StarNews: FBI opens probe into police K-9 attack

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Submitted: Fri, 12/13/2013 - 3:27am
Updated: Fri, 12/13/2013 - 5:01am

By: Adam Wagner 

WILMINGTON, NC, ( — The FBI is investigating a Wilmington Police Department K-9 officer's decision to send his dog through an open car window when the suspect appeared to surrender at the end of a lengthy chase, a spokeswoman confirmed Thursday.

Shelley Lynch, the FBI spokeswoman, could not say how long the investigation would take, how many agents would participate or how much it would cost.

Lynch also could not discuss specific steps in the investigation, citing the need "to protect the integrity of the case and law enforcement investigative techniques."

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  • PublicAvenger says:

    A former Wilmington Police Officer, Monica Carey, who would later become assistant chief, in Clayton, was run over and killed, by a chase suspect, 12 years ago.

    I believe they had him boxed in. He pretended to surrender. Several officers surrounded the vehicle. Then he hit the gas, striking and killing Monica.

  • Southeastern LE says:

    out of your effing mind if you think this should have been handled as a felony vehicle stop when it reached the point that it did. How many felony stops did you conduct in BLET where the chase ended with a cruiser having to ram the suspect vehicle to get it to stop after the suspect had already attempted to run over several LEO’s earlier in the chase? Had it been me in that situation and the K-9 not been there the suspect would have been forcefully pulled out through the window or out the door if I could safely get it open. This would have been done by multiple officers and the suspect would have been introduced to the pavement facedown until he could be cuffed and searched. Hands up or not I don’t care, he’s already demonstrated through his actions that he has no regard for the welfare of anyone and I’m not taking any chances with what he might do. This thug created this dangerous situation, he and he alone is responsible for the consequences of his actions.

  • These posts make me laugh says:

    Your BLET reference just outed you as either someone who couldn’t do the job and is no longer in law enforcement or someone who really has no idea how to handle yourself on the street. There is a big difference between real life and practicing traffic stops with your classmates and your plastic guns. Since it is apparent that you have never done anything dangerous relating to police work, bad guys don’t alway respond to verbal commands and “do what the officer asks.” My comments have nothing to do with this article only a response your naive post.

  • Bill OBrien says:

    BLET does not teach you how to conduct a felony traffic stop after the suspect just rammed into you and all of your cover vehicles either. You attended BLET? I take it you didn’t finish then. If that was the case…do yourself a favor and stop making ignorant comments!

    I have had to yank a suspect out of a vehicle after they “surrendered”. That was when the fight was on in most cases. I had two of those people who “surrendered” try to reach for guns after I approached the vehicle.

    Until you walk a mile in the boots of an officer and deal with reality, stop talking about things you don’t know.

  • guest123123 says:

    I do not care how much of a thug this guy was and what he did leading up to the final moment. Proper procedure for this is called a FELONY VEHICLE STOP. We all learned this in BLET and practiced it many times. The suspect is given all types of verbal commands and must listen to each one and do what the officer asks. The first step would have been DRIVER TURN OFF THE VEHICLE AND PLACE BOTH HANDS OUT THE WINDOW. Never got that far since officer just sends in the dog.

  • Guest6858 says:

    How do you know it never got that far? Were you there?

  • History says:

    Before you post something like this you need to get all the facts. How many times do they have to stop him and give him commands to turn off the car and he drives away, before you try something different. I guess in the BLET school you went to they taught you to do the same thing over and over again and maybe the suspect will get tired of running.

    The sure didn’t teach you to get the facts, before shooting off your stupid mouth.

    The officer did what he thought was the best thing to do to protect himself and the other officers. I guess he could have shot him and then you wouldn’t have the suspect all over TV talking about how he was hurt by the bad cops.

  • guest123123 says:

    He was blocked in and done. Law enforcement always seem to have to get their licks in. Deny all you want. How many felony vehicle stops have you made??

  • guest123123 says:

    Unless the tape was edited it was pretty evident. He crashed, came to a stop and put his hands up.

  • Tracie C says:

    What’s EVIDENT is: you failed to watch the whole tape. Try again.

  • wasnotthere says:

    GS15A:401(d)(2)…Third paragraph…That is the answer to all those who question why the K9 was used. That is the statute that the grandjury used to decide on this event. Look it up and decide for yourself. There is no question that this use of force was justified and that the officers on the scene were just as justified in using their weapons as well.

