FIRST ON 3: Community activists call for Wilmington police chief’s resignation

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Submitted: Wed, 12/11/2013 - 10:13pm
Updated: Thu, 12/12/2013 - 8:25am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Several recent incidents involving Wilmington Police have wound up under state investigation. That’s prompted some to say officers are not doing their jobs to serve and protect.

Sonya Patrick, New Hanover County’s representative to the North Carolina Black Leadership Caucus, and former Brunswick County Commissioner Charles Warren say the police department is out of control and Chief Ralph Evangelous is to blame.

“There have been too many incidents that call for investigations, and the last video is just inexcusable,” Patrick said of a WPD K-9 officer brought before a grand jury for his use of his dog at the end of a police chase.

“The community is not even safe with the way that the officers are responding, and especially that last incident with the police lifting the dog up, putting him in the car when the guy is sitting there with both his hands up,” Warren said.

Even though state investigations have cleared several officers in recent shootings and a grand jury decided not to indict the officer involved in the dog bite incident, Patrick says the use of excessive force needs to end along with Chief Evangelous’s job at WPD.

“These are investigations that have already taken place. They came back with the results. Now we’re asking for his resignation because this has to stop, and it’s not stopping. It’s just getting worse,” she said.

This afternoon Evangelous responded to the criticism in a statement.

“My job as your chief of police is to ensure that the actions of our officers are monitored and that our ethics and standards are not compromised,” Evangelous said. “I will continue to take full advantage of the resources afforded to me to examine these incidents fully. While that may draw criticism from some, it is a matter of maintaining public and employee trust in me and the department.”

In his statement Chief Evangelous says he recently met with community leaders to provide information on the use-of-force investigations. Neither Patrick nor Warren were on the list of those who have met with the chief.


  • Andy says:

    Exactly. Well said.

  • Angry Black Male says:

    There are some ignorant white folk in New Hanover!!!

  • Mr. ZigZag says:

    Not certain about the 99% remark but most certainly agree that the activist should begin in the community to help prevent crime, if police are not called to the scene than no incident will occur.

    However, I must say that it is our duty to assure police do not overextend their power.

  • Mr. ZigZag says:

    If continue giving the “activist” an opportunity; then you should present both sides of the issue. Can’t believe the local news submits such one sided segments.

  • kzpony says:

    Thank you! You are very right. I am Caucasian, and I don’t feel hostility to race, but I do feel hostility to the known threat out there that are gang thugs. These hurt the integrity of the race for these thugs to be culprits in senseless murders and fear-mongering among their own. It’s an anger and society most of us can’t understand. No one should understand. The shootings and stabbings are rampant around Wilmington, and it’s only a matter of time that someone totally unrelated to the circumstances and innocent bystanders…children, elderly, someone walking their dog….are included in some way (death, injury) and are the “coalitions” going to stand up then? This is not racial profiling…the City is finally taking a bold and needed stand on the perpetrators of violent crime. HAVE AT IT!!! Accessive force…I say GO FOR IT!!!

  • Wes says:

    Some people don’t know how to make comments without insulting people. I’m a white male but I don’t judge people by thier race. I judge by thier actions. You made a great statement and I totally agree. The police department may have a few issues but overall they do a good job. Most people don’t understand what public safety officials see or go through. Tell your son thanks. We definitely need him out there.

  • nixon says:

    You’re an idiot! Not all black ppl are gang bangers and why are you even mentioning the president? What does he have to do with anything going on with WPD? Stick to the subject at hand, you disrespectful, racist, butthole!

  • wandap says:

    sounds like you are talking about Obama! If u really want to help the community,and save our country, why don’t u organize an anti-Obama movement to impeach him and repeal Obamacare? Do something to protect all of us. The actions they are talking about will encourage crime in our city. Criminals deserve what they get. We reap what we so!

  • Guest00000 says:

    Thank you Hanson for speaking up and for raising a son who wanted to be a police officer. You could not pay me enough to be a police officer in Wilmington right now.
    I am certain the K9 officer cared less about the color of skin the man had. He was merely doing his job to stop a criminal with zero regard to race. For all the race baiters, did anyone think the grand jury that found no fault by the officer could have been made up of all black people?
    Race doesn’t matter. Had it been a white female doing what that man did that night I feel certain the reaction would have been the same by the officer.

