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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina’s insurance commissioner is clearing the state’s largest health insurer to raise premiums by between 16 percent and 24 percent on policies that would have been canceled for failing to meet minimum requirements required by the new federal law.

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin said Tuesday his office approved the rate increases requested by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. The decision means people who had one of the nearly 152,000 cancelled policies can keep them next year at the higher cost.

An agency spokeswoman says Blue Cross is the only one of 21 insurers who have cancelled policies to move to extend plans.

A spokeswoman for the next two largest health insurers – Aetna and its subsidiary Coventry Health – declined to comment Tuesday.

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24 Comments on "NC OKs higher rates to keep Blue Cross policies"

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Guest: tax payer
2016 years 2 months ago

My son has been trying to sign up for weeks for insurance. He spent the last two days trying to get on the web site. He never could, this is after the President is out there telling everyone how much better it is…Not so. He finally gave up and called an insurance company and they quoted him $235 a month with a $6000 deductable before they would even pay a dime on a doctor’s visit. He makes $8.50 an hour. There is no way he can pay these premiums. I keep hearing people… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

We are no better off.

It Sucked before Obama Care and It Sucks now.

The insurance companies win before and after.

This is all a diversion.

Do you think a $95 penalty is going to force people to buy health insurance that is….



Costs as much as a monthly mortgage payment which is flushed down the
toilet if I stay healthy and still has….

High Deductibles

High Co-pays

Numerous Limitations and Exclusions (maybe Obama Care helped here)


Anyone who reads knows…

The hyper complexity of our Healthcare Billing adds to increased costs

In addition to The Jacked up Healthcare costs by Healthcare Providers.

Anybody that seriously thinks we were better off before Obamacare

or… Read more »

beach guy
2016 years 2 months ago

Anyone that believes the Administration did not know exactly what was going to happen when this travesty of a law was shoved down our throats by the democrats is a fool.
And in being a Fool you are exactly the kind of Tool that this government is going to use to circumvent the constitution and turn this republic into the socialist party run country that we are quickly becoming. He has already has the banks and anyone from any industry scared to death of him they do exactly what he tells them or they will be called to the hill and… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

That big insurance money = McCrory campaign support.

No Medicare expansion, no exchanges, all thanks to the NC GOP and Gov. McCrory. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the middle class disappears—Koch Bros and Art Pope.

Keep blaming Obama when it is the GOP and the insurance industry that are sticking it to you!

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