Protestors make school board see red

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Submitted: Tue, 11/19/2013 - 11:15pm
Updated: Fri, 11/22/2013 - 11:42pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As members of the New Hanover County Board of Education met for their meeting they were met by protestors who were Red for Ed.

Twenty to 30 protestors picketed the meeting expressing their frustrations with the lack of funding for teacher salaries.

While teachers have maintained that Red for Ed is not a political message, the demonstrators say that if you want to support “red” you need to vote “blue.”

“The General Assembly, the people who are behind that, haven’t asked teachers their opinions on what is going to help them do the best they can to provide the best quality instruction for our public schools that they can,” Sandy Younce said. “Instead they make up whims based on assumptions that they have.”

The protestors say that no current teachers showed up to the protest because they are afraid to lose their job, so it’s up to the community to make educators voices heard.


  • guest000000 says:

    The economy has tanked since Obama’s been in office? Obama can be blamed for several things, but not the economy. That was in the crapper long before Obama took office. In fact, since Obama took office the economy has been on a steady upward climb (of course it had nowhere to go but up). No one will disagree that the state budget is in dire straits. The issue is, what they choose to fund INSTEAD of public schools.

  • JC Stocks says:

    Vote Blue???? I’ve seen signs on TV that say “-13% in wages since 2008″. Who do you think has been in charge since 2008? Unless I have my colors mixed up, the Democrats are blue. Since Obama has been in office the economy has tanked, no revenue, no pay increases. Do the teachers think they are the only ones who’s salaries have not kept up with inflation, etc?

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    In todays world with such a stagnant economy, those of us that are “lucky” enough to have jobs have fallen far behind. Since fuel and food costs are NOT factored into the rate of inflation, there is a false governmental projection of prosperity. In reality, there is none. Fuel costs have skyrocketed since Obama took office. His campaign promise to “eliminate” America’s dependence on foreign oil never even got out of the ditch. The fuel costs revved up the cost of everything else due to skyrocketing transportation costs. A head of Romaine lettuce is 5 bucks, an Avacado is 2.50, chicken is 7-8 bucks a pound. Everything has literally exploded in cost and far, far exceeds any pay increases anyone gets anymore. Everyone is have to do more with less. Now with this healthcare fiasco, things are made even more financially difficult for the average, hardworking Joe. Nobody can save any money anymore, it takes all we make to keep our noses above water and provide the essentials for our families, yet still remain 1 paycheck away from financial disaster.
    Teachers, I understand your plight, but you are not alone by any means of the imagination (except for the imagination of our government)! This is a tough world we endure these days and some major changes need to start happening. We all need a little hope, a little encouragement and the possibility of being able to get ahead after all of our hard work! Otherwise we can all quit our jobs, join the ranks of lifetime entitlement recipients and illegal aliens to enjoy a life of leisure, free food, free housing, free medical care and develop new ways to sponge more without having to get an education and work for it!

  • guestwhat says:

    jc, the govneror can request a raise for teachers. Stop blaming Obama.

  • trash says:

    If they give teachers a raise, they better give ALL state employees a raise. Teachers and other state employees knew what they were getting into what they started working for the government. We all knew that these jobs are under paid in the beginning. Five days off with pay will not put food on the table or gas in the car and that is what we have gotten the last 3 to 5 years.
    Give them a raise, give us a raise also!

  • nc tax payer says:

    why dont you all ask where is all the ed.lottery going. not one person has ask about it, i dont want to hear you protestors wanting more money when the lottery bring so much money in. ask ask ask, where its goingdear bluewater

  • guesty says:

    I’ll use simple numbers for the sake of ease. Schools are budgeted to receive $100 dollars from the government. The lottery comes in a says we have $60 to give to the schools. The government then takes $60 out of the school budget and replaces it with the lottery money. The end result is the schools still get $100 and the government now has $60 to waste on whatever feel good project of the day comes to mind.

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    Your comment is a, perfect, example of why we need to do everything possible to recruit and retain quality teachers.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Vog46 says:

    I answered your question in your last diatribe about NC lottery.
    The PROBLEM is with YOU.
    YOU expected the lottery to “pay for education”. It was NEVER intended to do that as the funds are split up between Universities, colleges and county education systems.
    Stop trolling this board insinuating that lottery funds are somehow being misused or mis-appropriated.


  • Guest1851658 says:

    Educators were once thought of as professional and conservative. Now, they are beginning to act like disgruntled auto workers. See what happened to them, don’t you? You knew the pay scale in NC when the choice was made to teach in this state. Many wish they had a job that paid what yours does for a 9 month a year job. I think you have 49 other choices you might like better.

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    You are, absolutely, correct. Teachers DID know the pay scale when they decided to go to college for 4, or more, years in order to teach the children which are the future leaders of our community, state and nation. However, those teachers did not know that the pay scale would be FROZEN and become meaningless.

    You may consider teaching a 9 month, 9-5 job. But do you know any teachers who DON’T lug work home with them EVERY DAY so that they can grade papers, prepare lesson plans, answer emails from parents and enter grades into the computer? Usually, a teacher does not work all night; they take a break to eat dinner and put their kids to bed before going back to the unending stack of papers. A, conservative figure would be that those 9 month teachers spend, an additional, 20 hours a week, working at home during the evening and on weekends.

