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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The North Carolina Highway Patrol says at least ten people died in traffic crashes during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, including one in Brunswick County.

Highway Patrol says the holiday period officially began at 6 p.m., Wednesday, and ended at midnight last night. Among the 10 crashes listed in a news release is one on NC 130 north of Holden Beach. Wednesday morning, Mark Teague, 25, of Supply, died in a crash on NC 130, when troopers say a car driven by Rhonda Varnam, 52, of Supply, hydroplaned, crossed the center line and hit Teague’s car. Varnam has been charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and cited for unsafe tires, according to court records. She and Teague’s wife were injured in the collision.

Last year during the Thanksgiving holiday period, Highway Patrol investigated 11 fatal collisions, 432 injury collisions and 1,457 property damage collisions. Troopers say many of these collisions were due to speeding. They say speed remains the leading cause of traffic collisions and fatalities in North Carolina as well as across the country.

The Highway Patrol’s count does not include two pedestrians who died last week in separate accidents in Wilmington.

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  • I40

    It makes you wonder when you see this “Troopers say many of these collisions were due to speeding. They say speed remains the leading cause of traffic collisions and fatalities in North Carolina as well as across the country.”

    Why are the Troopers and Police not doing more to stop the speeding? You can look at the speeders in Wilmington and see it is way out of hand.. I drive I40 a lot and you never see in SHP officers out there working traffic.

  • Guest Vader

    Granted, speed makes any accident worse, but usually is not the cause of the accident. There are too many distractions in modern vehicles, texting, complicated sound systems and GPS units, These factors contribute much more than speed to accidents. Screaming kids, not watching the other guy to compensate when he messes up, TAILGATING, bad weather which many do not have sense enough to compensate for……..

  • GuestMe

    Then you would have a bunch of people on here complaining that the police are wasting their time on “poor little speeders” when “real criminals” like murderers and rapists and drug dealers roam the street. Just like checkpoints, half the people think they are a violation of civil rights, while the other half scream that there should be more of them whenever there’s a fatal drunk driving accident. No pleasing some people.

  • Guesttoo

    This makes no sense at all. Blame the cops for the speeders? Why not blame the speeders for speeding?

  • Guest-o-matic

    Not that the distracted driving points you mention aren’t very relevant, most people haven’t a clue as to the dangers of speed OR how to handle it when things go wrong. The faster the speed, the quicker things happen, lesser time and opportunity to correct and the harder things impact. The demise of a human is inversly proportional to the results of loss of control during excessive speed…always!

  • guest45

    you are 100% right, speed is the easiest cause to pin it on, but truth be it is distractions, usually when a person is “speeding”, they are paying more attention to the road, I think driving excessively slow has caused twice the accidents, because once a vehicle starts backing traffic up somebody is going to pass, and there lies the problem, also if this state would ban all unmarked law enforcement vehicles that would be a big deterrent on crime and speed, it would be impossible to drive anywhere without seeing a cop, there are a ton of them out there.


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