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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Great teachers win over more than the hearts and minds of students; they impress parents too. And it was the mother of a fourth grade student who nominated this week’s Teacher of the Week.

Naamah Noble said her daughter has the best teacher in the world! “Her dedication, passion for teaching and the belief her students can and will achieve in her classroom is a testimony to the many lives she continues to touch and change in an amazing way,” she said.

Student Nina Noble smiled and said, “She has taught me a lot more than a lot of my teacher have taught me so far.” She continued, “Right now I am in long division; two digit times four digit and right now its as easy as doing one plus one, two plus two.”

Noble is talking about Tracy Swick. The fourth grade teacher is a mother of three and said she draws on that experience to make her students feel loved and right at home in the classroom.

“Its a great feeling because I have students even today that are older and I still keep in contact with them.” Swick said, “Its just an extended part of my family.”

Nina said her teacher is more than an inspiration in the classroom, “She’s a very fair referee when we’re playing kickball!”

Earning respect in and outside the classroom isn’t an easy feat. Swick said she’s thrilled…and shocked…she now holds the title Teacher of the Week.

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