Man arrested for allegedly robbing ABC store

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Submitted: Thu, 12/05/2013 - 1:06am
Updated: Thu, 12/05/2013 - 4:54am

BURGAW, NC, (WWAY) — Police have a man in custody for the Monday armed robbery of the ABC Store in Burgaw.

They arrested Ray Anthwonne Beatty II Wednesday without incident. Beatty is charged with Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Misdemeanor Child Abuse; resisting a public officer and entering a premise with a mask/hood/disguise.

Betty is being held in the Pender County Jail on a $180,000 secured bond.


  • guest1221 says:

    A 13 Foot afro, huh… story indeed.

  • Haley says:

    Oh so BECAUSE HE LOOKED NORMAL its ok to Rob stores and abuse kids? No telling what he hasn’t been “caught” doing.
    My husband is a professional yet has long hair. Gets pulled for no reason etc all the time and so because he’s a ” clean cut” black guy he’s stereotyped? Sry dude but your post literally makes zero sense. None at all. I would be just as upset had he been white – Indian or Asian. Sick of the poor poor pitiful me crap due to race. My husband and 3 adult sons have LESS RIGHTS than anyone…. Hardest working man I’ve ever known other than my Grandpa yet no help EVER! only class not considered A MINORITY IS A WHITE MAN. Who BTW- has all color employees. …One (our best) of our black guys suddenly passed away few months ago . WHO was the FIRST PERSON his wife (also black) called???? My Husband. Who gave her $1000 to “help out” with funeral (who DOESN’T HAVE TO GIVE! ) husband…. and who went to The bank with her to help her get a home loan amongst so many things that brought tears to his eyes… He did. We don’t have much, at all, & that was our air cond/heat money that we haven’t had for 5 yrs..
    We were raised RIGHT. … TO TREAT OTHERS AS WE WISH TO BE. TO not look at skin(differences) but how we r the SAME. PPL LIKE YOU ARE THE RACIST ONES. .. WHO KEEP IT GOING.

  • 8844 says:

    Criminals are supposed to look like criminals. Maybe someone stole his copy of the criminal rule book and he needed the money to buy another one. So “sad”.

  • craig says:

    If I saw this young man walking down the street I would greet him. He has short hair( I used to have a 13′ afro), a clean beard (like me now) and just looks like a good trust worthy person. It kills me and I mean kills me to see presentable people arrested for crime. Good luck young man. You need more than luck now. Take care. I know the haters will hate me and my post.

  • Haley says:

    Why is it that the season of GIVING comes around and the THIEVES come out in crazy numbers? It is an everyday problem but gets worse and more violent this time of year. Anyone who feels they Have the RIGHT or are ENTITLED to take from others in ANY way (via welfare etc as well) are the lowest form of humanity in my opinion. MOST of us work knuckles to the Bone to provide for our families, to have a LITTLE Fun in life. Those who so Self righteously think they do not have to makes me physically ill. I hope that everyone who STEALS from anyone is caught and thrown away. …so that they MAY take this time locked up to reflect. …to think about the innocent – honest and hard working Citizens they share air with, how they have not only taken from the mouths of babies but also violated every humans right to privacy and right to live without worry of SCUM like this TAKING what isn’t theirs. It really bothers me because I have been robbed and still feel Like those EVIL backyards took away my Innocent view that people are good, through VIOLATING my property I have felt UNSAFE and I’m sure what a rape victim must feel – a constant looking over your shoulder and stress to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
    If anyone tries , I have a good feeling that they WILL REGRET IT because if not mamed for life , they will be DEAD. My 2nd amendment rights will forever protect my Family and I. So bring it, if u think you DESERVE others hard earned items. ….TRY ME PUNKS! gotta b disturbingly brave , on serious drugs or just plain EVIL TO steal from your neighbor. Regardless of Motive – You are nothing but Lazy, pathetic TRASH to me. Don’t tread on me or my property unless you are prepared to meet your maker. TO ALL -Please report ANY suspicious behavior as we have to catch these ppl who will obviously do anything. … ANYTHING TO get what they want. Peace and Merry Christmas. Hope this dude enjoys his in PRISON with a big ole Boyfriend!

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