WPD: Witnesses not cooperating in murder investigation

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Submitted: Mon, 12/09/2013 - 2:23pm
Updated: Tue, 12/10/2013 - 2:45am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say witnesses are not cooperating as they investigate the murder of a 20-year-old man over the weekend.

Around 12:24 a.m. Saturday officers responded to a shots fired call in the 4400 block of McClelland, according to WPD spokeswoman Linda Rawley. While officers were searching the area they received another call about a body in the front yard of 4410 McClelland Drive. That’s where they found Drayshawn Dowd in the bushes. They say Dowd had been shot several times. He died at the hospital

Witnesses told police Dowd had been at a party in the area and got into a fight before leaving. His body was found a short time later. But police say witnesses are not saying very much more. Rawley says detectives believe there are several people who know much more about what happened then they have told investigators.


  • kzpony says:

    ??? I have no idea what you posted about and I read it three times.

  • Not me says:

    If they were to say anything, it’s likely that the thugs that did the crime would take care of the loose ends. The police and DA don’t seem to get it.
    From traffic accidents, to minor crimes, all the way up to the most serious issues, they put all your personal information out there for the world to see on their incident / accident / arrest reports. “Who turned me in”? Just look at the online police report.

    See a person driving erratically, and call 911 for possible DWI? Your name and possibly more is on the report – publicly visible. Call the police because you and another person witnessed a hit and run of a parked car? They LOOK UP your home address, and home phone number and publish it.

    Here’s a good one, since it actually happened to me. Get your car stolen in a town just outside the city, and have it show up parked in the city or Wilmington and get identified as a stolen car. While the tow truck driver is working on towing the car, three people walk up and claim the car is theirs. He managed to keep control of the car, so it was recovered. The kicker? Wilmington PD lists MY personal info – name address, phone number, DOB, and DL number on the “incident report”.

    So, why doesn’t anyone “see” anything? They know that the PD will rat out the “snitch” In the case of a car theft, they would be ill advised to try visiting me to recover what they left in my car – I don’t have any of “the items” anyway since it was taken as evidence by MY local PD, but the more serious stuff?

  • Paddy says:

    U already kno who did it when the pressure is bought down on certain individuals then the truth would b revealed I jus think if u bad enough to commit the crime then face the time or u fake too but it’s a shame but ppl real tho smh

  • Hmmmm says:

    If witnesses are not cooperating, this is most likely gang related. Why snitch if the cops are just going to release you’re information to the public?. If you want people to come forward about gang activity, they have to be protected or they’re going to be dead within the week. If not them, maybe they’ll get to watch their family die instead.

  • Aggravated says:

    First of all, learn the difference between a “peace” sign (first and middle finger up) and gang signs. I know all of you critics have seen hippies put up a peace sign and I’m sure that you didn’t call it a gang sign then, did you? You don’t even know this young man but you can talk about his lifestyle. Every young black man in Wilmington is not a thug or in a gang. When more than one of them are walking together, it doesn’t make them gang bangers looking for trouble, it makes them friends walking-simple.

  • Daquan Franks says:

    Going through these comments it breaks my heart to hear how y’all talk about my boy. Just because he was a young black man that was shot he is classified as gangster or thug when he was the furthest thing from it. My boy held down two jobs and took care of his daughter it’s a damn shame how y’all pass judgment on us. R.I.P Dray I miss you man.

  • Debra1979 says:

    This is ridiculous that because he is a young black man that the sign he is throwing up is a gang sign. He is throwing up the PEACE sign. I don’t agree with gang activity at all but lets stop always assuming that because someone is black and young they are involved in a gang. I also find it strange that when the young white couple did the breaking in cars and everything else it’s no comments at all……. Now that is too funny…. WHITE IT’S RIGHT??? BLACK IT’S WRONG??? seems to be the way it is to me. It’s plenty white thugs too….. God bless this racist country we live in…

  • 10101 says:

    Unfortunately, that didn’t work out too well, did it?

    When are they ever going to learn that a lifestyle based on false values has a much greater chance of failure than success?

  • guesty says:

    You sound just like an uneducated hoodrat that thinks violence is always the best answer.

  • enuf is enuf says:

    As for the rest of us, we’re just trying to live a decent life.

    There is one thing you should know though. Just because we’re trying to live an average decent life, we’ll never allow ourselves to be intimidated by low life punks like you. That’s what happens in communities like yours.

    There’s an old saying that says “Just because I’m being polite, don’t think that means I’m being soft.” To assume otherwise could be a possibly be fatal mistake.

