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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County man has pleaded guilty in connection with the baseball bat beating death of a man New Year’s Day.

District Attorney Jon David says Boyd Harrelson pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter Nov. 13. Harrelson had been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Hartford Talmadge “Tee” Sellers III. Sellers died three days after the attack.

Harrelson was sentenced to 21 to 35 months in prison, but the sentenced was suspended, which means he won’t have to serve more time. He did received 235 days credit for the time he’s been in jail since his arrest. He is also sentenced to three years supervised probation.

Prosecutors say they dropped charges against three other men, including Harrelson’s son, in connection with the attack.

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  • Brittany

    This man is now walking the streets? He killed a man and now he is allowed to get out of jail? What kind of system is that? Why exactly was his sentenced suspended when HE PLEAD GUILTY!

  • sup123

    How do u know it was not self defense? U don’t.

  • Lisa

    Brittany you obviously know nothing about the judicial system. This man had to take a guilty plea to a lesser charge even though he is ” innocent” . If he had continued without taking this “guilty” plea he could have gone to prison for a very long time. If you knew the whole story you would know that he was jumped In front of his house by several other young men that had batts. This man managed to get one of their batts and protect himself . It’s very sad that one of the young men died but he went to that house that night to harm this man

  • BrittneySpears

    I guess you’ve never heard of plea bargains? It’s where the prosecutor will give the defendant a huge break in sentencing if they plead guilty because the prosecutor knows if the case goes to court, he will probably lose the case, hurting his/her record.

  • 8844

    When you beat someone to death with a bat, what’s “involuntary” about that? Did the bat accidentally misfire while being cleaned?

  • Robb Atkinson

    We must ban bats! No one but baseball players should be allowed to have bats! Especially not “assault bats”!

  • guest000000

    I was wondering when the first “gun nut” would make a stupid ban baseball bats comment.

  • guesty

    Need a national bat registry and restrict the sale of high capacity bats.

  • guesty

    When the first anti-gun nut would make a stupid comment. Now I know. I see, you don’t like broad one size fits all rules except when it applies to guns.

  • Guest-o-matic

    I have several guns that were made for nothing other than target competition.

    I have another gun that drives Hilti-Bolts and red-heads into concrete.

    I have two more guns that were built to remove paint by heat.

    I know of a gun that is specifically used to eliminate snow ledges to prevent avalanches.

    My son has an Airsoft gun that shoots plastic pellets and couldn’t kill anything.

    Bubba, keep your hobby at the slingshot level and keep your writing at the Dear Abby level. You may want to stay away from guns, you’ll shoot yourself in the eye. Be careful when you use that “stupid” word.

  • bubba

    Maybe your and Robb’s comments was just snark but your “one size fits all” comment is stupid. Guns were made to kill and bats not so much. BTW I’m all for guns.

  • guesty

    Liberals want across the board bans on guns so that qualifies as a one size fits all. Liberals don’t like guns so all guns are bad.

  • Guest2020

    My daughter has a cap gun. The noise scares the dogs. You can’t hurt anyone with it unless you throw it at someone or hit them with it.

  • guesty

    I have some impact guns out in the garage I use to take tires off my vehicles. I’ve also used many different nail guns in the past. I have a staple gun sitting next to a calking gun in close proximity to a tape gun. The horror, havoc and mayhem those 3 guns could cause is unimaginable.

  • Jamie Gillis

    ALOT more people killed in cars every year than by guns, does that mean “cars are made to kill?” Guns are inanimate objects that can be used for bad or good. No different than a bat, a car, a hammer, a knife or a bottle. And dont bother with the “guns can kill alot more people at once” argument, every year dozens are killed by a driver plowing through a crowd. Anyting can be used to kill, ask the victims of the Boston Marathon if turkey fryers should be banned. You liberals got your “free healthcare” now you must be all itchy to get back to banning guns from the law abiding.

  • sup123

    You know it kills me how some people comment and have no idea exactly what the full details of this situation are. There is a lot more to this story, I’m sure, than what was said on the news. How do you all know that this was not (in fact) self defense? You don’t, so instead of jumping to conclusions, try knowing all the facts 1st.

  • Guest000000

    Self defense usually doesn’t involve TWO people beating one person to death with bats. I guess they were just exercising their rights as law abiding, bat carrying citizens and standing their ground.

  • Guest-o-matic

    An angry, redneck fat boy with an attitude beat another man to death with a baseball bat over a minor dispute. Would you have any idea how it would feel to take blow after blow from a hickory ball bat until you lose all strength, black out and watch that white light come towards you? How many facts does an idiot need to understand violent rage and brutal murder? I just don’t see anything at all “involuntary” about that sort of behavior. Maybe he had an uncontrollable “tic” and couldn’t stop swinging.

    Less than a year in county lockup just isn’t enough for this type of crime. It’s my wish that this man sees the victims bloody last minutes of life and fear every time he shuts his eyes! I’d wish the same for the DA that allowed this plea, but we all know they’re as blank as a well-programmed robot and are incapable of guilt.

  • I Care Why

    I got salmonella poisoning from some chicken so guess I will sue tyson.
    I also need to sue the sun for giving me an unwanted tan.
    Need to sue old man winter for giving me a cold.
    Also need to sue the paper mate company for making pens so the police can write me a ticket.

  • PublicAvenger

    This monster couldn’t care less about seeing the victim. No wonder Brunswick County crime is. He kills a man, gets a “Slap On The Wrist’, and doesn’t even go to prison.

    50 years ago, he would have done 20 years hard labor, or been put, where he belongs, in the electric chair.

  • guest000000

    but, well said Guest-o-matic.

  • Guest2020

    If it was self defense and the man was jumped by more than one person, then why did the others not stop him from beating the man to death? It stands to reason that if convicted murderer was the one being attacked that the others would have come to the aid of the dead man.


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