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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Housing Authority hopes to transform the Hillcrest community from a neighborhood of crime and violence to a new mixed-income neighborhood.

Today WHA Board members met with Wilmington and New Hanover County leaders to make their case on why competing for a multi-million dollar grant could revitalize the area. They say the grant would turn Hillcrest into a new neighborhood with senior living, public housing and market-value units.

“We have the opportunity for a Choice Community grant, but it will only work if everyone is together on this: the city, county, board of education, university, community college, non-profits churches, the business community. It’s a big undertaking,” WHA chair Jeff Hovis said.

Many people representing those groups to showed up to listen to development plans and ask questions.

Should* Hillcrest win the grant, development would start late next year.

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  • Guest: tax payer
  • 8844

    I noticed that the people who are now, or will be, residing in low income / free housing weren’t on the list of groups that have to work together. Aren’t these the same folks who currently don’t work together enough to keep criminal activity out of their current public housing communities? And that’ll instantly change for what reason?

    This may look like a good idea in a utopian treatise on neighborhood improvement, but in reality it has more bugs in it than an ant hill. As usual, it the same old “Let’s just throw more money at the problem” solution.

    So, they’re envisioning a mixed use community with, among other things, senior living mixed in with public housing? Doesn’t that include those very same residents that currently aren’t addressing criminal activity in their communities

    That’s like a zookeeper attempting to consolidate cages by placing a lion and a gazelle in the same enclosure. Works well on paper, but in reality, someone’s going to get eaten alive.

  • Rusty

    Dismantle WHA, raze it all and build strip malls or other revenue producing income streams for the County..

  • SurfCityTom

    if funded with taxpayer dollars, the next generation of thug wannabes will be born right in their hood. No doubt, one of the hospitals will be expected to open a neighborhood location.

    Schooling will be right in the hood with the new neighborhood schools the BOE will be expected to build with taxpayer dollars.

    Then they can continue on to higher education. Cape Fear and UNCW will be expected to build satellite campuses with course work developed to meet the needs of the new generation of thug wannabees and their ladies.

    All the while, of course, they continue on the public dole as they pursue their higher education.

  • 1492

    They might as well call the senior housing units the Kavorkian Units because one of the bonus features will be free assisted suicide.

  • Guest2020

    There are a lot of things more worthy of spending millions of dollars on.

  • craig

    Maybe it is just me but given WHA’s track record(Creekwood) and that they were lead by a drunk (hope he is in AA getting much needed help) I personally would have a tough time rallying around them. Maybe it is just me though.

  • If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got.


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