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Debate over Myrtle Grove Christian anti-gay policy heating up


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- As the debate about Myrtle Grove Christian School’s decision to ban homosexual students heats up both sides of the argument say the other needs to stop being a bully.

"Do unto others, and a value of inclusion, are the most important values,” said Chris Sgro of Equality NC. “This is absolutely not what we see that Myrtle Grove Christian Academy is doing."

Myrtle Grove Christian School recently made headlines for its new policy restricting children who are gay or who come from same sex families.

Members of the gay community say school leaders need to stop being bullies if they want to receive public tax dollars from the opportunity scholarship that starts in 2014.

"Our taxpayer money will be going directly to that school possibly,” said Ryan Burris of Wilmington Pride. “While a religious institution should be able to choose who they want to come to their schools, as a taxpayer myself, I don't think my money should towards funding their facilities."

But Tami Fitzgerald of the NC Values Coalition says she supports the school’s right to set their own standards, and that members of the gay community need to do their homework on where Myrtle Grove funding comes from.

"Myrtle Grove Christian School is a private school and they don't receive any government funding and even if they did North Carolina law, nor Federal Law, gives special rights to gay and lesbian students,” said Tami Fitzgerald of the NC Values Coalition.

Equality NC leaders say they will use their 150,000 members to put pressure on lawmakers in the Tar Heel state to change state laws.

WWAY tried to reach out to administrators at Myrtle Grove Christian School for comment but were told that we couldn’t speak with them.

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Do any of you libs have a

Do any of you libs have a problem with state indoctrinators sending home "your kid is fat" letters? Or the way parents are treated like suspects when they walk into Trask?

The Christians have mostly given up fighting against the state sanctioned religion of global warming and evolution. So return the favor.

Well I dated a parent of

Well I dated a parent of several students who attend MGCS. Their mother screwed around on their father , lied, cheated, and eventually divorced him. He "dated" a 19 yr old soon after to abate his loneliness, which he in turn left her high and dry and out for ridicule (he was 40). Poor girl was left devastated and he moved on as if women are nothing but there to satisfy men. His kids are completely messed up when it comes to basic social sklls and normal emotional reactions. I guarantee this parent is completely behind this homophobic BS. But he's completely intoxicated every night of the week. Obviously I have left and run far away from such ignorance. My point is he believes this is the Christian way. He can cuss, fornicate with underage girls, beat his kids with a belt, and stay drunk every night; BUT hold the door- gay people are against the good book and should be banned. Are people really that vain and hateful? Pretty scary thought. And I hope u know who u r. U are evil and should go back to where u came from.

This nation has clearly been

This nation has clearly been divided 50/50 for the last decade plus, and the division is getting greater. It is time for a split. Libs take the West coast, oh you already have, good deal, stay there, go there, enjoy your ridiculous selves. Conservatives take the south and the Midwest, this includes NC. Northeast, who cares, take it, keep it. Deal? I'm tired of libs pushing their ways on everything, everyone. This is a private school, go away. The argument always seems to be that they pay taxes (right!) and they don't want their taxes going to a school like that, well it doesn't. But I don't think I want my taxes going to public schools that promote lib values! So why do you think your values supersedes anyone else's, because you are arrogant and out of control. Bullies, used to people cowering to you. Enough!

When children are told they

When children are told they cant go to a school, everyone should be upset. Whether it is a private for public school. It used to be the color of your skin would prohibit you from certain schools. We know how wrong that was and the thought of America thinking that was OK, makes me shutter. It is not a liberal or convservative thing. It is a human rights thing.

Black, white yellow or red has nothing relative to...

...being homosexual. This decision by Myrtle Grove has nothing to do with "human rights", it is simply THEIR "right" as the own the school and run it the way they want to.

With your silly and childish points here, I suppose you think you have the "right" to eat pork chops while you attend a Muslim mosque. I encourage you to try that.

I am with you.

I am with you.

Hey Erl! You say you are

Hey Erl! You say you are with "sick of it"... Does this mean that you are leaving together???

Hey Snark, reread the post.

Hey Snark, reread the post. We don't have to leave. And the entire LBGFQTP crowd with all their communist buddies get Californostan.


God is dead.

Jesus Lives :)

Now and always.

And whether you believe in Him or not, He loves you anyway :)

Pick and choose those sections of the Bible to practice!

With regard to "Biblical marriage" — a favorite term from you opponents of same-sex unions — I wonder which Biblical version of marriage you really mean?

I imagine it's the standard one-man-and-one-woman combo, but the Bible also says a woman who marries but isn't a virgin should be stoned to death. Maybe that's not the one you that you anti-gay folks mean after all?

