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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A trip to the super market could cost a lot more next year unless Congress gets to work soon.

Congress left for Thanksgiving break without passing the Farm Bill. If Ccongress does not pass the bill before Jan. 1, it may cause prices of staples like corn, soybeans and wheat to soar.

“An increase in those animal feeds can cause a price cause an increase in the final product and could make it harder for our local farmers to make their livelihood,” said Kathryn Waple, produce and meat manager at Wilmington’s Tidal Creek Co-op.

This means products like milk, which costs about $3.50 a gallon now, could double to about $7 a gallon if Congress does not take action.

“We have a lot of subsidies that are really not appropriate for this day and time, and I look more towards local solutions to these rising costs,” shopper Casey McCreery said.

Perhaps the biggest sticking point for the farm bill is funding for food stamps. The House wants to cut $40 billion in funding over 10 years forcing about 14 million people from the aid program. The Senate version of the farm bill would cut about $4 billion by targeting fraud and abuse.

Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-7th District) is a senior member of the House Agriculture Committee and a proponent of the Farm Bill. He was in Wilmington today for a series of events, but when we tried to talk with him, he said he did not have time to talk until later in the day in Elizabethtown.

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  • SurfCityTom

    may hit home. With milk at $7 per gallon, food stamp or EDP benefits will require adjustment at the taxpayers’ expense.

    I’m surprised no one has hit on that.

    And watch all of the recipients who will suddenly claim 4 or 5 gallons per week as the consumption level; which of course will require an appropriate increase in benefits.

    Oh well. Up next, Jesse, Al, and Reverand Farmer speaking out on this obvious racially biased attack.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    I wonder if the theft of cows in The Cape of Fear area will be the trend now…or the milk man being held for ransom?
    Do the cows know all of this Hoopla is happening right under their teeeets? Will people be able to milk the Welfare system during holiday break with Congo-ress out? So many questions……..

  • Guest Timekeeper

    The farmer seems to want to keep his profits the same and not tighten his belt a little like consumers must do. Remember…..the American consumer can control the price of any product. Dairy products, in particular, with short shelf lives, will spoil if not used soon. Let the milk sit and go bad on the store shelves. The price will come down and ‘Ol Joe Farmall will have to tighten his belt like the rest of us.

  • Vog46

    Farmers can always switch crops.
    Tobacco subsidies end(paid not to farm it)? And most farmers go back to growing it for export.
    The consumer is the pawn in this – not in the drivers seat.


  • Jamie Gillis

    The other poster is correct, the problem is with our FOOD being put into our gas tanks instead of our bellies. The whole ethanol into gasoline program is a travesty of kickbacks and greed. And no, its not the “greedy farmers” to blame, its the GOVERNMENT for maniupulating prices with subsidies. This is why bread, gas and milk has far exceeded inflation since the 50s, when all those staples were cheaper. You liberals who think BIG GOVT can “fix” everything at the consumer level are simply ignorant of reality and how the “free” market is supposed to work. But keep turning to big govt, that includes Dems and Repubs, you can see where that has gotten us!

  • 28472

    Good points, just go without it for a couple weeks and things will take care of itself.

  • guest2609

    I guess I better start my request with the county to start keeping cows and goats in my backyard.

  • guesty

    Cow. Cow. C-o-w-e-i-e-i-o.

  • guest45

    the federal government has NO business in the subsidies, period, and if the fed’s lead by Gore himself had not mandated “ethanol” to be blended into our fuel there would be plenty of corn to go around for human and livestock consumption, the only way to right this ship is for the fed’s to get their hands out of the subsidie business, when these products get so high the consumer says no, the price’s will correct themselve’s overnite.

  • beach guy

    The federal government actually pays dairy farmers not to produce milk as in sell off your cows and let your land lie fallow so the price of milk will be high enough to support the rest of the farms in operation. it is the same with peanut farmers.
    This is manipulation of the free market. farm subsidies have a long history of paying mega wealthy people that have never seen a farm large amounts of subsidies to just let the land sit. The largest private recipient of farm subsidies in the us is the Rockefeller family there are also so other famous names on the list like David Letterman and so on. I am not blaming them they are business people and know a good deal when they see one , I am blaming the government for allowing this program to be this bloated. It is a bureaucratic nightmare that needs to go away.

  • taxpayer

    Well…let’s see. Fed action cause a skyrocketing price in the cost of health insurance…Obamacare. Now, Fed inaction could cause a skyrocketing price increase in the cost of a gallon of milk.

    No matter what the Feds do…they screw it up. Just goes to show that elections have consequences.

  • Newonhere

    Everything in this state is higher than it needs to be, but until we stand up to these companies, the price gouging is going to continue! When I go back home to visit family I still only pay $1.99/gal for milk. The price we pay here is what it cost me to have it delivered directly to my door from the dairy farm.

  • 8844

    How often do you get back to Lithuania ?

  • Philip

    Does anyone really understand that you are already paying $7.00 a gallon for milk with the farm subsidies. It just comes out of your taxes. Let the price go to what it will get the government out of your life. We will be a lot better off.

  • Guest-o-matic

    Period! There’s enough legal rip-offs going on as it is!

  • Gueaty101

    Let it sit on the shelf and spoil. That’s the ace in the hole the citizens have in this scenario. Dairy products have a limited shelf life (especially milk), just refuse to buy it for a few weeks and watch what will happen. This is one product that would be effected in short order buy a boycott. This is one of the few times I think free-market capitalism will “correct” the problem.


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