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Mandela’s influence felt in the Port City


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- As the world mourns the loss of Nelson Mandela many in the Port City are celebrating his life by trying to further his message of peace.

"I remember seeing pictures of him many times and discussing if he would ever get out of jail, and I didn't think he would ever get out,” said Wilmington City Councilman Earl Sheridan.

In 1990, after spending 27 years in prison for his anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, Nelson Mandela was once again a free man.

"I can remember very clearly that Sunday morning when they let him out of prison,” said Sheridan. “I could see he and his wife Winnie walking through the streets greeting people."

Mandela’s peaceful demeanor inspired millions not just in his home country of South Africa, but across the world.

"I think it's the most important thing we can all take from it is to have that spirit, and the godliness he had in him,” said Atiba Johnson. “He really had no bitterness towards anybody. When he came out his thought was I want to change my country and that's what he did. Even right here in Wilmington with the situations we have going on in our home town we have to say the same thing."

Many agree that Mandela leaves behind a world better than the one he was brought into 95 years ago, and that we must now all work together to honor his legacy.

"I’m going to remember Mandela by trying to live as positively as I can and impact my community, stay involved with the community with different organizations, and try and make a change and impact here locally,” said Johnson.

"I think his lasting legacy will be one of perseverance as a person of peace, reconciliation, and a person who shows that things can come true if you persevere and that you don't have to give yourself up to anger or rancor,” said Sheridan.

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Good riddence to a

Good riddence to a terrorist(no different than bin laden)mandella served 27 yrs.for murder and was linked to over 200 acts of terrorism against civilians.I have seen the slauteredand mutilated bodies of victims of the a.n.c.both black and white.The memories still haunt my nights.The a.n.c.was backed by Russia,Cuba,China and N.Korea.during the terror war.The a.n.c.tortured and killed(and much,much worse)any one,black or white,who disagreed with their cause.Remember segrigation(later called apartheid,segrigation in Afrikaans)was a policy introduced by the British when S.A.was a colony.I know what I saw over the first 30 yrs.of my life,mandella was an evil communist terrorist who had the blood of hundreds of innocent people(including some very close friends)on his hands.he will have to face God.

Peaceful man?

What a FANTASTIC rewriting of history! He was a leader of the MK, one of the most violent groups in African histoy. Ever wonder WHY he was in prison for twenty-seven years? He was an avowed Communist, and there is no shortage of photos of him saluting before the hammer and sickle or hugging Castro. You can even watch a video of him, surrounded by his old MK buddies, singing about killing Whites.

Do some research before you try to pawn this poor excuse for journalism off on people.

He was a man of peace

If he was a terrorist that wanted to kill all white South Africans and anyone that opposed him, his Presidency would have been marked by hatred and violence. Instead he united the country and turned away from the hatred he had started to embraced. You sir are being the very type of man you think is evil, your comments are only looking at the bad, perhaps because you can not see the good in yourself? As for being a communist, if that was so the whole of South Africa would have been nationalized and no one would have ownership of anything, which did not happen, despite the extreme income gap that existed under his Presidency or that is even greater now. Do your homework and do us all a favor, be silent until you know the facts......

He pleaded guilty to 156

He pleaded guilty to 156 acts of violence including the bombing of a railway station that killed innocent women and children. I guess that is just not enough proof for those who believe that he was a good man. In my opinion, they can't get better proof than his own admission of guilt. It just amazes me how gullible the American people are, as a whole. There are websites that offer a free download of "How to be a Good Communist", by Nelson Mandela.