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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputies say the arrest of a couple of teenagers this morning has helped detectives solve several robbery and car theft cases. Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer says the teens were a “modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.”

Investigators say Jacob Arthur and his girlfriend Nicole Thoos, both 17, are suspects in three stolen vehicles and a string of other recent crimes. Detectives say they are still working to see how many more cases the couple are connected to.

Brewer says around 5 a.m. a man woke up to find someone in his bedroom at his home on Beamon Lane near Monkey Junction. The victim told investigators the suspect told him, “Don’t move, or I’ll kill you.” When the victim realized the suspect did not have a gun, he tackled the teen, and the two fought. The suspect got away, but Brewer said the victim had ripped off enough of the suspect’s clothes that he was easily identifiable.

Brewer says deputies found Arthur a couple of streets away in a car stolen over the weekend. A search of the car turned up a haul of stolen items, investigators say, and the evidence was enough to link Thoos to the crimes.

Detectives spent hours today interviewing the suspects as they try to close more cases, Brewer said.

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  • guesty

    I can think of two reason why there might not be any comments.
    1) This isn’t a video but a printed news story
    2) Everybody is busy hammering the druggie former deputy and the WPD K9 officer.

    Anyway, I’m happy these two pieces of garbage were caught. They are nothing more than common scum.


    No Racist Sarcasm On This Video, I Wonder Why…


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