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Dash cam video released in K9 biting incident


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Dash cam video released Monday provides a closer look at what happened when a Wilmington police K-9 officer unleashed his police dog on a suspect who police say drove through a DWI checkpoint and led them on a chase Nov. 1.

In the video, you can see a cruiser ram into Johnnie Williams car to stop him. Then, as Williams puts his hands up, Stafford Brister lifts his dog into Williams' car. The K-9 attacks. After that, officers surround Williams' car and one breaks his window to pull Williams out.

During an interview he did with WWAY Nov. 7, Williams swore he didn't deserve that treatment.

"I didn't do anything forceful against the officers. I didn't not do anything. I stopped and I gave up my rights and I tried holding up my hands," Williams said.

That's why New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David said he wanted a grand jury to look at the case.

"What distinguishes officer Brister's case from the other three, is in the first three, I believed it was clear as a matter of law the reasonable use of force was not something that was subject to review by this community. This one I regarded as close enough where the community should be involved," David said.

After watching the dash cam video, a New Hanover County grand jury cleared Brister whose been on paid administrative leave since the incident. Then, jurors indicted Williams on several charges including assault with a deadly weapon on a government official. Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said there will be an internal investigation into the incident.

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Amazing how so many think

Amazing how so many think the officers were wrong, when they were right in what they did.
I don't care how many times you say what if this were my son or daughter, my stance won't change. You can also say he made a mistake and came to his senses... but that is a lie. We can see in the video that the only reason he stopped was because he had to be rammed to stop him. If he was drinking, he is a pos. Drinking and driving is sick and any who have excuses for DUI is just as sick as the drinker/driver.
You want to drink, keep it at home. The rest of us law abiding people have our children on these roads with the animals.
This man led police officers on a high speed chase and could have killed and hurt many. So yes, I am thinking about MY children and what if it was them. But only what if it was them I had to bury for a criminal and animal.
Now for why that cop put that dog in that car? To make sure he stayed PUT! To not try to take off and possibly kill an officer or get away! It was put that dog in the car making sure this criminal stayed put or he could have pulled his gun and the story go another way.
Nobody can make you bleeding hearts happy. He's alive yes?
This man asked for this by not obeying laws.

Good little prol

You are such a good little prol buying into the DUI BS. Drinking and driving is NOT a CRIME until a person or property is damaged by irresponsible behavior!!!! DUI is PRECRIME. The law is assuming just because you have a drink or two you are likely going to hurt someone or something and this is INCORRECT! People like you have demonized drinking to the point that we might as well go back to Prohibition.
MADD was WRONG. Now people can't even enjoy a drink or two at a gathering and feel safe driving home because the THREAT is from being treated like a CRIMINAL for doing something very normal.

Drunk driving accidents and deaths HAVE NOT DECREASED as a result of this draconian BS. You cannot legislate good behavior!!!!!!

Idiot times two

Check out this WWAY story:
The drunk is passed out in his vehicle and hits the police car.
I suppose in your perfect world, we would let this guy go with a warning. You can't fix stupid.


Drinking and Driving is a crime. When you pass.08 you are commiting a crime. IDIOT!!!!!!

This is why the police get

This is why the police get and deserve no respecet. Is this the example Wilmington police want to set for the community? I guess so. Those of you that think this is OK because the suspect ran need to think about if this was your child that made a bad decision. Would he or she deserve to be attacked by an animal after they realized they made a mistake and gave up?

agree 1000 percent

My 17 year old son was in a similar situation, fled from police for a simple misdemeanor, (dumb kid) and was attacked by a police dog, received over 80 stiches in his right calf. Terrible terrible wounds. What gives the police the right to send a dog to attack a child who had no weapon and posed no threat against the officer but fleeing. Noone will help us, I dnt know where to turn.


Anyone who thinks it is ok to shove a K-9 dog into a driver's car window is right is a scary individual! K-9 should ONLY be used to subdue a fleeing subject on FOOT. This cop fed the dog into the car for one reason and one reason only - revenge - for having the audacity to try to evade a PRECRIME CHECKPOINT. This was wrong on so many levels and of course I think DUI checkpoints are VERY WRONG and I do NOT blame the guy for trying to evade it. THINK PEOPLE THINK! They are demonizing even responsible drinking. This is PROHIBITION!