  • guest28403 says:

    All they have to do is look at the farce in Leland with Ben’s brother and General Jayne and to corruption at the LPD.. There have definitely been some troubling issues with WPD. One however I have no issue with is the 2 thugs who got shot robbing the Pizza Hut.. Those thugs got what they deserved 110%.. The problem is one good shooting by the cops followed by a jackbooted dog mauling legally to a surrendering prisoner/perp is unacceptable however.. Even if some say if he hadnt committed the crime and run from the cops it wouldnt have happened. Maybe so but there are still excessive force standards that have to be upheld and honestly the SBI needs to look into this case and consider action u pon this officers LEO certification.

  • windy says:

    The only thing Chief Evangelous is guilty of is taking an active approach to clearing our streets of gang violence. For that, he should be commended. Perhaps the “Black Caucus” should focus their energies on educating their “members” on how to behave in a civilized society. It seems to me if said individuals do not engage in unlawful activities, they have no reason to ever come into contact with Chief Evangelous or his hard-working officers in the first place.

  • helpout says:

    The only problem I see is blacks killing blacks. You need to get off your butts and help your people and put the blame where it belongs. You asked for an investigation on all the actions the police has taken and they all have come back in the favor of the police.

    So, you and your groups of police haters need to get off your butts and get into the black community to stop the violence. However, I know you are to scared to go into these areas. You are not doing your job to serve and protect your people either.

  • Clayton bigsby says:

    Guess what just happened on princess place drive,,,, shots fired.. \Must be the white people/ NEGATIVE gang banger thugs. Most African Americans are more Racist than any white person. where is the White organization for white peoples rights??? oh that’s right that would make us racist to stick up and believe in out selves. PS Obama is not black he is Muslim.

  • Logan says:

    Send her and her Cronies to Creekwood at night, bet she won’t Go

  • MG says:

    It looks like the attention-getters and race-baiters are at it again. While no police department is perfect, their problems are no where near the gang-related, black-on-black crime issues.

    IF these people really cared about the community, they would be working in the crime-ridden neighborhoods to spread the message that way too many young black men are making a mockery of the message of Dr. Martion Luther King.

  • a citizen of wilmington says:

    The only thing here more laughable than requesting the Chief to step down is those two calling themselves community activist. The methods the WPD has used in the years the Chief has been here has resulted in much lower crime rates, thus improving the quality of life for all citizens! That is what as true community activist does. Now the nation is on a downtrend since 2008 the hardest hit are those the federal government promised hope change and prosperity too. And its being reflected in a lack of civil discord. We do need to reach out but I’ll stand side by side what the chief is doing is bettering the lives of lawabiding citizens in many communitys. If these two want to be productive stand up and blast the behavior of the criminals, plea for others not to put themselves in that position. Accountability of the instigators/the criminals has to be at the forefront of the work. If intervention is not completed ahead of time it mean reaction becomes the governing accountability.At at that point its too late for those individuals.

  • bhambywayofwilmy says:

    WPD is bush league…..They do very little outreach within the community, they have very little interaction with the public, there process lacks the transparency it takes to build trust in the community. Clean house and lets start new, bring in someone from Philly, Baltimore or delaware to clean up our beautiful city.

  • Legacy says:

    Glad someone is bringing attention to the WPD for their recent irresponsible actions. They are out of control and need to be reeled in. Change starts at the top so i agree Evangelous must go.

  • Guest6858 says:

    Here’s an idea. WWAY, stop giving them the opportunity to spew this trash.

  • guesticle says:

    What’s inexcusable is the actions of these criminals. Black, white, whatever – I hope they get more of the same. Our justice system is toothless, and criminals are treated far too well as it is. Our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line trying to keep our community safe, so their presence is most welcomed here. I’ve lived here my whole life, I’ve watched this once nice, quiet city turn into a dirty, overcrowded, drug-addled and crime-infested stinkhole. So if some moron got bit by a police dog, boo hoo. The entire situation was of his making. My only regret is that there are so many more like him in society. And that the dog was forced to let go.

    And shame on these black ‘leaders’ for making this a race issue, they do nothing to help the community they claim to advocate for. A criminal is a criminal, regardless of their color, race, gender, whatever. If you want equality, teach your people to equal the work ethic of other successful people, without regard to race, or what you were or weren’t given.

