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ONLY ON 3: Man says E-Cig caused temporary blindness


SNEADS FERRY, NC (WWAY) -- A Sneads Ferry man says an attempt to quit smoking may cost him his eyesight.

Joe Vecchione says for the past 10 weeks he has been using an electronic cigarette, because he heard they were a safe alternative to cigarettes.

"It was good,” said Joe Vecchione. “I found it very pleasant. You can choose the level of nicotine you want to use chemically. You can start out with a higher amount of nicotine and work your way down lower."

But he says Tuesday night his E-Cig erupted after he took a puff, shooting hot oil out of the tip and into his eye burning the mucus membrane.

"I heard a little pop and all of a sudden I couldn't see,” said Vecchione.

Vecchione says doctor’s are unsure if he will be able to regain vision in the eye.

"It's a burning sensation that doesn't stop until the menthol breaks down,” said Vecchione. “When the menthol breaks down, what it's doing is it's deteriorating the material that it lands on."

We contacted Buckeye Vapors, the maker of the e-Liquid, who said that their product couldn’t possibly have caused the blindness in Vecchione’s left eye despite the fact that it contains propylene glycol, glycerin, grain alcohol, and nicotine which according to the CDC have been known to cause varying degrees of irritation, inflammation, and even severe pain when coming in contact with the eye.

"You take a lot for granted you really do when it comes to your eye sight,” said Vecchione. “I don't know what I'm going to do if I just have one eye. I don't know if I'm going to be able to drive anymore. I don't know the consequences that are coming.”

Vecchione says he is in the process of finding an attorney so he can pursue legal action against the maker of the E-Cigarette and the maker of the liquid flavor.

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Feel sorry for the victim and angry for store/ejuice manufacture

For most I'm a cig supplier/seller, former heavy 2 pack smoker and have tons of smoker friend. I have absolute no tolerance for the negligence that the store and or juice manufacture is given you. I'm sorry for the victim.
Short story for me multiple times I've been burned with cigarette cherry (half burned ash/tobacco) from my careless friend driving down highway smoking a cigarette. Yes thanks to him I have to buy me new pants:) Point being I'm aware this is what happens when you mix high wind condition and burning object. As far as blame is my friend to blame yes but should tobacco company be blamed as well, you tell me? If yes you should consider knife cutting people by accident; the forger of knife should be blamed as well?
More specific to ecig. Yes I have beginners not knowing how to fill the device (tank) and worn out the vapor producing piece (coil) prematurely. Could they have read instruction sure but we give them free coil replacement because we can and care. As for popping ejuice just as any knowing ecig user can tell you popping sound is normal it happen when coil is new and getting saturated with ejuice. Should you be warned of such at least absolutely. This is why I'm angry that shop that sold you this did not tell you because you don't know. Having it erupt like a volcano that's exaggerated though. It may occasionally pop a drop or two outta the tank chamber though mouth piece but nothing in a steady stream like water holes. This would be my real concern to label ecig as danger but it's never been the case.
To sum it all, I would like to thank you all for reading this 2 cents information and taken your time here. While this is not the extensive wells of knowledge, I wish to let people understand blame will not resolve any issue. Rather through discussing and educating yourself more can you reach a neutral understand and resolution to the situation.
Thank you

"Vecchione says he is in the

"Vecchione says he is in the process of finding an attorney so he can pursue legal action against the maker of the E-Cigarette and the maker of the liquid flavor."
This says more than the entire article. He's probably having problems choosing from all the ambulance chasers beating down his door. It is all about the bucks.

It could be that he hasn't

It could be that he hasn't found one that is willing to take his case.

that old boy ought to stick

that old boy ought to stick to chawin on a little baccersmack, it's more gooder for you than them electrical cigarettes

This is just another attempt

This is just another attempt to control the thoughts of the masses. The Government wants to regulate e-cigs. They don't want you to use your drugs they want you to use theirs. They want you on man made synthetic drugs. I use organic e-liquid but I bet all the money I have that the Governments version would NOT be organic but instead would be full of chemicals and genetically modified ingredients.I don't need the Government to think for me I can do that unlike many of my fellow Americans :(. ALL THESE CANCER FUND RAISERS AND ALL THESE PROMISES OF CURES BUT WHY TRY to make e-cigs look so bad when they PREVENT cancer! Sure no "evidence" that e-cigs work according to "their" studies but us who vape don't need to have some "study" because we have common sense. The Government is so slow that if the COMPUTER industry were regulated we would all be on DIAL UP INTERNET. See they use synthetic man made chemical versions of real things because they get a patent. With that patent they make boat loads of cash all without caring about the side effects. Because they will just give you a 1 a day drug for that...