Yeah for this cop!! How dare

Yeah for this cop!!
How dare this man say he did not deserve that to happen to him. REALLY???
Listen up scum....the human race does not deserve to have thugs such as yourself and your cronies running at large frightening the public and putting everyone else's lives on the line because you have the mentality of a nat!!
You belong in a 6x6 foot cell with no windows,and no furnishings with a slab of bread and a pail of water and nothing else. The criminals in this country are treated better than it's working citizens. And if a lawyer deciders to defend scum such as yourself, then he or she should be tossed right in there with you to get to know you " up close and personal"! Maybe if we treat criminals like the people they are we would live in a much more civilized world and the cops wouldn't need to put an animals life on the line. Personally, I would have let the dog drag your ass out of the damn car!! KUDO'S for the cop!!

Gnat, not nat. Maybe you

Gnat, not nat. Maybe you should go to a communist country
instead of United States. You obviously missed the point
of innocent till proven guilty. This was all about revenge, for getting him
off his butt to actually do his job, which by the way is not what he did.

YOU are the scum

Wow - just wow - you missed your chance at mob justice by not being born during the Salem witch trials. I'm just hoping and praying you get this SAME treatment by the corrupt cops in this area and then see how you feel about it.

The cops are WRONG. This guy is not scum. COME ON! THINK PEOPLE THINK! It is WRONG and by the way it is a violation of our Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable SEARCH AND SEIZURE to be FORCED TO SUBMIT TO A DUI CHECKPOINT. What is wrong with you people? Don't you see this is a Soviet Russia style tactic? Right here in the USA????? This is not freedom - this is not liberty - THIS IS TYRANNY

anger problems in the wilmington nc police department

I feel this is the same officer I had a run in with just 6 months ago. He was directing traffic that was being rerouted from 17th street in front of the hospital at 930 at night. I was returning home from FoodLion. He sent 11 cars down Yaupon drive while I waited across the street. When the intersection cleared and there were no other cars anywhere around he directed me down Medical center drive towards Carolina Beach Road. I was not giving a turn signal and wanted to continue down Yaupon drive. I pulled into the intersection and ask if I could continue in the direction he had just sent 11 cars and he lost it. Told me to move or he would arrest me for hindering and delaying a police officer. I called and talked with the desk sergeant. It is clear this man has problems with anger and has no business on the police department. His sergeant should also be looked at as he was informed and chose not to take corrective action.

WWAY why is your video

WWAY why is your video different from the others ? Looks Doctored

Police acting crazy

That cop who shoved his attack dog into the mans car should be fired and locked up. He should be convicted of assault using a deadly weapon and attempted murder. We don't need crazy people like that on any police force.

These cops look more like a

These cops look more like a lynch mob. One pushes a dog through an open window and some moron on the other side is beating the car with his baton, I guess it is. All the while, the suspect has his hands up, ready to be arrested and hauled away. This is pure and simple retaliation because he didn't stop. He was wrong, but this went too far. All these "officers" should lose their state certifications.

Different video

Why does this video appear edited right before he throws the dog in as compared to other videos on the net ?

K-9 unit

"Serve and Protect" is not the case any more. I agree with several other people. These Police are just thugs with uniforms on .....they can't get respect any other they have to bully their way. Just because someone didn't "listen" to them they take chase and could have caused more safety hazard. We need more peaceful solutions all over. Put out your hand in a handshake instead of a fist.....if all would try this we could diffuse and not inflame situations.


I dislike people who drink and drive I do! But why didnt they taze him the dog mauling after he threw his hands up and to watch seems cruel. remind me of some nasty times in the place we call the SOUTH. NO doubt he is a criminal. What if the dog was at his neck This would be another story.

The officers didn't need the

The officers didn't need the assistance of the K9 (from watching the video). I only hope nothing negative happens to the K9. He was just doing his job and what the officer commanded him to do. The officer is to blame (if anyone is); he lifted the dog up and shoved him in the car.

Why don't all you people


putting dog in car with defensiveless person.

Why become a law enforcement office if you want to become a Thug. We as citizen don't pay your saleries to be threaten by the ones who protect us, mabe the police departments should do a better job of evaluating there personel. Then we won't have to worry about the meaning of protect and serve. Don't become what you chase every day be better.

Always protecting the person

Always protecting the person that broke the law.Just like the other police involved shootings. An idiot shoots an officer, runs and confronts officers again. They blow him away and the cops have to be investigated? Come on man!! Do it more often and this crap will cease!!