    Those 9 month teachers are also working during the “summer months” to prepare their classrooms, lesson plans (Common Core) and catching up on their continuing education requirements. Those 9 month teachers do NOT get paid for the extra time they work, nor are the administrators required to give them bathroom or lunch breaks. When a teacher needs to be away from work, they are required to find a substitute teacher and pay for that substitute.

    But, you are correct, the teachers did know the pay scale. But if they knew everything else, I doubt our future leaders would be as bright as the ones we have now.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I agree. It’s not like they are the only state employees to face salary freezes. They think that they are the only ones who work overtime. They think they are the only ones who take work home. The difference is that non-teachers don’t get as much time off as teachers do. You don’t see the other state employees out there whining about it. With today’s economy, the teachers should just be thankful that they have a job.

  • Guest6979 says:

    According the the contract I signed with NHCS 6 years ago I was supposed to receive a pay bump with every year of experience I gained teaching. Then 5 years ago the state froze the salaries. Over the last 5 years I have lost nearly $15,000 total. The one thing this state has had in the past has been that teachers gave up on ever getting high salaries, instead settling for mediocre ones, in return we received good benefits and employment stability. With in the last few years we are now seeing not only our salaries remain stagnate but also our job security becoming faint. No longer is our state a viable location for education and my search is on for a new state to teach in, one that values education and the children we serve.

  • Guest2020 says:

    The financial situation with teachers is no different than other state employees. My husband has lost two jobs in the past three years due to state budget cuts. During his thirteen years with the state he may have gotten raises half of that time. You didn’t see him or others in the same program out there protesting anything. They understood that the state cannot pay what they cannot afford. Why is it so hard for teachers to understand the same thing?

  • jc stocks says:

    I repeat, no revenue, no pay increases. The governor can’t just wave a magic wand, the money has to come from somewhere. In case you have been a sleep since 2008, the economy has not been that great in NC. I know of 2 companies that Purdue let slip over to South Carolina. The revenue from those companies would have gone a long way with the local economy. Oh…but that’s right…I forgot…everything Bush’s fault…I guess the fiasco with ObamaCare is Bush’s fault too…
    Meanwhile, my pay is frozen, plus inflation and I actually feel grateful to still have a job…meanwhile teachers protest… please all of us are in the same boat, we could all use a pay raise.

  • Billy Taylor says:

    Shame on Holden Kurwicki and WWAY for writing this inaccurate story. I was THERE and I can tell you this story is simply untrue. First of all, teachers were indeed at the rally (but I am starting to wonder if Holden Kurwicki actually was?) Secondly, at no point whatsoever either before the rally when they sent out emails inviting people or at the rally did Progress NC say anything at all about voting for anyone. In fact, they went out of their way to accurately point out that supporting public education is a NONPARTISAN issue.

    I would like to know exactly who Holden Kurwicki talked to from Progres NC? I was standing next to their representative the entire time and did not see the WWAY reporter approach him at all. I would also like to know how Holden Kurwicki determined there were no teachers present? Did he go up and ask everyone their profession? He certainly did not approach me.

    Do you really think it is okay to make asumptions like that and, worse, make up up quotes and attribute them to people or organizations? How are we supposed to trust your reporting if you are all this sloppy?

    As for the issue of education: you and the people who relentlesly pressure you to skew your reporting (like Thom Goolsby)ignore the seriousness of this issue at your own peril. Elected officials like Ghoolsby have gone too far in huritng our schools. The people of North Carolina respect public education even if lawmakers do not. Ignoring what has been done to our schools will not make that go away.

  • Lynn Shoemaker says:

    Thank you, Billy Taylor. I wrote something similar to WWAY about an hour ago. I should have posted it here as well. The reporter did not bother to ask the people holding signs anything; if so, he could have cited their names and organizations; and, he would have known that they were not Progress NC. Progress NC provided RED for ED signs and LISTEN TO TEACHERS signs. THOSE are definitely non-partisan statements that I think we should all be behind for the sake of our children. WHQR reporter Katie O’Reilly penned an accurate report of the protest, and she even spoke to the Progress NC Executive Director. I concur with your Shame on WWAY! for unfair and inaccurate reporting, and I add that WWAY made RED for ED more political than anyone with their biased reporting.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …it’s the fundamental lack of I.Q. that’s hurting him.

  • Lynn Shoemaker says:

    Let’s be perfectly clear, the elected Board of Education made wearing RED for ED tee shirts a political issue. The Board cherry-picked an electioneering policy to use as a basis for suppressing teachers’ collective voice. The policy they chose was never intended to thwart teachers’ First Amendment Right nor their right to advocate for their profession, public schools and students. It is more than interesting that our local Board of Education, who were elected to support our public schools, chose to misuse a local policy to stifle conversation about the devestating cuts made by the Republican-controlled General Assembly in NC. IF that’s not a political statement, I don’t know what is. We should have Board of Education members who are more like our public school teachers, who DO advocate for our schools and our children. Let our teachers WEAR RED for PUBLIC ED!

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