Perhaps you think everyone should follow the Biblical "tradition" of a man having a wife and a few concubines; hey, it was good enough for Abraham and Jacob. No, that's not it either? OK, then it must be the Bible's approval of a man having several wives, a la Gideon, Esau or the man-of-700-wives, Solomon. You're shaking your head, no?
Let's see, could you be talking about the Biblical prescription that a woman who hasn't had any children when her husband dies must marry her brother-in-law and give motherhood a few more shots? No, that can't be it.

Well, then, how about the Bible requirement that slave owners assign female slaves to their male slaves? No, that obviously won't work.
Maybe the anti-gay, "Biblical" crowd is getting behind the rule in Deuteronomy that says a woman must marry a man who rapes her. No? I thought not.

The point? God may have defined marriage in the Bible, but the "definition" was all over the map, so its value as an argument for enforcing a specific type of marriage today is, to be frank, nonsensical.

Pick and choose those sections of the Bible to practice!

I agree completely. I am a CHRISTIAN and I am GAY.

I live by the NEW TESTAMENT. I have not ever read anything there that preaches hate. All I have read has to do with is love and helping people.

I think this school will be able to accept vouchers from the state. THAT IS TAX MONEY THAT I HAVE PAID IN.

I don't agree with taking money from the public schools to send kids to charter or private schools.

If parents that are always bitching about the public schools would get off their butts and get involved helping instead of worrying about pee wee football and little league baseball and make sure their children are learning instead expecting the teachers to do it all things would be a lot better.

Less cell phones and more reading would go along ways to helping children in schools.

My question is who's the adult and who's the child???? I would have never talked to my Mother the way some children I hear in public do.

Growing up it was not democracy, it was a dictatorship and I did just fine. I graduated from high school with B average, jr college graduated with honors and received my BA from Carolina.

I'm GAY and proud of it. It was not a choice, I knew from small child that I was different. God made me this way.

We are going to win this war. Possibly it will take like it did in the original civil right movement for the bigots to die off from old age, but it is going to happen.

God made you that way? You'll win this "war"?

What "war" is it that you want to win? Do you want the entire world to turn gay? Then, there would be nobody to have children, you folk can't pro-create, remember? A minor lesson in basic physiology for you here: A woman has to ovulate to produce an egg, a man has to fertilize that egg. There's just no other way about it. Physiology lesson number two: Yes, God created you and made you the way you are. He also created John Wayne Gacy, Henry Lee Lucas and Jeffery Dahmer. They were gay too.

Wish there was a 'like'

Wish there was a 'like' button.
Way to go!

Heres a suggestion.

Here’s a suggestion for all you morons out there who believe everything other morons say. Go rent a film called “The Children’s Hour.” It’s a play written in 1935 by Lillian Hellman and was put to the movie screen in 1961. It’s a ground-breaking story about lies and lesbianism. It stars Audrey Hepburn and Shirley Maclaine. It’s a story not only about how disturbed people make up lies because they’re not happy or they’re misguided, it’s about how their lies can totally ruin the lives of innocent people.

Maybe MGCS is RIGHT in what they are doing..
research the *Trevor Project* that is here in ILM...
Or comments such as these, Made by *Wilmington Pride* "members",,(on Myspace,that since have been scrubbed) ..

Outstanding Youth
A LGBTQ person who between 13-26 and has dedicated time, resources and / or money to the LGBTQ community

between 13~ 26, I think between 13 & 17 are grounds for SOLICTING A MINOR over the internet??? Ryan Burris; Is this what YOU advocate???

The Trevor Project

First of all why do you stand behind a mask? You posted a comment as a guest. What do you have to hide? Secondly, you need to research the Trevor Project and what it stands for and does. Young GLBT people between the ages of 13 and 26 are more prevalent to commit suicide because of people like yourself bulling, hounded of hate because of there sexuality, parents disowning them and Christians telling them they are not worthy of anything. The Trevor Project raises awareness that no matter what a Young youth is going through right now that every gay, lesbian and bisexual went through it and we survived but not with out some wounds. Now what does the so called Christian people do to help prevent this problem? Now, the issue at hand is not about the Trevor Project it is about a Private school taking public funds and saying they are a private club(discriminating). Yes Myrtle Grove is a private school, and yes they can make there own rules until they start taking public money.

I think I've logged into

I think I've logged into Myspace once in the past 5 years? Wilmington Pride has no Myspace Account. I have partnered with Trevor Project before, as far as hosting fundraisers for them, and providing their LGBT youth suicide prevention materials to local organizations and youth. I have searched for mentions above via Google and Yahoo, in reference to paragraph posted above, to no avail - oh wait you did say they were recently "scrubbed". Trevor project does provide assistance to LGBT youth, and does have a varied age-range of volunteers as well.. If preventing a youth anywhere, from committing suicide is considered "Soliciting a minor" , then yes I am guilty as charged! Happy Thanksgiving!

