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SUNSET BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Sunset Beach town leaders are still trying to resolve a dispute between a developer and property owners in one of his neighborhoods.

Jaguar’s Lair was supposed to be a lavish development with lush greens and blue waters. Now property owners say their dream of luxury living has turned into a living nightmare.

Today Sunset Beach officials met with disgruntled property owners before going into executive session.

Property owners paid up to $500,000 per lot seven years ago, but say they continue to lose money on land they cannot live on.

We tried to reach developer mark saunders, but he has not returned our calls.

Council members say they continue talks with the developer and hope this issue can be settled soon.

“I wish they hadn’t paid cash for their property, but we all make decisions in life, and if they could be a little more patient and not be so critical while we are trying to do what is best,” Councilwoman Karen Joseph said.

Joseph says if the town has to go to court it will ultimately be the taxpayers of Sunset Beach who will foot the bill.

The meeting was recessed until Thursday, which is when council hopes to have a final decision on the future of Jaguar’s Lair.

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  • haggler

    Karen Joseph was totally discredited by the voters in the recent elections. She finished dead last, has been thrown off the Town Council, and has no legitimate voice in ANYTHING going on in this town.

    As the property owners of Jaguar’s Lair well know, Karen has never been anything more than a shill for Mark Saunders and Ed Gore. She should be given no attention whatsoever.

    Pack it up, Karen, go home, and shut up. You know what the voters think of you. We have at least one new Council member — Terry Joseph — who isn’t bought and paid for by Uncle Ed.

  • Guest2020

    What does the people paying cash have to do with anything? Regardless of how they paid for the property, they are being shafted. They really need to consult a lawyer and sue the developer. Unless of course, like certain gated community, the sales people made promises that were never to be kept. That’s when you read the fine print. Those seeking to buy property really should take the time to read the closing documents. They should examine the HUD statement. They should get copies from the attorney to review before they go into closing.

  • Resident

    First off, I, like many others, have lost a lot in buying in Jaguars Lair, and I certainly feel bad for others like me who did the same. On the other hand, I understand that nobody could predict the market implosion caused by greedy bankers and investment firms, and Jaguars Lair is certainly not the only community with problems from that implosion. In our area, many other “high-end” communities filed bankruptcy or the develioper just left – leaving property owners with no hope. At least this developer stayed to try to make good. I agree more could have and should have been done by the developer, but the alternatives as witnessed by other communities are much worse. I also wonder why the press only targets this community – why not the others?

  • Norm Fitzgerald

    Other developers who cut and ran probably lost money on their projects or might have escaped with a few dollars in their pockets. None of these developers sold $56 million worth of property in the projects they were trying to develop. These developers did not have Ocean Ridge Plantation as a showcase to show perspective buyers. The lot owners at Jaguars Lair were paraded around Ocean Ridge, they were shown the club houses, the golf courses, the pool area, the beach house. They were shown the nicely landscaped areas, paved roads, well constructed houses. They were told Jaguars Lair would be equal to or better than Ocean Ridge.
    As for the recession, it was responsible for about 70% of loss market value on the lots. The other 30% falls directly on the shoulders of this “do nothing” developer.
    If he really had the interest, he could fast track JL into becoming the crown jewel it was supposed to be. Instead he’d rather spend pennies on development. What a guy, I hope your very proud of him.


    Imagine buying a car from a dealership, and seven years later they haven’t delivered you the car while they remain in business and still deliver cars to other buyers. Meanwhile, the dealership hires an army of lawyers with the money you gave them to fight you on requests for delivery of your car.

    That is analogous to the situation between Coastal Companies and buyers of property in Jaguar’s Lair.

    Mark Saunder’s true colors are 50 shades of ugly.

  • Norm Fitzgerald

    Why has Attorney General Roy Cooper ignored the carnage that has occurred in Sunset Beach with the Jaguars Lair development? Given that many lot owners have hired attorneys because they think they were victims of fraud, one would think that the attorney general would launch an investigation into the actions that launched the lawsuits. Also, the lot owners never gave Karen Joseph the authority to negotiate on their behalf. One could argue that the agreements that have been signed do not benefit the lot owners nor the citizens of Sunset Beach. In fact, the agreements that have been signed only benefit Saunders and his Coastal Community company. Anybody smell something rotten here?

  • Big Deb

    He was probally funded in the campaign by Saunders, who sent a note to all of his sales people requesting donations be made…..the sales agents were in a lose lose situation….each shelled out $2000 for the campaign……

  • michael

    Welcome to the south….lmao…what dummy pays cash in advance?and we are the slow ones!!!lmao.

  • vipin

    That particular blog post is written artistically and it includes many practical knowledge for everybody. I guess you’ve carried out a great job of handling this delicate

  • good ole boy

    You yankees got burned..lmao…what dummys pay cash up front??He dangled ocean ridge in front of you as bait and you little rats eat the cheese..500,000 k for a lot in the swamps!!!And we southern folk are the stupid ones??ok,whatever you say….Go Mark Saunders!!


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