  • I Care Why says:

    Next time type english

  • guest6969696969 says:

    While setting at your keyboard, look & consider what you wrote. Really; you need to go back to school, learn how to read & write properly. Yes He, (the deceased), was flashing “Gang Sign’s”… Being involved in such activities has a strong tendency, of shortening your lifespan by many years.. He was a GANGSTER THUG, period, getting shot & killed for living the “Thug Life”.. NO,,,, WE the good citizen’s of Wilmington and elsewhere WILL NOT shut up , as you demand it… In due course, SOON; You and your ILK will either be put in PRISON or in a Coffin, 6 feet under, IF; you do NOT change your lifestyle.. That means, getting a education, a JOB, becoming a productive member of Society, while NOT having that *gimme dat* attitude.

  • Are you Serious says:

    Can you re-post that in English ?

  • nope says:

    You can’t even read and write properly.

  • guesty says:

    Aren’t you scary. Try to get an education before it is too late.

  • The Educator says:

    You are threatening the responders to this? I promise it won’t happen to me, or the majority of the ones that are responding. Do you know why??? BECAUSE we don’t go to gang parties. We have to work to keep the Law enforcement on the streets, the ER’s open, the ambulances running, and the jails open to house all of you hoodlems!

  • guest01010 says:

    I hope Sallyf is some sort of parody and that isn’t a serious comment. Yo yo yo

  • enuf is enuf says:

    I’ll tell you so “wat” … He was a gang banger. All of these punks agreed to the same rules regardless of “wat” gang they were affiliated with. That’s why they’re all shooting each other.

    Now that your guy suffered the consequences of this insane behavior, you want to change the rules? Too late! The deal is done! Deal with it!

    All of you should have realized this wasn’t a phreakin game before you starting “playing”.

  • Sallyf says:


  • The Educator says:

    Vicky honey, I just want to do a little education with you.. If he is in a gang…..He is into criminal activity… Shoot or be shot…kill or be killed….His affiliation with these illegal groups called gangs..puts him in the ” hunger games” of the hood. It was HIS CHOICE to join the gang…..and look where it got him. If someone hadn’t shot him …he would have shot someone. That’s what gangs do.. Gangs are not ” GODS AWESOME NIFTY GIFTY SOULS”! .. It’s sad that young men and it seems to be mostly men not saying color…….but ya know… They just have no morals and values……They live only by the law of the streets…Well, its time for the street sweepers to clean up Wilmington and our Law enforcement has their hands full. Now you just stop trying to make excuses for these thugs. They are all grown up now. Those cute little gang signs are taken quite seriously..Its way past naughty little boys………may the gangsters wipe out their own and leave the innocent free of jail taxes to pay to keep their sorry behinds in jail!!!!

  • Guest2020 says:

    There is a major difference in calling to report a shooting than coming forward as a witness. As someone reporting it, you would be trying to get help for the victim in the hopes that he can be saved.

  • ShockandAwe says:

    Honestly, I wondered when this very thing would happen. LOTS of people called to report it but now don’t want to say anything else to help. That’s like falling overboard from a ship, screaming for someone to throw you a life jacket, then deciding that no, you don’t want to be pulled back on board because you’d rather take your chances lost adrift in the ocean while auditioning as a buffet for sharks. Yes, you may have the lifeline provided by the jacket for a while, but if you insist on never being pulled back to safety, YOUR luck WILL run out. So yes, you can continue to skate by for a while with the false belief that calling to report things like this is enough, but one day, the grim reaper’s gonna make a house call, and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself for not having taken out the trash when you had the chance.

  • Nicki Thompson says:

    Shut up if you dont know whats going on thank you

  • guesty1O1 says:

    Nice pic of him flashing a gang sign. Huuumm… I wonder if that has anything o do with his murder and the “shoot-out”? Ah yea, the life of a wannabe gangster…ain’t it grand??

  • Anonymous says:

    1. That’s not a gang sign and even if it was who are you to judge at the end of the day we are all children of God No one deserves to be killed and taken away from their child… If You Dont have NOTHING positive to say don’t comment… R.I.P ♥

  • truthhurts says:

    That’s where throwing gang signs will get you.

  • Sallyf says:


  • Devil'sAdvocate says:

    Are people really not aware that these residents/witnesses in this community can be targeted by the gang members for “snitching” aka telling the cops what they saw? Even worse the gang may try to make an example out of a “snitch” by killing that person slowly and going after their family? The police are not always there to protect you, especially when you live in an underprivileged area. If you believe otherwise you are either ignorant or delusional.

    I hate the “no snitching” culture as much as the next guy who cringes as he watches our society crumble, but I really don’t understand how posters on here can lack the empathy to understand that these residents put their lives and the safety of their families on the line when they speak to the police about incidents like this.