Radical is the wrong term

I am not a radical, but I am protesting this group peacefully. I am standing up for those children and families who are being told they are 'sinning' for being who they are. There is no sin in being true to yourself and accepting yourself and others. I hope that students get this message above the one of exclusion.

You go, Claire!

You go, Claire!

Wait until Myrtle Grove

Wait until Myrtle Grove finds out that some big businesses allow "same sex insurance coverage" for their partners...and not for an employee that wants to insure his/her live in lover.
That'll be a juicy story!!!

That's exactly the case with my employer.

But Myrtle Grove doesn't care about controlling anything other than what goes on at THEIR facility and it IS THEIR facility with THEIR policies and they can do exactly as they please. This is very simple and very basic. It has nothing to do with "hate" and it has absolutely nothing to do taking anything away from the children. Believe it or not, we still have a majority of families that try their best to raise their children with morals and with that majority homosexuality doesn't fit in. That's where "tolerance" gets explained and taught.

Myrtle Grove isn't waging a campaign against homosexuals as the homosexuals tend to believe, it's only about guiding THEIR students in a manner that goes parallel with their religion based program. No different that a Catholic school, a Jesuit school, a Muslim school, A Buddhist school or any other.

This whole gay uprising with all their pissing, moaning, name calling and "hate" accusations is no less that absurdly ridiculous. They simply do not understand the basic difference between "tolerance" and "acceptance". That difference exists and will never go away no matter how hard they push the issue!

The Issue is not what they can teach

Again the issue is not what Myrtle Grove can teach. They can do it without any public funding(Vouchers) but, when they discriminate using Tax payer dollars it is time to step in. Further more Myrtle grove under these new rules are not tolerant nor are they accepting. somewhere you missed that passage of the bible.

Homosexuality does not fit in with their religious beliefs...

...anymore than homosexuality fits in within ANY religion. I'm not aware of any religion that condones and embraces this behavior, unless it some sort of rainbow-bred, new age cult that has no relevant basis other than a bunch of misfits that just can't find their niche in society. Jim Jones led one of those with the weak-minded he intentionally recruited that couldn't muster up the motivation to manage themselves without total control, remember?

"Tolerance" and "understanding" are implicitly described and encouraged in the Bible. However the "acceptance" of behaviors that are in direct conflict with teachings of the Bible clearly are not. There is a huge difference between the two and is the primary point that seems to be ignored by all of you. Just go do your own thing and leave Myrtle Grove alone. They don't want anything to do with you, as is the opinion of a vast majority of others. You just can't beat down facts and must face reality.

Seems quite obvious to me that you, my friend are the one that could use some major Bible study time!

I agree with you. One thing

I agree with you. One thing that the media seems to be overlooking is the new policy in its entirety. WWAY did post it with its initial story. They don't single out homosexuals. They mention other things as well. But, since those other things are not a hot-button issue, they are being largely ignored.


Well if they are cleaning house of quote( all non christian behaving people) end guote, then they need to get rid all the adulters, child molesters, liars, thiefs, wife beaters. Im sure there might be a few that you dont know about that doesnt meet your christian standards. You might be running a business but first and foremost its suppose to be of christian faith not hate. Those without sin cast the first stone.

Are you referring to the DNC?

Are you referring to the DNC?

Dear professional protesters and otherwise uninformed

"Myrtle Grove Christian School is a private school. They do not receive any government funding. And, even if they did, neither North Carolina law nor federal law give special rights to gay and lesbian students. Radical gay rights groups in our State are attempting to bully this school by forcing the school to go against their religious beliefs, which the First Amendment protects. Private schools can set their own admission criteria, and all of them do. Myrtle Grove is entitled to do the same, and the government can't tell them which students to admit, especially when it violates their religious liberty.

"The opportunity scholarship program is not in effect now, and it will not be in effect until the school year of 2014-15. Under the program, scholarships are awarded to students and their parents, who can use the scholarship at the school that most suits their needs. The US Supreme Court has upheld opportunity scholarship programs like North Carolina's, and we are confident that allowing students to use their scholarships to attend schools like Myrtle Grove is both lawful and appropriate. Gay rights radicals have no right to impose their views on sexuality on private school students and their parents."

Change State Laws??

From the, above, report: "Equality NC leaders say they will use their 150,000 members to put pressure on lawmakers in the Tar Heel state to change state laws".

We have already been down that road. Do you remember Section 6 of Article XIV of the Constitution of the State of North Carolina (hint: it has something to do with one man and one woman)?

Wilmington Observer

Enjoy it while you have it.

That is for now as you can see that it take 2/3 of the states to pass the and it becomes unconstitutional across the country. But alas as in the past it will take the national guard to change it in the south.

Gay people of the world

Gay people of the world unite!!!!! But call each other first and coordinate what you're wearing.