Second pedestrian hit and killed in two nights

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Submitted: Thu, 11/28/2013 - 2:52am
Updated: Thu, 11/28/2013 - 3:03pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Another person has died while trying to cross a Wilmington street.

It happened in the 1900 Block of Eastwood Road around 8:30 p.m. When police arrived at the scene, they found a 70-year-old South Carolina man lying in the road.

Witnesses told police the man was wearing dark colored clothing and was hit by a Lexus SUV. The vehicle was headed west toward Military Cutoff Road.

Police are not releasing the victim's name until they notify family.

This accident comes just 24 hours after a Connecticut man was hit and killed while crossing Market Street.


  • jenna haligas says:

    Thank you for posting about him. He is my dad. An incredible person, father, and grandfather. The pain is so heavy.

  • Tim Williams says:


    He was my hs class mate and my child-hoood preachers son and was a patent attorney and council member in Greenville, SC.

  • BeachLife says:

    I know this area particularly well traveling east and west countless times everyday.

    Here are my observations.

    Especially in this area from the Intersection of Military Cutoff and Eastwood to the Drawbridge to Wrightsville Beach.

    Going towards the Drawbridge people drive especially agressively jockeying for position to get to the drawbridge even more now that 2 lanes are blocked off for the long term bridge reconstruction project.

    They are speeding, tailgaiting, rudely cutting people off to get to the drawbridge one lane to cross….

    AND leaving Wrightsville Beach to get to the Military Cutoff/Eastwood Rd Intersection is just as bad.

    On top off that the area is dark even during the day because of the many trees.

    On top off that there is no pedestrian walkway between the Intersection Military Cutoff/Eastwood Road and the drawbridge.

    There are very good crosswalks at the Intersection of Military Cutoff/Eastwood Rd.

    There are crosswalks right at the foot of the Drawbridge which utterly puzzles me why would anybody in their right mind put them there with the amount of traffic going either way, the agressiveness of the traffic, the limited visibility. If someone did slam on their brakes seeing a pedestrian crossing there would be a number of rear end collisions. I see this as a recipe for disaster and an eventual pedestrian death there if not changed.

    Most locals know that you need to be EXTREMELY careful crossing those crosswalks I hope but out of towners may not be so cautious.

    I have seen many people walking across Eastwood where this man was hit coming from the hotel next to the Chop House going to Harris Teeter or other shops. There needs to be a cross walk there at the traffic Light
    which I believe is near the half way point between Eastwood Rd/ Military Cutoff Intersection and The Drawbridge.

    Also again concerning the bogus crosswalk at the foot of the drawbridge at least on the main land side…

    What is the status of the idea of the walkway that would go under the bridge to cross Eastwood Rd safely without having to look out for traffic?

    Can we get a status update on that neccessary all though expensive proposed walk way from some Wrightsville Beach Reps?

    Thank you.

  • CJ says:

    Absolutely! I agree with all things you have said.

    I go through this area back and forth alot everyday for years and I have yet to see any speed enforcement or reckless driving enforcement.

    I doesn’t surprise me that this was some expensive white Lexus SUV. They seem to be the biggest culprits. Very entitled in their driving. Getting right on your bumper, cutting you off etc etc…..

    It amazes me the amount of people that want these enormous vehicles like these super tall SUV’s and souped up loud trucks despite their terrible fuel efficiency and most of these people don’t need them. It’s just a status symbol and ego boost to drive a Super Big vehicle to intimidate others. I hate to say it but I see this time and time again in this area these Big vehicles driving around like they are in a Mazaratti. Yes there are smaller vehicles doing it too but this is what I’m seeing.

    Wasn’t it just a year ago the bicylce rider was killed in this area.

    Come on Government Representatives take heed. Get a real cross walk built there like those at Eastwood and Military cuttoff and you might also want to have reflective vests hanging on hooks at either side so people can see them crossing and have them sign a waiver stating they are crossing at their own risk.

    Also alot of people in Wilmington don’t know or care that a crosswalk means. When I walk on the Cross City Trail on Eastwood I don’t count on Clearly Painted cross walks to protect me from vehicles coming out of nowhere. You really have to have your neck muscles in shape crossing each side street crosswalk on the trail on Eastwood looking out for vehicles coming from 3 different directions as well as speed bicyclists zooming by you (not all).

    Come on lets get that cross walk built at that intersection near the hotel and Port City Chop house so people don’t have to risk their lives playing the traffic median hopping game. This man was 70 and wearing dark clothes in an already low visibility area and it is already hard to time your speed walk or sprint when vehicles are accelerating and passing people with flagrant disregard.

    I hope they catch this person that was driving the White Lexus SUV. It sounds like another hit and run. Shameful.

  • Guest4396 says:

    So, you are totally blaming this on the vehicle operator? What does the size of a car or truck have to do with anything? Guess you putt around in a Smart Car.

  • PedestrianError says:

    Um, they are the one who hit and killed a person with their vehicle, aren’t they? Yes, drivers are responsible when they kill people with their cars just like hunters are responsible when they accidentally shoot people.

  • HaveANiceDay says:

    From the sounds of it this was a hit and run so then why would the
    White SUV Lexus run if they had no fault.

    What does the size have to do with it? I believe the poster explained that from their experience large SUV’s and Large Pickup Trucks tend to be the most aggressive drivers. Although the poster stated although small cars have been seen by the poster doing this as well.

    So from the poster’s experience of driving through this location numerous times everyday this is what the poster observed.

    Hope that helps.

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