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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Apparently New Hanover County teachers can still wear “Red for Ed” shirts at school.

Today the New Hanover County School Board released a letter from its attorney Wayne Bullard to attorneys for the North Carolina Association of Educators. It was a response to a letter the school board received Wednesday from the NCAE.

In his letter Bullard wrote the district does not have a ban on “Red for Ed” shirts in schools. That’s a reversal from less than two weeks ago when teachers were informed they could wear red, but could not wear the message “Red for Ed,” which the school board said was a political statement not allowed under district policy.

Bullard wrote that “the (b)oard clarified its position at its work session (Tuesday) to state that we are not aware of any teachers or other employees of New Hanover County Schools being threatened with disciplinary action for exercising their Constitutional rights.”

Bullard also wrote that the board did not hold an illegal closed meeting Nov. 4. He said the session was closed because board members were discussing whether certain employees were violating the board’s policies about political activities at school and whether certain administrators were enforcing the policies. He said by law such discussions of such personnel matters must be discussed in private.

“Suffice it to say that the Board is concerned about orchestrated political activities by its teachers taking place on school grounds in front of students who are a captive audience,” Bullard wrote. “The (b)oard clearly has the right and responsibility to regulate such conduct and speech.”

On Nov. 4 teachers at several schools in the county and elsewhere in the state staged “walk-ins” to make a statement about teacher pay and education reforms in North Carolina.

Bullard also said the board “strongly supports public education.”

“However, unlike some groups, the (b)oard supports all stakeholders in public education,” he wrote.

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  • Erlkoenig

    Why stop there. How about “overpaid socialist for longer summers”.

  • guest000000

    Just because the educational system obviously failed YOU in a miserable way doesn’t mean that teachers are “overpaid socialists”. What is means is that they obviously failed to recognize a “special” student when they had the chance. I don’t blame you for being bitter. Your stupid comment is surely not your fault.

  • Jamie Gillis

    The radical left commie “educational” system, really the indoctrinational system in this nation is completely infused with communist/progressive/socialist engineering. These zealots are right out of Orwells 1984 with their brainwashing, and disregard for the nation’s founding in personal liberty and self reliance. “Common Core” aka commie core is the latest tinkering with the minds of the Obama Youth. What a bunch of flacks.

  • savannah

    You have clearly lost your tiny mind. If you find it, educate it so as not to sound so incredibly nuts.

  • Monkey Junction

    Too funny.

  • guest000000

    Please see the comments below that I posted in response to Erlkoenig. They obviously apply to you as well.

  • GuestUSMC

    I hope this opens the door for students to express their feelings by wearing t shirts of their choice. Hopefully all of them will start wearing NRA shirts.

  • guest000000

    After reading your comment, I can’t believe you would have something to say about someone else’s grammar. Nice.

  • guest000000

    You say my assumptions about you are wrong, yet you start typing and prove otherwise. Teachers are well paid? I guarantee you that the per hour rate of pay for teachers is near minimum wage. The fact that many of the best teachers are leaving the profession for better paying jobs in the private sector also indicates that they are underpaid. Perhaps if you actually talked about something that you have some knowledge of, I would have no room to criticize your mental abilities. Oh, and I believe the word you were looking for is “downtrodden”.

  • Erlkoenig

    Typical liberal. All your assumptions about me are totally wrong. Teachers are very well paid when compared to other industries. In addition to being well paid they have the advantage of having their industry celebrated by the media as some downtrodded, oppressed victims.

    keep spewing your bitterness and documenting your ignorance.

  • Guest2020

    Please explain how you can judge a person’s intellectual level based solely on one comment stating an opinion. Also, if you are going to comment on someone’s intellectual level, you should take care to refrain from making mistakes in your own comment.

  • Concerned Christian

    I sure hope you aren’t a teacher using such bad grammar. And also “If the shoe fits” would be an alright term to use as the majority of the teachers are glorified “overpaid socialists” pushing that agenda to the point that kids can’t practice their Christianity but yet bend over backwards for alternative lifestyles, other religions, and the like. If they would be completely fair about everything there wouldn’t be a discussion about any of it!

  • Guest2020

    Teachers in North Carolina are paid higher than the state’s average salary. Teachers do not have a monopoly on working overtime. Teachers should be more grateful for what they do have instead of constantly whining about what they don’t have.

  • Wilmington Observer

    Name one (NC) teacher who is compensated for overtime work; even the required overtime.

    Wilmington Observer

  • frontpaige

    Our lawmakers are taking a close look at a state educational system that needs reform. Today, “throw some tax money at it” is the state education motto. States such as Tennessee and Louisiana, including The District of Columbia, that have implemented TEACHER EVALUATION tied to student performance, are the educational systems in the nation that have seen impressive improvement in student performance. Of course, PAY and tenure would also be tied to the new evaluation process. Teachers could be fired for continued poor performance! I believe NC teachers are protesting this new process, because teachers received a raise with this new administration and lowered pay in the 2 last administrations. This appears to be contrary to the teacher protests?

  • Wilmington Observer

    “we are not aware of any teachers or other employees of New Hanover County Schools being threatened with disciplinary action for exercising their Constitutional rights.”

    Of course you are not aware. Teachers know that if they complain, there WILL be consequences.

    Wilmington Observer


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