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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A man faces several charges after police say he hit five parked cars before crashing into a utility pole.

Abraham Rivera Orellana, 21, has been charged with DWI, careless and reckless driving and two counts of hit and run among other charges after police say he hit five parked cars before crashing.

Police say they received several calls around 4:45 p.m. Saturday of a man hitting parked cars near his home on Ringo Drive.

The driver then went to the Abbotts Run Apartment Complex where he hit two more parked cars according to police.

That’s when they say he got on to Market Street driving in the wrong direction.

Police say he hit the gas, and jumped a curb hitting a parked car at Jason’s Deli before crashing into a utility pole

No one was hurt, but a family was walking to their car in the Jason’s Deli parking lot when the accident happened.

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  • guest01010

    That dude is awesome. I want to hang out with him!

  • guest123

    Now , after all this damage he did while driving drunk and to drive down Market street the wrong way and to be fortunate enough that none of us were killed by him, we will see if they let him out of jail. Most likely he will be driving by Thanksgiving and have another chance to kill some of our loved ones.
    It’s hard enough to drive down Market Street the right way. To think of having a drunken nut like this driving toward anyone during a time when that street is busy is a scary thought. He needs prison time. Before he kills!!!

  • Maureen A. Wilson

    Do the other charges include ‘no license’ & ‘no registration’ and ‘no insurance’ ??

  • nofaithnlaw

    I would be willing to bet he is an “ILLEGAL” …

  • 1234543

    the more illegal immigrants this state attracts, the more common this will become

  • pearlsbeforeswine

    500 Dollar bond means the police lowered it to a misdemeanor, this is how our police force avoids deporting these people! Look on Starnews mugshots for Omar Hernandez who violently attacked a man and was charged as misdemeanor Assault with a deadly weapon. Local media wont even touch it!

  • guest3367

    You really THINK they charge someone with a lower class crime to avoid deporting them??? Im glad i haven’t drank the kool-aid that someone led you to drink. You should really study case law before posting your feeble opioion. Maybe you should speak with someone in the legal profession before you voice your unintelligent comment.

  • LawGuy

    You sir are ignorant of the law. Look up NCGS 20-138 and 20-166 and tell me how anything done by the offender as reported in the story is felonious. Police charge the most appropriate charge they have available, and you thinking otherwise is mere lunacy. Put the foils back on, and push back from your computer.


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