  • GMoney says:

    I want to say this one more time and all this BS im hearing bout how the officer did his job right makes me sick if you bother to look at the video you can clearly see the man was stopped and surrendering with Both hands in the air so where was he threating anyone i was in Desert-Storm and was fired on by iraqi troops til they ran out of ammo then surrendered now what i wanted to do was shoot them anyway but they were surrendering so we took them into custody thats what the geneva conventions said must be done now compare that to a fellow citizen that was just running from a traffic stop then surrendering some ppl are still seeing things in the past when dogs were threw on ppl and it was accepted i hope the officer loses his job and get jail time Come On FBI do your job like you did in mississippi and lets get some justice!!!!!!

  • Jerry Allen says:

    Listen People, you need to understand that this K-9 is a tool. He/She is not a fluffy little cutie pup that you take out for walks on the loop. It does not hop up on the foot of the bed to sleep at your feet at night. It does not ride down the road with its head out the window, sitting on your lap like the little fuzzball lap dogs I see here in town. IT IS A TOOL. Trained to perform a task or tasks to achieve an objective. That is to do a job that will not put an officer in the line of fire. If the dog is killed/neutralized instead of a human being while performing the task, he has met that objective. Sad as it may be that is nature of his/her purpose. The officer utilized this tool to prevent any further risk of life and limb to the other officers, deputies or troopers involved with this criminals crazed attempt to evade capture. With all the back and forth comments here, has anyone noticed that the bad guy was latched onto in a none life threatening manner. If the K9 was used to attack, the dog would have ripped his throat out. It did what it was trained to do. It immobilized the driver/thug by latching on to his shoulder/arms/whatever and prevented him from running over any of those officers that where attempting to remove him from the 5000lb weapon he was driving. Kinda hard to run when you have a 80lb Bear Trap attached to arm. So…Mr “I went to BLET”, if you ever find anyone to hire you, and you can keep a job for any length of time you may learn these things. In the meantime, keep watching you tube and playing airsoft until you find a purpose in life…TROLL…!

  • Buck says:

    The people who responded to comments by others who were in the know about police procedures, have taken time to tell the world just how ignorant they are. “It is better to remain silent and have people think you’re stupid than it is to speak and remove all doubt”, (unknown) This quote came to mind while I was reading some of the ridiculous comments by GMoney and guest123123. Maybe the next time you’ll volunteer to help the “poor victim” out of his/her car. Too many good officers have been injured or lost their lives at the hands of scum like the one involved here. I feel that the officers were about at the point of use of deadly force. I’m sure, “He had his hands” wasn’t much comfort to families who lost loved ones to jerks like the one in this story. As one person said, the K-9 could have ripped his throat out but the handler opted to use enough force to keep the driver in check. In the future, could you loons who only want to make derogatory comments about the police, keep your mouth shut and leave making public comments to people who know what they’re talking about. Just because you got a speeding ticket or a DUI or caused a wreck and lost your license does not give you the right to comdemn every police officer on the planet. I’m especially disappointed by the veteran from Desert Storm. The conditions in this case and the reference you made to the Geneva Convention are not relative and never will be. Let the officers do their jobs, especially those who follow the rules. Ths officer broke no laws or rules. Of course, you know everything so you should be able to quote each law and rule you “think” he broke, so prove your point or shut up. And thank you for your service to the USA.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Justice for Monica Carey, and the dozens of other Law Enforcement officers, struck and killed by chase suspect’s vehicles, each year. Oh, and Monica’s killer was shot. Two people killed, when you trust a nutcase.

    When you trust a dog, I believe Mr. Williams, only sustained minor bite, and scratch marks. Nobody was shot, or run over. And the funny thing was, when Monica was killed, the police were BLAMED for not immediately using non-lethal force (dog, taser, bean bag). And leaving the dangerous situation in the hands of the suspect.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I guess some people would rather the police officers lose their lives instead of the criminal getting a few minor injuries from the dog.

  • Vog46 says:

    decides it was excessive force – then what?

    Why is the FBI investigating use of a dog when the SBI investigates shootings?

    Like many stories from the media – whats between the lines is sometimes more important than the printed or spoken word and the fact that a FEDERAL agency is looking at the WPD instead of the SBI is cause for concern.


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