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DUPLIN COUNTY, NC (WCTI) — Deputies said one of the four suspects in a Duplin County meth lab explosion has passed away.

According to the Duplin County Sheriff’s Office, 42-year-old Rodney Glenn Bryant (far left) died after the meth lab explosion on Narcie Turner Lane, southwest of Pink Hill, on Nov. 10. Also accused of the explosion are (left to right) 32-year-old Justin Lee Blizzard, 34-year-old Edna Ranell Shivar, and 40-year-old Linwood Willis Parker lll, all from Pink Hill.

A witness called 911 after hearing an explosion and seeing flames in the area, as well as seeing a vehicle leaving the scene, said investigators. When the witness went to help, Bryant told the witness it was a chemical fire and that he should leave, according to deputies.

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  • Guest2020

    Well, that’s one less criminal the taxpayers will have to feed and house.

  • craig

    Back in the day us kids drank too much Boones Farm. The biggest thing was chewing gum to cover the smell and we thought mom did not know. Boy were we wrong. Today kids are doing drugs that blow the whole place up. I am sure glad I am not a kid today. Think I will go have a swig (never served it in a glass) of Boones Farm.


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