Organic e liquid? lol You know nicotine is toxic right?E-cigarette smokers inhale MORE nicotine and toxins than regular smokers.

Back "in the day"

We were taught that too much "self-induced love" would cause you to go blind.

Now it's E-cigs?

What has the world come to?


Why was this guy pressing

Why was this guy pressing the heat up button before it was in his mouth? Clearly user error.... Read directions BEFORE Using the device.

As the gentleman's wife, I

As the gentleman's wife, I can assure you that he was clear on its usage and did not heat it up before vaping. We are thrilled with the idea of vaping, too. However, we would like a safe way to vape. I sincerely hope it does not happen to you.

Wway3 please follow up w

Wway3 please follow up w ophthalmologist report. I'm guessing the report will show absolutely NO PERMANENT DAMAGE. matter of fact, in the video I notice his eyes both following together as if there was no damage at time of story. And "may never drive again"? Please.... Plenty of people with only one eye at all and half vision in" good eye" have their license. I'm not saying this wasn't painful I'm just saying it was temporary. I call BS!

An e-cig does not have ANY

An e-cig does not have ANY way of producing the pressure it would take to "shoot" liquid from the tip. The liquid itself is held in a filler material and there its a protective O-ring between the filler material and the tips cover (from which the user draws the vapor). A miniscule amount of liquid has the ability to escape but most certainly not enough to "shoot" from the tip in a stream. I would suggest that this could happen only if the user has tampered with the equipment without a proper understanding of what he was doing. I'm not saying he did, but merely stating a possibility. I've used these devices for some years now and I have NEVER experienced this (nor any other serious injuries) in that time. In my opinion, this man seems to be targeting a newer (and much less understood) industry to gain financially, and that is sad. This product has helped many thousands of people remove tobacco from there lives, and this industry could provide many more with jobs. People need to educate themselves.

I'm a "Vaper"...........a proud, EDUCATED "Vaper"..........Is the gentleman in the article above?

Actually an ecig can reach

Actually an ecig can reach temps up to 300 degrees. Any time there is heat there can be pressure. Too much pressure can cause liquid to shoot out of a canister like an E-cig. There have been many reported instances of this happening even exploding. So i would educate myself better on the fact that you really have no idea what you are smoking when it come to e-cig "liquid". Can only imagine the types of cancers e-cig "vapors" will cause in the next 10-20 years.

Exactly. Well said! In my

Exactly. Well said! In my opinion, it's like going sky diving then Suing the sky diving company bc you peed ur pants during the jump. You knew what you were working with, heck he even filled the ecig w the liquid which had a label, knew it would heat up to vaporizingpoint and the OBVIOUS risk is that liquid is heating up. Now I have gotten a half bottle of mental in my eye. My own fault. I left it in the car on a hot summer day. Opened it and it squirted in my eye. Dr flushed it and said I quote "it may burn today but Tom u will be just fine. Nothing in this will cause permanent damage" guess what? I woke up next day perfectly fine! It didn't even cross my mind to sue anyone. I'm still valid my favorite menthol and my supplier and ecig maker never even knew I had the incident. Guess why? user error. Even if it did pop out of the atomizer and hit me, it's no different than if a hot ash fell off a real cigarette and burned my pants/leg.... Something EVER SMOKER has experienced. People will try to make a buck off any and everything these days at anyone else's expense. It's almost as bad as a cancer patient Suing the chemo company bc the chemo made him puke, even tho it saved his life. What a crock!

Maybe they can send the al

Maybe they can send the al qaeda some of these faulty things...and no more al qaeda!

