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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Do you love wine, but have a hard time choosing a bottle? One Wilmington entrepreneur has a solution to finding the perfect next glass, and he’s uncorking his scientific knowledge of wine and beer here in the Port City.

Founder and CEO Kurt Taylor, 25, says the idea for next glass came to him after he and his father were recommended a bad bottle of wine at dinner.

“It tasted like oak and pencil shavings and all this sort of thing,” Taylor said.

This got him thinking, if there is no universal language for describing a wine, how do you know without sampling what you will like. He says that is why he created Next Glass.

Much like the music application Pandora, Next Glass is developing an app that recommends beer and wine selections based on its one-of-a-kind wine genome cellar, which will, by the end of next year, contain the chemical makeup of nearly every wine sold in the US.

“We’re able to create this huge profile for each wine, the chemical profile, but then in addition to that, we’re also measuring the image of the bottle, the label, what the wine looks like, whether it has a screw top on it or a regular cork,” Taylor said.

The app learns what types of wine you like, compares it to other wines with similar chemical signatures and makes suggestions for new wines to try.

“If we were going out to dinner and we wanted to split a bottle of wine, we could merge our profiles effectively and Next Glass would be able to tell you, ok this would be the best wine for the two of you to try,” Taylor said.

Taylor says they are launching a beta program by the end of this year or early next year to try the prototype. He says he is looking for a lab in Wilmington to continue testing. He says the company has it narrowed it down to a few places, but for now, the new lab location remains a mystery.

The app is set to launch by this summer.

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