Board of Education considers change to facility naming policy

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Submitted: Wed, 12/04/2013 - 3:36am
Updated: Wed, 12/04/2013 - 1:20pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Board of Education is considering making changes to their naming policies after Hoggard High School renamed it’s football stadium without asking the superintendent’s office or Board of Education.

Dr. Derrick Hickey says that he found out that the Hoggard Athletic Department and administration changed the name of Hoggard Stadium to Scott Braswell Stadium when he saw it on WWAY.

Hickey says the stadium is a multi-million-dollar facility that is publically owned by the school system, and the school district could have potentially sold the naming rights and used the money for education.

“Not taking anything away from Scott and the great work he’s done with the Vikings, particularly this season, but the first time the board actually heard of this was when it was reported in the media,” said Dr. Derrick Hickey. “Hoggard Stadium or any other major or any other major multi-million dollar facility the board and the community needs to have some input.”

The new policy under consideration would still allow for facilities to be named after teachers and coaches, but there would be a six-month waiting period for public feedback.

It must be pointed out that any facilities that have already gone through name changes, such as Scott Braswell Stadium, will keep their titles.


  • Teddie McLaughlin says:

    Here is my community input. Scott Braswell deserves the stadium being named after him. I am sure this community would have no quam about the stadium being name after this great coach and what he has done for John T. Hoggard football.

  • concerned says:

    So as Athletic Director at Hoggard, Scott Braswell renamed the stadium after himself????

  • Parent@JTH says:

    The dedication of the stadium at Hoggard was done by the former adminstration at Hoggard along with an effort by the Athletic Booster Club. There is no one in this town that deserved this more than Coach Scott Braswell. Coach Braswell knew nothing of the dedication and the administration was able to keep this effort a surprise until the evening of the dedication. It was long overdue and very much deserved. While the Board is attempting to cast a shadow over this dedication, I would like to ask, was there any question when the football stadiums at New Hanover or Laney were rededicated? Scott Braswell has put his heart and soul into the football program at Hoggard and produced results for 17 years. He is so very deserving of this.

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