Berger consulting with John Edwards’ new law firm

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Submitted: Mon, 12/09/2013 - 5:46pm
Updated: Tue, 12/10/2013 - 2:44am

WILMINGTON, NC (STARNEWSONLINE.COM) — Two of North Carolina's most talked about public officials might soon be working together.

New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger recently met with lawyers at the Edwards Kirby Law Firm, which has offices in Washington, D.C., and Raleigh. Edwards Kirby was founded in November by former presidential candidate and U.S. Senator John Edwards, who is perhaps best known for the sex scandal that derailed his political career.

Officials at Edwards Kirby confirmed Monday morning that they recently completed a consultation with Berger, but added that he was not yet a client. The firm declined to give information regarding the nature of the case.

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  • guest12345654321 says:

    It is wonderful that the article was viewed so many times, but tens of thousands of views does not equate to “two of North Carolina’s most talked about politicians.” Outside of this viewing area, no one in NC knows who Berger is. Its a matter of using a poor choice of phrase. It was bad word choice because it is inaccurate. You report news – so stick to facts and try to avoid TMZ-type hyperbole.

  • beachgirl says:

    Scott great comment.

  • Cat1022 says:

    Most read does not equal most talked about.

  • Rick Wilson says:


    I agree with your response on how many probably read the article. What I would like to know is why Berger gets nailed in his personal life, the breakup with his girlfriend and defaulting on his mortgage, while the Mayor gets a pass. His separation from his wife and rumours of infidelity do not get one line of press while Mr. Bergers was a 6 month news cycle. Neither of them should have made the press in my opinion…..but it sure does appear that the microscope passes over some folks.

  • Vog46 says:

    Edwards could take this case pro bono just to get in on the NC publicity surrounding this case.
    Just what a fledgling law firm needs – high profile case


  • SurfCityTom says:

    the law firm, in all of its announcements, confirmed the primary focus is tort litigation — that means suing someone for compensation for real or imagined actions which caused real or imagined injuries.

    So is he considering a lawsuit against Woody and his band of chowder heads?

    Maybe a suit against the rental car company which rented him a vehicle knowing his track record.

    Their area of expertise is really not criminal litigation. So, I don’t think he was seeking new defense counsel.

    Maybe he had nothing better to do that day.

    But given a billing range of $250 to $400 per hour, based upon assigned counsel, one has to wonder how he would pay their fee unless he’s convinced himself they will prevail in court and accept 50% of the award as their fee.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    Edwards and his partner were on the cutting edge of tort litigation before the political bug bit him and he sold his partnership interest in the practice. He was an unknown until he got his first multi-million dollar award on behalf of his client.

    Someone at his firm, and I do not believe it will be Edwards, will look at the media reports, court records for the amotion, public records from County Council meetings as well as email records. They’ll know pretty quickly whether a case can be made.

    This would never go to trial. The county’s insurance company will work hard to avoid an actual court appearance.

    I would not be surprised to see county disregard for not considering his disability which takes you to a federal level and higher dollars.

    And, they will take a significant percentage of any judgement awarded.

    He may be intellectually challenged; but Berger went to the right law firm. And they have plenty of time to file a case.

  • AnyoneCanHoldASeatInPolitics-AskNHCVoters says:

    “Two of North Carolina’s most talked about public officials”

    Sorry WWAY,no one is talking about Brian Berger but WWAY and WECT as much as people want to think that. You guys keep trying to keep this man relevant in the news when he should be outed of public office and sent packing. To those voters that put a mentally handicap person in office and charged him duties of taking care of the fiscal affairs of new hanover county, you should add your picture right up there next to Berger as you voted this nut in!

  • Scott Pickey says:

    Dear Anyone:

    Have to disagree with you on that one. Tens of thousands of people read the article we posted Friday morning regarding his second DWI. It is one of the most-read stories we’ve had the last couple of months.

    And don’t forget the StarNews is covering him as well.

    Thanks for stopping by though. We appreciate your comment!


    Scott Pickey
    WWAY News Director

  • Guestomfg says:

    “For far too long, the scales of justice have been weighted in favor of the privileged few who have power, influence and deep pockets. Not at Edwards Kirby. We offer high-caliber representation to anyone who has suffered at the hands of corruption, discrimination, fraud, greed or endangerment. Whether seeking justice for a family who has lost a loved one, standing up to an industry that has turned its back on the common good, or fighting against unfair treatment and systemic abuse or discrimination, we are committed to your cause.”

    So…..who is Berger suing ? Edwards firm is not in the DWI business. How much is this going to cost NHC because I have a feeling they are about to get sued for something.

  • GuestAMotion says:

    Let’s see how much longer you can string this out!!! There’s a point where most people can see the inevitable result but, heck, you know you will prevail and be re-elected because you are sure you are in the right on this and you know it! You GO Brian!!!!

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