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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Schools says some bus runs will be doubled up to get kids home from school after 35 school buses were vandalized over the weekend, according to a news release from the school system.

NHCS Public Information Officer Valita Quattlebaum says the latest buses dropped middle school students off at school around 9:15 a.m. after someone cut the accelerator cables to several of the buses parked at the Laney Bus Garage.

Ken Nance, the director of transportation for the school system, says the buses that were vandalized normally run routes to several middle and high schools in the northern part of the county.

According to the release, certain bus routes could run later than normal tomorrow morning. Quattlebaum says parents with children on impacted routes will be notified via a Connect5 phone call, letting them know which routes will be delayed.

She says schools will also be notified today if students at their particular schools are on those delayed bus routes as they continue investigating and repairing the buses vandalized.

Nance says the estimated damages total to between $14,000 and $18,000, including labor costs. The school system says if all parts needed for repairs are delivered on time, all buses are expected to be completely back to regular schedules by next Monday.

Quattlebaum says spare buses are are also being tested for safety and added to the fleet in an effort to minimize delays. She says an investigation is underway, but there is no information yet on suspects involved in the vandalism.

The school district says the following routes can expect delays tomorrow:

Pine Valley
Rt. 244, Bus 422 will be doubled and be about 15 minutes late.

Myrtle Grove
Rt. 288, Bus 371 will be about 15 minutes late and come in on Bus 325 (2nd Trip)
Rt. 295, Bus 422 will be about 15 minutes late
Rt. 291, Bus 299 will be about 15 minutes late and come in on Bus 318 (2nd Trip)

Rt. 270, Bus 289 will be about 15 minutes late and come in on Bus 330 (2nd trip)

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  • dean bailey

    lol funny too bad it wasnt more. right on

  • guesty

    Vandalism is funny. Especially for a non-tax paying slug such as yourself. Maybe if you’d actually gone to school you would see the value in transporting students to class.

  • Renfield

    Excellent troll my friend, a 10 on the ‘ol Troll-O-Meter! You brought out a very strong emotional response without using the typical hot button issues. Only one problem…if my name were Dean Bailey, I would be doing everything possible to find out who posted in my name.

  • Mark Adams

    You’re an idiot. Oh, and chances are YOU’RE probably the one that failed to get more.

    Right on…

  • nope

    Dean Bailey…. Your an idiot, thats your tax dollars that have to fix that… ?Right On? You ride the short bus? What is cool about this

  • Guest2609

    Dean how old are you that you think this kind of crap is funny. Next time it could be the brake cable and the drivers won’t know it until it is too late. I hope that they find out who did this, hold them accountable for the cost of the repairs and the cost of the bus drivers salary and hold their parents responsible since they are the idiots that raised these idiotic kids. Obviously the apples don’t fall far from the tree. When you have parents who don’t give a crap about what their students are up to, we need to start holding them accountable for their childrens actions.

  • ILMNCNative

    How is this FUNNY? Students weren’t able to get to school on time, forced to wait in the cold for a delayed bus – in some situations not knowing when it would arrive. Many parents were not able to get to work on time and missed important obligations. It will also cost the taxpayers around $18,000 to fix the problem.

    I see no humor in this. Would you be laughing if you woke up to find your vehicle vandalized and in need of an unexpected and previously unnecessary repair? If so, kindly post your name and address and I am sure someone will be happy to come by and provide you with some laughs.

  • guest666

    Clearly, you are one uneducated individual. Good luck to you in life. You will certainly need it!

  • guest9873218

    OK Dean Bailey… do you not care that your name clearly shows?.. hope that is not your real name and you are not a student at Laney. This sounds like something a child would say. They may want to pull you out of class to see what you really know. If you are an adult.. God Bless is all I can say.

  • Guest-o-matic

    …my bet goes on the fact that the perps of this crime are being studied by law enforcement as we speak. Dean Bailey is the one with the stupid grin on his face.
    Nice going Dean, you’ve managed to hit the top of the list for DA’s on this article (and we ain’ta talkin’ District Attorney either!)!

  • tb

    Way to go? What a pathetic comment. Do you realize it is our tax dollars that will go to fix these buses. Hmmm….let me guess…you don’t pay any taxes…do you?

  • craig

    Many years ago my son thought it would be “fun” to burn portajohns. He was caught and convicted as a felon. He has done well but to this day I will never understand the “fun” of vandalism. I mean what do you get out of it?

  • Rusty

    Thank God it was something as benign as it was, at least this way buses couldn’t go.. as a lifelong mechanic I can think of much more sinister ways to sabotage a vehicle and shudder to think of the results. :\ I hope the perp is caught and has a HEFTY sentence if convicted.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    Or his Pappy will beat up Y’alliz Pappy…but good!
    I’m sure this Dean guy is hidin’ in the root basement now!!!

  • anne

    I hope they find those responsible and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. If they are minors, make the parents pay for all the damage.

  • tlou

    Ok…for all these clowns who wasted time finding humor in this…
    Did you ever take the time to wonder who would be so cruel to try and hinder the education/jeopardize the safety of our children by tampering with these buses? My children ride these buses! I consider this to be a serious issue because the person/people who did this could have chosen to mess with the brake lines or planted a bomb. I hate to be so dramatic but the crime in this city seems to be getting worse by the day so I refuse to take this lightly. THANK YOU LORD, for keeping our children safe! Please touch the minds and hearts of these people so that they will stop being so passive and show more concern about someone other than themselves. AMEN! That is all…

  • Ginnie

    Short bus? Most special needs kids would not do or say something like that…especially mine. he doesn’t ride the short bus but has friends that do. They are brilliant with a heart of gold and compassion. Just saying…


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