Blue Cross: Pay higher rates to keep policies

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Submitted: Tue, 11/19/2013 - 7:24pm
Updated: Tue, 11/19/2013 - 7:27pm

CHAPEL HILL, NC (AP) — North Carolina’s largest health insurer is asking for rate increases of between 16 percent and 24 percent to renew policies that would have been canceled for failing to meet minimum requirements under the federal overhaul law.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina said Tuesday it filed the necessary documents with the state Insurance Department that could allow up to 230,000 customers to keep their current coverage next year.

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin said last week his agency will quickly review such requests. President Barack Obama last week announced companies can continue offering policies that don’t meet minimum requirements required by the federal health law.

The individual policies were being cancelled because they didn’t include coverage for pre-existing conditions, hospitalization, prescription drugs, and seven other basic benefits.

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  • Guest28451 says:

    Can any supporters please justify his “Affordable Health Care Act”?

  • chacoptaco says:

    many people in this country assume that Canadian healthcare is free but that is not the case. my daughter and her husband and family live in Canada and their socialized medical care is NOT FREE! they pay a monthly rate which covers doctors visits and medicine but not dental and vision expenses. also, they have to wait weeks sometimes months to get an appointment with a specialist.

  • Guest, just another says:

    Let me get this straight, my plan wasn’t good enough, but if I pay more, it is?? WTF??? Seriously? This is a SCAM!!!

  • Guest2020 says:

    Being currently unemployed and picking up work where ever he can, my husband estimated next year’s income to be $12,000. Under Obamacare’s unaffordable health care, we can get the bare minimum coverage for $700 per month. They consider it a good Thing that we won’t make enough to get penalized for not having healthcare. Thank you, Obama. That doesn’t help me to take my young’un to the doctor when she gets sick. It won’t help me to pay for her medicine. It won’t help us afford my husband’s COPD medicine. Luckily, Walmart offers my most important medication for $4 a month.

    I’ve paid income taxes for 27 years now. Before now, I was insured from the day I was born. I have been responsible for my own insurance for 22 years. I cannot afford insurance now. The people who have never carried insurance or worked a day in their lives will now have better access to healthcare than my family and me.

  • beach guy says:

    Isn’t this against the law?

  • taxpayer says:

    is far, far less than the rate that would be paid under the exchange. My wife’s premium for a $5,000 deductible/100% co-insurance is currently $224/month. Her renewal letter from BCBSNC had her monthly premium going to $515/month with a $5,500 deductible.

    Elections have consequences. Hope and Change.

  • Guest000000 says:

    Insurance companies want to jack your rates up so you can keep your same policy and that’s the fault of the Affordable Care Act? It has nothing to do with insurance companies being greedy blood sucking leeches?

  • Guest350 says:

    There is no reason why policies cannot resume with the same coverage at the same rates. The insurance companies are taking advantage of this situation to rip off policy holders.

  • Blondiegal58 says:

    16 to 24 percent increase is a lot less than what BCBS quoted me. I was paying about 160.00 and the new policy would increase to 488.00 plus more for my prescriptions. The total would be about 540.00 or more a month. I can not afford that. I would be willing to pay a little more to keep my policy that I have now.

  • taxpayer says:

    If you purchased your individual coverage prior to 10-1-2013, you can renew it. You will receive a letter from BCBSNC showing what your renewal premium will be for 2014.

  • Guest Vader says:

    The insurance industry is useing every dirty tactic thay can to fight against universal health care. I guess this is their latest attempt to turn the public even more against it, and make windfall profits at the same time. Insurance, the biggest scam ever devised by mankind. Hopefully, they will not get this absolutely unnecessary and unfair rate increase.

  • taxpayer says:

    You rant about insurance in general, but no doubt never complain about the cost of your auto or homeowner’s insurance…assuming you own a home or own a car.

    Insurance is a risk management tool…nothing less. If you paid $300/month for health insurance and had something as simple as your appendix removed, the insurance company will pay 3x as much for your claim as you paid in premium.

    Now where’s the “windfall profit” on that?

  • guestg says:

    Governor McCrory, turning down Medicaid expansion (which will now go to other states) has insured that NC citizens will not have full access to the exchanges. Spite sure is expensive if you’re not part of that 1%!

  • taxpayer says:

    Do you understand why McCroy chose not to expand Medicaid? NC’s Medicaid system is broke. We (yes we…the taxpayers) owe the Feds a couple of billion dollars now. No need in expanding a broke(n) system.

  • Barry says:

    He has now cost my family almost 1000 a month. I was very happy on the premiums we have paid for almost 30 years with the coverage and deductable we could afford.

    We were happy. We work and pay our bills but now WE are raped by this lying, socialistic,,,,,,,so on and so on. And congress is exempt? We will now become the uninsured…

  • taxpayer says:

    Did you read and comprehend my post? Apparently not. If you had, you would have seen that the renewal premium is far less than what the rate would have been through the exchange.

    Am I happy about the rate increase? Not really…but it’s nowhere near the 110% rate increase my wife would have had. Had she not been able to renew her existing plan, she would be paying for maternity coverage and child dental…which we don’t need. Today, maternity coverage is added as a rider to an individual plan. Under Obamacare’s mandated coverage, you’re paying for it whether you need it or not.

  • Rusty says:

    Insurance companies have to show a profit too; this is what actuaries get paid to analyze. The risk goes up so do the payments..

  • Ed says:

    What would happen if everyone cancelled their insurance. I bet that not only the Big insurance companies would go broke but the hospitals and doctors that charge to much for there services would take notice also. If the whole country would stick together and say, enough is enough, and cancel their policies, it would only take a few weeks for Obama and the insurance rip-offs to change the rules.

  • Rusty says:

    One Big A$$ Mistake America.. I just switched jobs, my old one the premium was $28 per week, now it’ll be $400+ a month??? You want socialized medicine make it free like Canada or the UK not take all the money the working class has and drive them to the poor-house!

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