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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina’s unemployment rate is continuing a slow improvement, falling in September to 8.3 percent and dropping again to 8.0 percent in October.

The state Commerce Department on Friday reported the unemployment rates for both months after delays related to the federal government shutdown.

North Carolina’s jobs picture remained worse than the nation’s jobless rate, which was 7.3 percent in October.

The state and the country have seen unemployment rates fall through most of this year and the North Carolina rate is more than a percentage point lower than the 9.4 percent recorded a year ago. The trend has come in large part because many people stopped looking for a job.

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4 Comments on "NC jobless data shows 2 months of improvement"

Discusted Father
2015 years 10 months ago

Im a true American father that has served my country for many years and tours. However I cannot find a decent paying full time job here in Wilmington. Im working 3 part time jobs 7 days a week just to feed my family and keep somewhat of a roof over their heads. One of my part time jobs is at the Eastwood Rd Home Depot they are the WORST store to work at. They give you the minimum hours and treat you like trash regardless if your a vet or not. What has happened to America and to us true
Americans who are trying to do the right thing. WWAY does a great job exposing the truth and getting the story out so the community knows what’s really going on. Im certain that this community would love to hear how HOME DEPOT associates that are vets get treated.

2015 years 10 months ago


On behalf of us that care about our vets I apologize for the disrespect you have been given. You have served us and we should serve you. I admire you for working 3 PT jobs to make ends meet. You are obviously a humble man. I used to work PT at Lowes. They too treated employees like crap and expected our best. Darn shame. Take care and keep you head up sir.

Guest Reply Redux
2015 years 10 months ago

“They give you the minimum hours and treat you like trash regardless if you’re a vet or not. What has happened to America and to us true
Americans who are trying to do the right thing.” (Unquote)

As long as the Big Business America “30 year olds” keep calling the shots…making their place of business “Piece Work”…so they can retire with/from bonuses, and buy their tiny island…you will be working 3 jobs playing the “Ends Meet” game.
What’s so ironic is…when the 30 year old managers project a slowdown in their business (HA!), and cut hours…that’s when it picks up in business, and they are short productive hours from employees.
Point is…they are Idiots!

2015 years 10 months ago

What do you want to bet these are part time, low pay, temporary jobs for single students living off of their parents and supplementing their spending money, that will last until after the holidays (and maybe a teacher or firefighter trying to make a little extra because they are not paid enough as we keep hearing)? Now let’s publish a matrix on jobs that are salaried, full time, with benefits, compared to these jobs. It’s a temporary inflation based only on spending habits during the holidays. It’s numbers, yes, but not a reflection of the true status of out of work men and women trying to keep their families alive. Don’t be fooled by numbers. Lets talk about people.


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