    To Mr. Evangelous and all local law enforcement: thank you and stay safe.

  • nofaithnlaw says:

    What a waste of time these two bozos are! They are as stupid as they look!

  • Inspector Callahan says:

    I say give the chief a raise in pay. Good work chief!

  • Hanson says:

    Some of the commenters on here are obviously hostile to members of the African American community, and I do not appreciate the tone of some of these writers.

    That said, however, I must say, as a black resident of Wilmington, that Chief Evangelous, a man I know personally, is doing a good job.

    Not every African American supports every cause of the “Black Caucus” by any means. And in this case, the caucus is way out of line.

    Hello! We have a crime problem in Wilmington, and it is mostly young black males who are the perpetrators. The African American community MUST band together and denounce these senseless crimes committed mostly by young black males, and we need to stop blaming the police officers for doing their jobs. Their very dangerous jobs! (I ought to know because my son is a police officer, and you should hear his tales.)

  • PublicAvenger says:

    I worked for Chief Evangelous, for several years. And he is the best chief, other then Simpson, that I have ever worked for.

    This is ridiculous. If you want to see what Charles Warren is all about, just click on his name in the yellow “Read More”, section, just under the date line. You will see almost 3 pages worth of cry-wolf racism, gotcha-whitey, tactics, News Stories. This situation is no different.

    I’ve never even heard of this “group”. I doubt there aren’t even five members. When you have to use deadly force, some people aren’t gonna like it. All they can see is skin color.

    Chief Evangelous is not “politically correct”, he does not give in to special interests. He stands up for his officers, when they are right. And a small number of people don’t like him, because of this.

  • No. Only in America you ask some one to quit their job for doing their job, and you have Prsident that does nothing but run this counrty un the ground and you want him to stick around. I guess if the Chief was handing out money for dead beats you would want him to stuck around. Good Job Chief keep it up.

  • Tracie C says:

    Will you kindly tell me how you can swap “black” for “muslim”?? You are aware one is a RACE the other is a RELIGION, right?
    Now that you’re aware you can carry on with your racist hatred at least a little more well informed.

  • Charles W. says:

    The Chief by most accounts is a good man. He might be two-faced, he might be part of the “blue code of silence” and corruption out of control in WPD and under Ed McMahon. DA Ben David is a corrupt politician no different, and in cahoots, with the politicians in Wilmington. The DA’s Office is corrupt. Sheriff Ed oversees a corrpt dept., but he has a large office and can’t constantly be everywhere all the time. Ben David has no such excuse. His staff has no excuse for turning away from wrongdoing suggesting a “you don’t report me, I wont report yu” office environment and these people like David are really politicians, not seekers of justice. They don’t care who’s lives they ruin, children with parents serving time or committing no crimes, and keeping the welfare cycle democrats like David need to fulfill their selfish goals no matter who at the lower levels of wilmington society they step on, families they destroy, kids they tear away from parents who are trying, and love, these children.

    Ben David says the right things in front of the cameras, but David, asst. DA ms. bright, and the office itself is in bed with politics. Have they ever solved a major crime, held an inflential official or citizen, accountable or swept under the rug anything that might hurt their political futures? Is our community safer with Ben David?

    Clearly, we know crime has gotten worse under Ben David, who’s busy planning his political future and abusing his power – in this region, the criminals have taken over the judges’ bench and DA’s Office. Ben David is to blame.

  • Harvey Edge says:

    Evangelous should definitely go… He has obviously lost control of the department unless he is instructing this reckless use of police force.

  • Common Sense says:

    If these activists are given their way they would rather the citizens of this community be shot and killed including the police officers. Maybe we should just hold these thugs hands and tell them “Bad Boy”! Crime is not committed by just one race or gender. The fact is though that about 99% of the violent crimes and murders are committed by black males. What these activists should be fighting for is all people in this community that are vulnerable to these killers. I for one am tired of me and my family having to be concerned about these black males coming after the citizens in this community (again, crime is not specific to one race, but in this case most of these crimes are being committed by black males). Finally, these activists are ignorant if they think race relations are going to improve when they are protecting murderers instead of “All” people of this community. this is disgusting. Oh, and OJ was innocent.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Have you been in “Inner City Baltimore”, at night, over the last ten years? It’s a war-zone. It’s the good work of Chief Evangelous, trying to keep us from becoming another Baltimore.