  • FreeSpeechMedia says:

    The calls that were made came in JUST AFTER the shots were fired. People were reporting a man shot, not gunshots heard. That means they witnessed something, otherwise, there would have been calls for gunfire in the area followed by calls a few minutes later for someone shot. It’s public record. Callers were also advising what part of his body had been shot. Now, immediately after he’s shot, how could they have known THAT if they had not been close enough to witness all or at least part of this?

    Yes, they were trying to get help for the man who’d been shot, but they also saw things that could be of use to police in the investigation. Anyone that witnessed this and has not yet come forward to detectives with what they saw is quite simply a worthless coward. You made a phone call? So what? He ended up dying anyway. The only way then that his death can have any meaning is if the killer(s) is/are brought to justice, and that can only happen if people find the courage within themselves to do what is right.

    I’m sick and tired of the ridiculous claim that witnesses fear being targeted as “snitches”. If you’re not willing to make a stand against lawless criminals who don’t value life or anything BUT violence, then nothing will change. It really is that simple.

    Detectives will be grateful for ANY meaningful information for this investigation. Trust me when I tell you that detectives can tell pretty quickly if someone has information that’s actually of value or not. If you know anything about this crime, please call WPD at 343-3600. Your call will be answered by either a cadet or an actual patrol officer at the front desk. Either way, tell that officer or cadet that you need to speak with a detective by phone about an open case. Your best bet to get a detective quickly will be to call Monday-Friday during normal business hours, but you can still call nights and weekends and request that a detective call you. Understand that during irregular hours like that, a detective will have to be called out, so it may take longer. Call from a pay phone. Call from a Trac-Phone. Use a different name if you must, but for God’s sake, get the information to the people who need it. There are indeed instances where people give useful information to the police and they never have to appear in court because the information is investigated, and if solid enough, can frequently be enough without requiring you to appear as a witness in court.

    The people who made the phone calls to ask for help did half the job. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to save him. If they are decent people of any measure, they’ll come forward with all the information that they know. Police have citizen informants who help them frequently, and they don’t wind up injured or dead. The excuse that “I’ll be shot if I say who did it” is a lazy copout. We either live in a world where it’s ok to be shot at or it isn’t. I prefer the world where it isn’t. And the only way we can ever hope to achieve that or anything close to it is to hold those accountable who do the shooting. I’d say that shooting someone to death and then hiding is pure cowardice, but I’d also say that knowing who did the shooting and allowing them to get away with it is even more despicable. Not only have you condoned murder by letting them get away with it, but you’ve defecated on our entire justice system by allowing a murderer to walk around free.

    If a baby crawled into an intersection and you witnessed a drunk driver run over it, would you not call police? Would you not try to follow that vehicle and try to get as much information on it as possible so as to make certain that person is taken off the road? LIFE MATTERS, regardless of whose it is. This young man may have had a criminal background…or maybe not. Doesn’t really matter. He was murdered. And he deserves justice. The only acceptable justice is for those responsible to be brought before the justice system and be judged and punished. Otherwise, no one’s life means anything.

  • gangs says:

    I think if I was the family I wouldn’t have given a picture out show him doing a gang sign. How cool is he now? They will not even help their self.

  • Vicky says:

    So wat even if he was in a gang… That doesnt give them the right to just shoot a person. Now what if it was yall. Yall wouldnt want nobody saying that if it was someone in your family.

  • DickHertz says:

    My money’s on 3…

  • Monkey Junction says:

    I will go with number three. This is not as cut and dry as just telling the police what you saw. Are the police going to protect the witness from possible retaliation? Sure they will try but they cannot be there at every moment. Will the police protect other family members from possible retaliation?

    This is not a racial thing, more so a survival thing. You might see the same witness intimidation from the Italian, Chinese, or Irish mobs.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    possible reasons for silence:

    1. authorities are not offering enough bling-bling.

    2. authorities are offering too much bling-bling which could place entitlement benefits in jeopardy.

    3. given the requirement that prosecutors release the names of all potential witnesses to the defense attorney, which will lead the accused to possibly target accusers, there may be a real concern over safety and the potential that witnesses may become target siloeuttes.

    4. all potential witnesses are related to the shooters which could cause tension at the Christmas dinner gathering if witnesses step forward and speak.

  • anne says:

    Of course they won’t cooperate, then gripe because the police are doing enough. That is the mentality of alot of the people in that area.

  • LifeIsABeach says:

    I’m not surprised as people worship wickedness and support it with such wicked slogans as “Don’t Snitch”. They walk around wearing their badge of dishonor saying I’m not a snitch.

    Thou shall not bear false witness…..means don’t lie about your neighbor.

    Not telling something you witnessed is a lie of ommission (withholding the truth).

  • taxpayer says:

    Witnesses not cooperating! I guess the “witnesses” aren’t too upset that Drayshawn was murdered.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    the others were posted to lighten the mood; although I would not rule out number 4.

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