Fraternization policy heads for full school board

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Submitted: Wed, 12/04/2013 - 4:54am
Updated: Wed, 12/04/2013 - 2:06pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County School Board’s Policy Committee approved the district’s proposed fraternization policy for its first reading by the full board in January.

The policy says fraternization is defined as a situation when two employees of the school district are in a supervisory/subordinate relationship and also in a personal relationship at the same time. It says if employees chose to enter a relationship they must report it to the superintendent or to a member of the school board.

Sources close to the situation confirm Superintendent Dr. Tim Markley is in a relationship with his former administrative assistant, but no one from the school system will say it and refuse to say if that relationship prompted the change.

“I’m just deputy superintendent, so the board and the superintendent takes a look at this kind of thing, so I really can’t answer that question,” Deputy Superintendent Dr. Rick Holliday said.

Holliday was the only member of the administration who would talk to us before the committee met Tuesday afternoon.

The policy goes on to say a relationship between employees can continue if one of the employees accepts a voluntary transfer to another position to eliminate the supervisory/subordinate relationship.

The Policy Committee also added a clause to the policy to address student interns having a relationship with their supervisors.


  • Beach guy says:

    Used to one would get fired for dipping your pen in company ink but I guess if you are working for the public spending our money and in charge of educating and setting an example for the children it is OK to act like a tomcat on a fence and we will just move personnel around to satisfy your lust.
    It’s like an episode of Sienfeld when Costanza got a secretary did she get a raise?

    What a bunch of garbage! So how many couples are hooking up on our dime?
    I mean if it is so wide spread you need a policy how deep does this problem go?
    I have heard of paying for a dating service but I thought that was a personal obligation not a public one.

  • Radar says:

    The fraternization policy came to fruition solely due to the indiscretion of the superintendent.Regardless of what these politicians ( school board members ) say. If they say otherwise , they have as much credibility as Obama does about his healthcare program. Time for a wholesale change at the board and at The Love Shack. Some of these board members currently serving had to approve the bloated salary of the girlfriend / administrative assistant. While teachers complain of poor salaries , the board member’s integrity has seriously been compromised when speaking to other educators in the trenches. It was clearly a sign of favoritism given to the girlfriend. Their passive approach and coverup will have to be dealt with at the ballot box.

  • 8844 says:

    Their actions will probably be rewarded by being re-elected.

    Wilmington, where the worst are elected and the worst of the worst are re-elected.

  • craig says:

    When I used to work for a big bank we were told on our 2nd day there that we would be fired for a relationship with ANYBODY. Not just some on that reported to us. I tool it to heart. There were many good looking females that worked at this bank so the temptation was always there. I just used the old rule (I am old now). Would it embarrass mom it it made the papers?

  • Guest7969 says:

    I really don’t get it..two adults…relationship as long as its professional at work and they aren’t a DIRECT supervisor over them at work…fairly simple.

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