  • Deputy 25 says:

    So getting rid of the chief is going to stop the THUGS IN CREEKWOOD and other places that blacks ho thug at??? You people are STUPID! ! how about you call for the THUGS to resign? ?? Morons

  • portcity says:

    Just a quick FYI. None of these incidents you are refer have been found to unjustified by a panel and/or SBI. None of these incidents involve innocent people!!

    These “leaders” need to spend more time and resources trying to help the young black children from starving or guidance and education before they grow up to be criminals and have to be chased down by the law!

    Always looking for an excuse to blame the MAN!

  • Lisa's Two Cents says:

    How many followers does this great NC Black Leadership man, Charles Warren, have ?

    Answer- 1

  • clown face says:

    This clown actually thought he was goining be voted as mayor of oak island? And she thinks she’s the cure for the gang problems? Get a grip on reality peopl! You are part of the problem not the solution.

  • 1492 says:

    And look who just popped up from under a rock; why it’s crazy Charles Warren! Charles, currently out of any other opportunity to make a fool of himself in public has now, out of desperation, morphed himself into the role of a “community activist”.

    There’s only one thing that’s dumber than being Charles Warren. That would be affiliating oneself with an idiot like Charles Warren. Who in their right mind would do that? Actually no one. Who would be dumb enough to do that? Why that would be Sonya Patrick.

    The black community deserves better representation than these two buffoons.The very best thing either of them could do for the black community would be to disappear.

  • Avery says:

    Hooray for all the racist comments that pertain to this news article. If people truly believe that racism is dead, all they would have to do is view this comment section and they would be proven wrong. Good ol fashioned racism in Wilmington! Kind of pathetic honestly.

  • Gramps1945 says:

    How do you know when your Police Chief is doing an good job ?

    When the local nut-case, hater, and his follower, form a two person “organization”, and demand his resignation.

    A good way to judge a man, is to look at his enemies.

  • Guesttoo says:

    First, it should be against the law to use Charles Warren and Community Leader in the same sentence.

    These folks should focus on the idiots that put themselves, the community and the police in peril. The cops…even the top cop…didn’t start these problems. The criminals did. Use your time, energy and focus on stopping the criminal behavior. Then, if the cops are; “out of control”, you’ll actually have something valid to bitch about.

  • Guest100 says:

    Yeah, we never took Warren serious in Brunswick County.

  • guestwho says:

    The only thing that is out of control in this City is the crime. Maybe the Black Caucus should focus on that for a while. And Charles Warren?!! You must be flippin kidding me. Last time I checked Wilmington was in New Hanover County. Well I guess they did stop taking you serious in Brunswick County a few a years ago.

    This is just a statement making tactic, since a resignation request from these “Leaders” could under no circumstances carry any weight. Well, they’ve made a statement alright…”we’re ignorant to the reality of crime in Wilmington”. Robbing and killing is a daily occurrence here now. Ask a person off the street if they’re more worried about the criminals or the police.

    I’m sure Chief Evangelous is laughing at this hard as I am.

  • guesty says:

    No, due to affirmative action the black cop would be promoted. When is the last time you saw the KKK, Nazis or Confederacy Club marching like the NAACP, Black Panthers or Rainbow Coalition?

  • Andrea75 says:

    I bet you if the man in the car was white and the cop was black and turned the K-9 dog on him, the cop would be fired hands down. Clearly you can see the man’s hands up, surrendering. I bet the KKK, the Neo Nazis, and the Confederacy club will be called then. However, let’s see when the white cop’s teenage son run through a DWI checkpoint and a dog is turned loose on him with his hands up, let’s see how many of y’all praise the cop then.

  • sOULFUL says:

    Well said ! Andrea75

  • guesty says:

    I filed a complaint with the Lt. over internal affairs at WPD and it disappeared into thin air. It appears he blocks investigations on certain people.

  • Howard says:

    What idiots, It appears if they can defend their peoples any further for committing these crimes, they’ll turn to criticizing the police. Seems like the chief and the police need a raise, great work, don’t let up.

