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WPD: Passed out driver charged with DWI hurt as car hits cruiser


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police charged a man with DWI this week after they say they found him passed out in his car. But that wasn't all that happened.

WPD spokeswoman Linda Rawley says officers were called to the 2200 block of S. College Rd. Monday evening to assist with a medical report of an unresponsive driver. Rawley says they found Aaron R. Taylor locked in the car with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake.

An officer broke a window to open the door. As emergency crews pulled Taylor out of the car, Rawley says the car moved forward and crashed into a police car. She says Taylor fell as it happened and was injured.

Police cited Taylor for DWI and released him at the hospital for medical treatment.

Court records show Taylor is due back in court in February to face charged of DWI and failure to comply with license restrictions.

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Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son.

I know Aaron...

and am wondering if his diabetes caused him to pass out. What's missing from this story is what his BAC was.

No BAC listed because it was drugs

I actually don't think this guy had been drinking. The fact that he was cited for DWI and released to the hospital, from what I know, is indicative of him having been there to take a blood test. When a driver is suspected of DWI on drugs, they are taken in for a blood sample. Also, I checked the NCCourts website and he does not have the civil revocation charge which is given when a person either exceeds the .08 limit or refuses a breath test. This means that his license was not revoked pending trial - they can't prove that he was under the influence until the test comes back (SBI lab is wayyy backed up)so the presumption of innocence allows him to drive until proven guilty.

The above facts, in addition the context of the arrest, tells me this was drug related. Could be any sort of drugs, but the smart money is on heroin or opiate pills - maybe mixed with some benzos (valium, xanax, etc.)

I have a family member who was arrested for something similar - basically was nodding out at the wheel on pain pills. Pretty much the exact same circumstance - hospital for blood test, license not revoked at time of arrest, etc. so I'm pretty thoroughly convinced.


If the police were able to reach through the broken window and pull the driver out then they should have been able to turn the car off or put the vehicle in park and prevent the collision. I wonder how they will explain this.

Silly billy: you're another

Silly billy: you're another guy who thinks police are machines and NEVER make mistakes aren't ya?

All human

Yes, we are ALL human and make mistakes. Including the driver. It helps to know all the facts before making comments. He blew a .09, and was only injured after police and emergency crews came on the scene. Looks like a lot of human error took place in this case.

With all of your extensive

With all of your extensive knowledge and experience in law enforcement, you should be on the PD so you can prevent this kind of careless action.

Only one explaination: