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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen were replaced by Honda, Yamaha and Harley-Davidson as the 21st annual Toys for Tots Bike Ride Attempted to rumble up some gifts for the less fortunate. If you missed the parade you can watch it only on the WWAY website.

In order to participate in the ride each of the over 500 bikers brought brand new toys, which were collected by the Marine Corp.

In 2012, donations totaled up to over 2,000 toys, 50 bicycles and $1,700 in cash.

“You know it’s going to a good cause no matter who they go to,” Jerry Ashley said. “My feeling was it didn’t matter where the things were I brought went because it would be for a good cause.”

As the police lead the riders through town spreading their Christmas cheer, they revved up their engines for all to hear.

“The motorcycle community gives, and gives, and people just don’t realize how much they give every year,” said J.D. Hughs said. “They raise thousands of dollars every year not only for this cause, but for Angie’s Angels, Pink Heels. There’s plenty of causes that the motorcycle community supports.”

The weather outside was frightful Sunday afternoon, which may have kept some riders at home, but Carolina Coast Harley-Davidson will accept donations for Toys for Tots all the way up until Christmas.

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  • August

    Amazing how you can afford (and justify) to adopt a child and afford internet access, yet you cannot afford a skateboard. No doubt you will raise this child to be dependent upon others to provide. What will happen when the givers run out? Count me out on donating a dam thing!

  • craig

    Thank you folks. Be proud of this. I adopted a boy this Christmas and he so want s skateboard. I cannot wait to get him the best one I can find. Thank you folks.

  • deputy25

    I think he meant that he adopted a boy for Christmas like picking a childs name from an Angel tree just for the purpose of gifting them at Christmas. i dont think he meant that he went out to child services and adopted a kid for the rest of his life, just some boy he dont even know probably just to help during Christmas. geez, i think maybe you jumped the gun there!

  • 1492

    Nowhere in Craig’s post do I see any mention of him saying he was dependent upon others to provide for his child. Craig even states that “I (meaning himself) cannot wait to get him the best one I can find.”

    What is wrong with you? Oh yea, dumb question, you’re a phreakin Grinch!

    Count you out on donating a “dam” thing? Highly unlikely that you ever did donate a “dam” thing.

  • Guest1221

    Reading is fundamental! Comprehension makes us not look stupid when we choose to comment on comments online.. you failed.

  • craig

    It is me again. I just watched the video and I hate videos. WOW!! It makes me proud that this was done in my Wilmington. WOW!! Y’all all rode in formation too. I am a former cyclist and I appreciate bike safety. One of the worst days of my life was when I had to sell my bike. I will get another one and hope to be part of this for many years to come. WOW!! Folks just WOW!!

  • craig

    I certainly did not mean to detract from the good people that did this ride. I only meant that like the riders I am giving to a child I do not know (will never even meet)and hope he may believe in the goodness of others. It is not like I am sending him to college or mentoring him to stay out of gangs. I was raised to give of my time, energy and money to others. I guess to some that makes me a “liberal”. Oh no!! Lesson learned. I will never post on WWAY articles again. In my house we say “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”. Take care y’all. And yes I was taught to say y”all too.


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