  • Tom Cox Sr. says:

    Regarding “The DOG Case”, the ” Court authorities” found the officer not guilty of any illegal action. It was not the Chief’s legal position to make that decision…. Let’s “Get Off His Back”

  • Dennis says:

    WHO’S NOT SAFE??? The people robbing stores and restaurants?? The people running from the police?? GOOD!! They should NOT be SAFE! Commit armed robbery and you might get shot! Run from the police and your butt might get chewed up by a K-9! People calling for resignation is what puts the city in danger.


  • Nixon says:

    I my wrote wway months ago telling them how corrupt the WPD was after my husband and I were pulled and approached with guns to our head on the MLK Parkway during rush hour and was made to lift shirt! Now you all want to talk about it! After I tried to file a complaint, they threatened to arrest me!

  • Tom Cox Sr says:

    The Grand Jury saw fit to not find the Duty Officer at “fault” so they let him fly…Now it seems everyone wants to blame Chief Evangelous.hmmm? Something seems amiss as we are being told that almost everybody wants to “dump” our Chief….Folks, let’s watch and be careful as there seems to be a move afoot to get rid of our fine Chief as it seems , behind closed doors. OOPS!!! They blamed the wrong”authority” in this “dog incident”.. lol lol….Fire the Grand Jury, not our fine Chief of Police ….There is no question in my mind…That “dog tossing” Police Officer surely should be punished in some way and not too lightly!!!! Amen

  • jason says:

    1. When is the last time you heard when a Black Cop shoots a White Person?
    2. When is the last time you heard when a White person is killed by a Black person?
    3. When is the last time you heard of a White Organization marching over the killing of a White Person?

    You don’t. Because the White folk would be racist. But we can have the NAACP, the UNNF, UNNC, and we can have all Black Colleges.

    If you have an all White College, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be protesting.

    Everytime a Black person gets shot by a white person, it makes the front news in the Media. Where is the ACLU, NAACP, at when it’s black on black? No where to be seen. I would say “African Americans”, but it don’t think half of the blacks in America have never been to Africa.
    We are all “Americans”. Somebody once said “Can’t we all get along”?

  • The Dude says:

    Are you kidding me? Two many people want to blame someone for the actions of others. Why is it always got to do with Race! If you commit a crime it doesn’t matter what color you are. A crime is a crime and most of it is accruing in certain neighborhoods. Now how is that the fault of anyone but the persons in that neighborhood. Wake up! blaming others for actions of thugs is stupid. Let me ask you a question ? Do those thugs pay your rent or bill? Do those thugs help out in the community. Also why is that every time there is a crime in the streets no one ever knows who did it. Why? But there’s always someone to defend them! Oh he’s a good boy and would never do anything wrong. WAKE UP! Take some responsibility

  • Joyce Mims says:

    Reading all the hate comments.I went to Williston high school, graduated 1959, should I tell you about race problems but we made it. I did 20 years in law enforcement in New York, I returned 1995 to a very bad community, crime, drugs, the area was blight but we started a community watch and made many changes. I also started a program for teenages, with the help of volunteers, we did a great job. I’m older now but willing to do anything I can to help my people and city. I wrote an proposal I know would work, I went to many for help, builders who have house all over Wilmington, he said he didn’t have any money, the city, never got a response and several other organizations to no prevail. I know the program would help it worked for me in New York. We have to take back our own community, stop sitting and wanting everyone to do your job. Little things work in 2000, I gave senior citizen whistles at 7pm everynight the seniors put 0n their porch light went on porch and blew their whistles, it worked. In 1999 we held an old fashion sit-in, in front of drug area it worked.It take all of us to work together and get a grip on this racist behavior, I personally don’t care who like me white or black as long as I have GOD on my side I’ll be alright. It’s funny, I have many friends retired and want to move here, I tell them DON’T. I’ve been sick that’s why I have not been to the meeting.I thought we had freedom of speech, we must have with all that hate I read,so the two who spoke out can say and feel what they want. Get it together people, we are losing the fight, let’s take back our community.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    A former Wilmington Police Officer, Monica Carey, who would later become assistant chief, in Clayton, was run over and killed, by a chase suspect, 12 years ago.

    I believe they had him boxed in. He pretended to surrender. Several officers surrounded the vehicle. Then he hit the gas, striking and killing Monica.

  • guest1221 says:

    What the hell is wrong with you? Did you seriously just compare the slaughter of innocent school kids with the death of gang banging, law breaking thugs??