Good Job.

Well Mr. K-9 good job. And your handler, good job on helping your four legged partner into the car to stop this loser. To the Deputy that T-Boned the crazed driver...excellent. The people of Wilmington deserve your dedication to ridding us of this scum that run rampant on our streets. Wilmington Police Staff members and you Mr. David, you may consider adding a calcium supplement to your morning vitamins. It may help you build a stronger backbone. Your job is to support these men and women, not run for liability cover or the attorney generals office for advice like you did the last time to sent an officer to the grand jury. The people of Wilmington are sick and tired of being afraid to leave their homes because of these "Thugs".

The grand jury in this case

The grand jury in this case is a joke! Williams should have been charged with his crimes but the officer should have been charged as well. This is Wilmington at its best.

What crime is Williams guilty of again????

I don't know this man - I don't live in NC - but REALLY NOW. This guy is such scum just for evading a DUI checkpoint??? Really? When they RUIN YOUR LIFE FOR HAVING THE TINIEST BIT OF ALCOHOL IN YOUR BLOOD? Really? You are ok with the tyranny we live under where you cannot even have a couple of drinks with friends? There is a way to drink responsibly and there is abuse of alcohol. Two different things. But today, both are lumped together such that the very act of drinking when not at home is viewed as a CRIME. Really? How did we get here? DUI is a joke and is abuse of power. They really don't want us to hang out together at gatherings - that is the real goal. They prefer to have us all drinking alone in our little hovels. We might as well bring back Prohibition because that is what this amounts to.

And now - people are DEFENDING this rogue cop who felt it necessary to let his dog chomp on this guy's head? This is the cop getting revenge on a guy who tried to evade the STASI CHECKPOINT. WE ARE LIVING IN SOVIET RUSSIA NOW.


You Are An IDIOT!!!!!!!!!! Please don't come back to NC.

Run again! Bet you think

Run again!
Bet you think about it next time you decide to run from the police.
YOU deserved that mauling. And any bleeding hearts here who say otherwise is nothing but criminals their self.
You people who whine for this criminal are part of the problem.
You don't see or care what officers have to go through daily to keep you/us safe.
That man put officers and public in danger by running. And Cujo was just making sure 'homie' would remember what could happen next time he decides to run.

God help us be rid of the

God help us be rid of the red neck hicks and idiots. This is why people think the south is backwards hill billies. Police deserve respect, all that something like this does is alienate them more.Please don't confuse me with the idiots who think it's ok to drink and drive, but you sir just made yourself into one of the idiots with your "homies" comment. Just goes to show where your head is at.......

I'm sure if it were your son

I'm sure if it were your son or daughter who was inebriated and went through a check point and then came to their senses you would feel they deserve the same mauling by a visious animal. If so you are out of your mind and I sincerely hope you don't have any kids. You would make a terrible loser of a pareant if that's your idea of resonable punishment.

That makes it even better in

That makes it even better in my eyes.
IF this person was drunk and driving, he has ZERO sympathy from me.
First off, I have kids. Don't speak to me about bad parenting or whatever that butchered english version of language you use when you are sitting here condoning a man, who may have been drunk and driving and running from the cops!
I was always told growing up that if I was going to be stupid, I better be tough. Seems this guy might learn a hard lesson by this.
I am more for the officers and people on the roads that he put in danger than a person who possibly was a drunk and had no care for human lives.
Good job K-9!

I'm sure if it was your son

I'm sure if it was your son or daughter, who was a cop, when they had him stopped, that you would not have wanted her run over. This nut, nearly killed 3 cops, just a few minutes ago. Now he is surrounded, but has the ability to "fishtail" to try again to escape is in his hands. No telling what this nut might do. He has already proved, he has no problem running over another person.

Had he started spinning his wheels, and striking officers, and their vehicles, they would have had to use deadly force, and shoot him.

The K-9 officer's quick thinking eliminated that threat. The dog got between the suspect, and the steering wheel, and convinced him to exit the vehicle, instead of trying to spin off again.

The suspect was taken into custody, with minor injuries. And the K-9 officer eliminated all threats of deadly harm to his fellow officers, and the suspect.

By the way, dozens of officers are killed each year, being struck by vehicles. It is a close second, to officers being shot.