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First ever Holiday Market supports Kure Beach


KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- 'Tis the go shopping. At least that's what lots of people did this weekend at Ocean Front Park for Kure Beach's first ever Holiday Market.

Local vendors from Morehead City all the way to Ocean Isle Beach braved the windy, rainy weather to sell their products.

They say spending money with them puts money right back into the local economy.

"It brings more people to Kure Beach which is also a benefit to the town itself," said Market Manager Janet Knott. "But it is really all about shopping local. It is about keeping our dollars local as much as possible, because that is what supports our friends and neighbors."

If you missed the Holiday Market this Saturday, don't worry. The market will be open again next Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm.

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The great thing about internet trolls, especially the ones who comment on the local news sites, is that they can find some way to act like they are persecuted. Christianity is the dominant religion yet every year there is a "war on" some Christian holiday that threatens the very fabric of our existence. The best part of the "how come the news does not say Christmas" criticism is that the Captcha on my page spells out "thirty one days" and shows Santa Claus depicted holding a toy. Yes indeed WWAY is scared to acknowledge Christmas. Or maybe they are employing basic writing 101 and are using as few words as possibly to get their point across.

well just what HOLIDAY are

well just what HOLIDAY are you talking about here?? scared to say THANKSGIVING/CHRISTMAS?


Maybe they're using the word Holiday to imply that it covers all Holidays...Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Kwanzaa, etc. Stop making an issue where there isn't one.

MAYBE?? they call everyother

MAYBE?? they call everyother 'holiday' by their name why now during Thanksgiving and Christmas. People are so scared that someones little feelings are going to get hurt because they dont beleive in CHISTmas. but at the same time those that are offended[minority] accept Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas pay and bonuses. time off from work that is paid. i t doesnt hurt my feelings at all, just sick and tired of the USA bowing down to the few!!Its Christmas, it used to be on the news as such until all these minorities stsrted to whine that it offended them. well dont put up a tree, look at the lights and dont shop for deals on Black Friday. stay your tail on the job during Thanksgiving ,Christmas and Easter too! how many non christians are getting bonuses, and time off and pay during this time but dont want to hear what it is for??? I expect that MLK,, Memorial day JULY 4 will be on here as HOLIDAY!!!

Of course

They are scared they might offend someone while at the same time offending Christians.

if you're offended

If you're offended by someone referring to Christmas season as "Holiday" season then you have a pretty low tolerance for being offended. It is a catch-all term that includes Christmas, as well other holidays that are non Christian. Why is being included with others so offensive? It's not JUST Christmas ya know.

i did not say i was

i did not say i was offended. I just want to know why these are the only Holidays that they call HOLIDAY SEASON, HOLIDAY PARADE when all other holidays are named, MLK, Memorial day, july 4th ect. why not call them Holidays too???

Not me

There is very little I'm offended by because I have a sense of humor. However, I do call the blessed event celebrated in December Christmas and the time around it as the Christmas season.