    The only ones suppressing your race is YOUR race. Your statement about what whites are ‘taight’ is a bunch of horse crap. You DO realize this mentality is why your race doesn’t progress, right? And, you do realize that blacks are more hung up on skin color than any other race, right?

    FYI – Whitey ain’t keeping you down, LaCreme. This is life – you determine whether or not you win – no one owes you damn thing.

    And….Wilmington, isn’t a state.

  • Billp says:

    Wonder if any of them have ever held a “real” job. Just agitating,

  • LaCreme says:

    Wilmington is a racist state. When they had the post for sandy hook and all the other mass shootings the shooter was white. People barely said anything about the shooter. It was awwwww the children. They never said nothing about the color of the man skin. Aan runs from the police and because he black all I hear is serves him right. And black this and black that. Us blacks have to understand that nc is a slave state. We will forever be put on the bottom stair because the way the whites believe is what they were taught. Just like they had the talk about sex they have the talk about blacks. They are taight never to trust us,never to talk to us, never get to close to us. They are also taught to never let us win. When blacks gained their freedom that was it. They have figure out a way to suppress us. We are a powerful race

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Is this guy a “Reverend” ? I know most of em are.

  • Guest, just another says:

    LaCreme, You are the racist. When blacks gained their freedom, how many white and black AMERICANS died for that, for you, for our, OUR, country? No, whites aren’t taught to not let you win, people are taught to win. Are you saying that people, white or not, should LET black people “win”? Really?
    If you are “put on the bottom stair”, its because you let someone put you there. Put yourself where you want to be. If you’re waiting for someone to give you something, you’re going to get the scraps, like a dog. If you want more, get out there and do something for yourself.

  • Guest, just another says:

    Its tough being the face of a large organization, being on the blame line. Great job Chief E. Great job WPD. Thank you for what you do, everyday, every night, for every one of us. Its a thankless job, as shown by the comments below, but thank you.

    Chief E and WPD is doing a terrific job – PLEASE KEEP IT UP! Do not back down, do not bow to small minded criticism. The streets have been safer, and your hard work is paying off.

    Thank you!

  • GuestTaco says:

    1) Wilmington is a city, I’m almost sure of it.

    2) A mass shooting is terrible, but luckily few and far between. Black crime is something we could set our watch to.

    3) Slave state? I’m not going to even stoop to that level of stupidity.

    4) I was never given “The Birds and the Blacks” talk, but your troll level is top notch.

    5) Feeling entitled does not make one powerful- instead it makes one seem petty and helpless.

  • Wilmington Truth Teller says:

    Something tells me two were marching all around in the street, jumping up and down, and hooping and hollering, for joy, when the OJ Simpson “verdict” was read.

  • CoastalJade says:

    Powerful? Wow, you really think that way?
    Wilmington is a city, not a State. Public school failed you I see.
    Only thing powerful is the messages that is being sent to you thug and gang bangers. Like shooting an officer. See what that got one man? Dead.
    Running from cops and possibly drinking blowing a checkpoint and endangering innocent people… a dog mauling.
    Powerful race? You mean killing one another and terrorizing law abiding citizens in your pathetic wake. Yeah, you all look really powerful.

  • David Burney says:

    NAACP needs to mind their business. Your a worthless organization that causes conflict. This man run from law, endangered lives, etc. He better be glad he was not shot. NAACP leave and never come back!!!

  • Tracie C says:

    Why you little racist….how DARE you! How dare you lump all white people with the racist trash here!
    I was NEVER taught to put anyone on the “bottom stair”. I NEVER had a talk with my children (who were born in this racist state) about black people. Never ONCE have I instructed them not to talk to, trust or get close to a black person.
    I’ve done some checking today and have yet to find anyone here keeping a slave. Are you being held against your will somewhere? Let me know, I’ll come and kick the crap out of your “owner”.
    Your hypocritical attitude is seriously annoying. You can NOT be a racist while at the same time condemning other racists. You do understand you are EXACTLY like the white racists you are so quick to put down?
    The all out racial crap in this city is disgusting. It’s antiquated and shows how little intellect people really have.
    p.s. when you run from the police for over 20 minutes AFTER you’ve already stopped then started running again, speeding at 50mph on neighborhood streets, bumping police cars out of your way you deserve EVERYTHING you get. I don’t care if your skin is hot friggin PINK.

