who they blew???

  • Carol Kramer

    ABC CEO…in charge of alcohol sales gets a raise and they’ve banned water vapor? Why? I think that we’d be better off if our County Commissioners only met once a year for 5 minutes. Can you let us know each commissioners vote on these 2 items?

  • SurfCityTom

    do your own leg work? Go down and ask to review the meeting minutes.

  • Citizen of New Hanover

    Is absolutely discusting how public trusted officials of any county/city/state continue to just blatantly miss use taxpayers funds and basically just get away with it. They should be ordered to pay every cent back or face prison time immediately upon failure to surrender everthing these 2 dirt bags bought outside what their normal salaries would allow. O well nothing will happen as usual.

  • fleebailey

    A high school dropout could manage the ABC stores. 112,000 is excessive, but I guess it is better than almost a quarter of million.

  • Nunya business

    I dont smoke never have never will but really you ban water vaper……. For god sakes its pretty much just fog. You going to ban foggy mornings within 50 foot of openings and in vehicles now too? Whats next guys way to waste time and get paid for it.

  • Adrian Elliott

    Water doesn’t burn… so you don’t/can’t smoke an E-cig. People just want to control others, so they hate it that people can inhale the vapor without the smoke. Regulation of this is just more of us killing our own freedoms.

  • Diane Jessica

    E-cigarettes is NOT smoking. People are saving their lives and at minimum lengthening their lives for vaping instead of cigarette smoking. The vape does not harm anyone.
    To discourage and place vaping into the same category as cigarette smoking is BIG brother, control freaks, joining forces with the tobacco companies in an effort to squash their competition.

  • T

    WOW! I don’t even know where to begin. Amen to all other post that r for e- cigs! On what grounds are they banning them? What really is the issue!? It’s water vapor!! And as far as no one the wiser, ya can’t smell it, so how wud one know if one was smoking it in the car or bathroom and any other place around the corner!?


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