Joe, you are a man that is

Joe, you are a man that is hard to sympathise with, you smoke, and kill us with your second hand smoke, you choose to quit and pick up another habit that introduces a chemical into your body and you start hollering foul, do you think this makes any sense at all, I believe I may hunt a lawyer and try to redeem some relief for all the years you chose to deal me with second hand smoke at the restaurants.

you're killing me

You drive a car and kill us with the exhaust you produce methane and cause global warming, your carbon foot print is causing millions to die from drought all over the world.(according Al)
How freaking pathetic, how do you even know Joe was in a restaurant as the same time as you? and by the way you chose to eat at a restaurant you could have stayed home and cooked on the grill Oh wait a minute that pollutes the air we breath as well. As does making the materials to build your house all of the food you buy including organics (see Methane again) the clothes your wear your deodorant(hopefully) the battery in your lap top the electricity used to type this ridiculous statement.
Climb off off your high horse man it was a story about an injury get over your self righteous baloney and check into reality for a while you do not need a lawyer you need a psychiatrist to work on that superiority complex
Good grief

Another thing, there is NO

Another thing, there is NO OIL in eliquid. Just pg, vg and flavoring. #EDUCATEYOURSELF. #USEATYOUROWNRISK

your so smart

Vg = vegetable gylecerin -Glycerin, also known as glycerol, is an organic compound of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen with the chemical formula C3H8O3. It is produced industrially, usually as a by-product of soap manufacture, from oils and fats. It can be made from animal fat or, in the case of vegetable glycerin, vegetable oil.

PG= Propylene Gycol- Propylene glycol, also called 1,2-propanediol or propane-1,2-diol, is an organic compound (a diol or double alcohol) with formula C3H8O2. It is a colorless, nearly odorless, clear, viscous liquid with a faintly sweet taste, hygroscopic and miscible with water, acetone, and chloroform.

VG is an oil that is in E-liquid #educateyourselfBETTER. #IWOULDNTSMOKEACETONEANDCHLOROFROM

No one really knows that e-cigs are any better than real cigarettes. They may smell better and not have the amount of carcinogens but you have no idea what health affects it may have. Ecigs have been around in europe the longest and now many countries and states in europe are banning and disapproving E-cigs! What does that tell ya.

Read a little bit more

VG, or vegetable glycerin is used in countless products, including food. It is mainly used to increase sweetness. Even the wine industry uses it to make dry wine sweeter. If you drink a shake, eat a hamburger in McDonald's you introduce glycerin into your body.
PG is also used in almost everything. It is the base for flavorings, food coloring, etc. Medications, food, hygiene products have an incredible amount in them. So basically you consume a lot of both on a daily basis, you just don't know it. Just read the ingredients section on the label from the products that you by.

A high quality eliquid contains only VG, PG, and flavoring, the nicotine is optional. Tell me which of these are carcinogenic!
I admit, a poor quality liquid (for example, from China) can contain any number of chemicals, but as with any other consumer product, it is the users responsibility to read up on the product and the manufacturer before he/she buys it.

If you read a little bit more on the subject of ecigs, you will find, that the they don't want to ban the ecigs in Europe. Their only problem is with the nicotine!!! This is a huge difference. The thing you won't read in the mainstream media is that, as always, the main reason is money. The ecig is a billion dollar industry worldwide. The governments can't regulate, nor can they levy taxes on nicotine as a tobacco product, so instead they want to regulate it as a medical drug. This is the only way they can get tax-money from the ecig users.



In Russia it's..."Yor"

In Russia it's..."Yor" meaning "Frozen Siberian Butter"
In Mythological writings it's..."Yore" (Long Ago)
In America it's You're (You Are)
In Bugtussle,NC it's (Your) (The other person's thingy)

Solved You're question didn't I guesty?

Yes you did

Except in Soviet Russia the Yor eats you.

Come on now, you use a

Come on now, you use a battery operated device to heat a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and menthol to vaporize and inhale it. It's a risk! Just like when smoking a real cig a hit ash could fall in ur lap. Do u sue the cigarette maker? No! You took a chance, and had an accident. Suing the liquid maker or ecig company? C'mon man!!!! Good luck w that....Smdh.


There has now been over 15 reports of this issue. While you may not like Ecigs or the real ones. Customers have to right to buy a safe product.This is why we have recalls. Gun owners have the right to safe guns, everyone has the right to safe food, safe cars ect.

Do people who burn their

Do people who burn their house down with a cigarette regularly sue tobacco companies?

No, they don't. Screw this guy.

I think its funny that you

I think its funny that you have absolutely NO idea what you're taking about.