  • sOULFUL says:

    Amen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Freedom says:

    Love it ! LaCreme !!!!!!!!! Both NC and SC are slave states!

  • GiGiCitizen says:

    No matter what race, if you break the Law, you’ve got to realize there are consequences to your Actions. Think of all the Others that could’ve been hurt or killed had this man been allowed to keep going. Isn’t that what’s wrong with Society Today??? Too Easy on Them!!! Keep Up the Good Work Chief, I’m sure the Tax Payers wouldn’t mind if You stepped it up…….Just Sayin”

  • ashamed fellow officer says:

    I don’t know the chief. But I do know he can’t be with his officers at every use of force decision. But as a police officer I can say that any professional thoughtful empathetic police officer knows that when it is over, it is over, regardless of what the suspect has done. The days of you ran so here is some street justice from us on the scene are long gone; at least at any professional well led progressive agency. The officer caught a break from a grand jury that dropped the ball. But he should be relieved of his duties as a K-9 officer if this is the judgment he has. Suspect or not, we are sworn to protect and serve; not protect and punish. When a suspect has his hands in the air and wants to give up, a personal assault is wrong and is a crime. I hope the chief at least knows this.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I have never heard anyone refer to Charles Warren as one of those “reverends”. He is just an idiot who had no business being in an elected office and Brunswick County did the right thing in getting rid of him. The only thing is that his successor isn’t all that great.

  • sickofit says:

    LaCreme, People like you, with your limited, entitled mentality ARE the problem! I grew up here; did you? Just curious; anyway, I purposely never used the term Black or White to my child when he was little. I remember when he first asked me about it when he was young. He said, “So Mom, some people are tan and some people are brown?” He thought his father was ‘brown’ because his skin tone is darker than mine or my son’s. I thought it was so cute and innocent. Society taught him differently as he grew. He had something missing from his desk at school one day as as he asked around if anyone had seen it, 3 people said they saw a certain kid take it. He nicely asked the black kid if he had seen it; just as he had asked white kids. The boy said, “I ain’t taken a damn thing from you and you are just sayin that cause I’m black!” My son came home very hurt from that comment because it had NOTHING to do with race. Then, and only then, is when I had to have a “talk” about reverse racism! So keep sitting up there on your self-entitled pedestal. I have never owned a slave, and you have never been a slave. I have been a woman though and if I blamed every man on this earth for how some of us have been wrongly paid or treated; I’d feel like the piece of trash I was acting like. Do some soul searching; not finger pointing!

  • David King says:

    As a person who grew up on Greenfield Street here in Wilmington, and has seen, and been victim to crime(recently had my home broken into)I respect the fact that police officers have a tough job. Decisions have to be made in a split second, or people may get hurt. Not only do they have to make those decisions, but they have to be the right ones…100 percent of the time. After a 20 minute chase, multiple cars ran into and countless things that could have happened, someone innocent getting injured or killed, we can only armchair quarterback at how we would have reacted. Flashing lights blinding him, sirens within 3 feet of your ears, him concentrating on getting his equipment (his dog) ready to work, the officer may not have seen his hands up immediately. Only he knows. But just imagine, the guy gets away again and kills your family member. A dog bite is a small price to pay for my safety..I’m thinking most people secretly want him to toss a dog through that window.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    they can go national with their concerns.

    Enlist Reverend Barber; and all 3 could appear on Fox News Sunday. The show’s focus is on gun violence and control.

    Great opportunity for them to plead their case. Of course, how will they react when Fox News presents statistics and demographics which show the root cause of the problem in Wilmington.

    No doubt then they would lay the blame on McCrory or Bush.

  • Mimi Jude says:

    Add our family’s support for the very good job Chief Evangelous is doing for our troubled city. We are fortunate to have him and definitely want him to stay.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    Observer, why not have these leaders you refer to put up by requesting time on the air?

    Perhaps you’re trying to hoodwink viewers.

    Let’s see, witnesses do not step forward to identify criminals.

    Activists, and I am liberal in using that term, would rather march over some incident which took place more than 100 years ago rather than actively work to address the problems in society which young black men and girls create.

    And you can not even identify one of these so called activists.

  • Observer says:

    The Wilmington Black community has many legitimate community leaders and activists. Presenting these two self promoters as leaders of their community is a slap in the face to those who are actively engaged with addressing their communities needs. Shame on WWAY for allowing an inexperienced reporter to be hoodwinked by imposters and embarassed by the report.

  • Scott Pickey says:

    Observer – no one was “hoodwinked.”

    We are fully aware of Mr. Warren’s background. But we gave them both an opportunity to give their side of a story, just like we should, and just like other media outlets in town did.

    It was a management decision and had nothing to do with the experience of a reporter.

    As a viewer / user, you now have the right to read or watch the story and form your own opinion.

    But don’t kill the messenger.


    Scott Pickey
    WWAY News Director

  • antithug says:

    Why is it that if I, being white, started a “white caucus” I would be considered racist?

  • tke1 says:

    I think I predicted this type of “outrage” from “activist” when the local law enforcement started to tighten up the enforcement against the gangs and thugs in the community. These hoodlums can dish it out but cannot take it and they have people like these two, Patrick and Warren, as mouthpieces.
    Perhaps Patrick and Warren should supply law enforcement a list of folks who are exempt from obeying the law and a list of laws that would not be enforced in the black community.
    All of you decent folks in the community need to get Patrick and
    Warren’s cell phone numbers and call them when some thug is shooting up your neighborhood or using the street in front of your home as a drag strip. See if you get better results from them than you do the cops.

  • Bill2 says:

    I think it’s about time the police started dealing with the worthless people the way that they have been

  • Homie Da Clown says:

    Finally someone from this commuity is speaking up!!! Keep up the fight for justice…

  • jason says:

    We have a judicial system. They have spoken. Where “were” you? Not going to the meetings to end gang violence, but you can sit there and don’t read the news. It’s a shame when we have someone at the PD trying to end the violence, and you promote it. Watch the news and quit trying to be part of it. Over the past two months these thugs have been trying to take over Wilmington and surrounding counties, and you activists are promoting it. What do you want, fire the Chief for doing his job and hire someone that will condone the violence? The Cops aren’t going out there every night trying to find someone to use force against. They just want to cover their shift and go home safe. Ride with them one night, see what happens.. You would be amazed. If a cop gets shot you seldom read or hear about it. No one, not even cops put a gun in someones hand and forces them to use it. Cops are trained to use “non-lethal” force. But, they are also, by law, required to use the amount of force to constitute the arrest and protect the citizens. I dare to say, if someone robs you or injures you in a chase, you would be wondering where the po po was when you needed them. The Chief is doing an excellent, and I ask that you “resign” from your support of this gang bangers.

  • Guest2020 says:


    You rock.


  • SurfCityTom says:

    is their failure to have Reverend Barber present.

    Warren does not even live in the City or surrounding county.

    They think the police are out of control.

    It’s called the law of statistics.

    If 100% of the people running road blocks and attempting to elude police are Black; obviously 100% of the arrested will be black.

    If 100% of the shooters in gang and drug related incidents are Black; guess what, 100% of the apprehended or shot will be black.

    Not racial.

    If anything, the Chief needs to up the pressure.

  • guesty says:

    …but Barber was busy eating.

  • Charles Walters says:

    So these 2 So called Black leaders want the chief to resign. Let me guess why, because officers have killed several criminals lately who were Black. I guess if they had killed White criminals they would have given him a medal. Get over it they were killed commiting crimes with guns, they got what they deserved. As for other things going on in the WPD, I think when ever something has been found to be wrong he has dealt with it quickly, and with the right results. You don’t get a resignation, because criminals get killed, even if they were Black. One more thing, I hope the dog that bit the criminal didn’t catch anything. I bet he had to lick his behind to get the taste out of his mouth.

  • guestwhat says:

    lick his behind to get the taste out. what things could he have caught? Charles your an idiot! Hopefully, the chief will be successful in dealing with the criminals and the community.

  • Missy says:

    Charles Warren has a criminal history of his own. What a piece of work.

    Good work, Chief. You must be making the criminals squirm and lose sleep at night. Keep it up, you have the majority of citizens support.

  • Charles Walters says:

    You need to reread my post, because I was not saying anything against the chief or the WPD. If you can not understand what I am saying then you are the idiot.

  • tyrone smalls says:

    These two idiots do not represent me, or the majority of the Black Community in Wilmington.

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