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Victim's mom offers forgiveness as son's killer pleads guilty


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A killer will not be put to death after he pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.

In the year since Joshua Proutey was shot and killed in downtown Wilmington, his mother says she has struggled to find the will to live. But as her son's killer pleaded guilty Thursday, she found the will to forgive the man who took her son's life.

"This young man touched a lot of lives," District Attorney Ben David said about Proutey. "He knew no hate."

Cameras were not allowed in court as Quintel Grady avoided the death penalty the state was seeking by pleading guilty to first-degree murder.

Proutey, 19, was leaving the Hannah Block Community Arts Center when he was shot and killed, Dec. 13, 2012. Investigators believe the killer shot about two to five inches away from Proutey's head. Detectives say Grady and three others who robbed Proutey made off with $10, a cell phone and a sandwich.

Investigators say a tip led to solving the case after someone overheard one of Grady's co-defendants bragging about his involvement.

"All calls had gone basically cold, and it was based on that anonymous call that we were able to send this detective (Matt Fox) in," David said.

Grady's friends and family say he did not want to plea out, but decided to at the last minute because of money.

"I was told Quintel was given $300 to take this plea," said Tiesha Sweet, the mother of Grady's child. "He was denying the plea up until the last two days he was given."

Grady's lawyers had no comment about any such arrangement.

Christopher Cromartie, Jasmine Dottin and Daniel Henry still face charges in the case, including murder and robbery.

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Ignorance is Bliss

We have a waiting period for executions for a reason. New evidence comes to light, scientific testing of evidence is found to be flawed, appeals are filed, etc. In the 21st century alone 60+ death row inmates have been exonerated. But I'm guess you don't care about any of that. Carry on watching Fox News and basking in sweet, sweet ignorance.


Guess what Bozo? Hangings aren't a black thing, hangings have been around for white folks since the beginning of time. EVERYTHING isn't about blacks, don't flatter yourself. Your distant family member is s piece of human excrement, I wouldnt brag about being related to him. I hope he enjoys his little cage for the rest of his pathetic life.

Oh if they were to bring

Oh if they were to bring back capital punishment then we would have less crime on our streets! i so believe in these third world countries that still practice cutting your hand off for stealing or hanging you because you killed someone! Our jails would be less crowded. And us tax payers wouldnt be spending our hard earned money on these dirt bags to live in jail for free.

Animal. Spineless pos. You

Spineless pos. You may have escaped the DP by pleading out, but you will spend the rest of your life, as pathetic as it is, like the animal that you are in a cage. Enjoy.

death penalty

I hope they still give him the death penalty even though he is confessing. I know a confession saves us (tax payers) a lot of money but he really does not deserve to be in this world. Better off dead in my book.

I agree

As a Black man I concur with all the afore mentioned comments. This guy is an animal and should be put death!

Glad hes off the streets

Why is the Grady family mad, and why are the in the court room crying like some jackasses ??? They look stupid!!
His baby momma is an embarrassment to all us black people! Why the hell would somebody offer that boy $300 to take a plea ? What is $300 gonna do for somebody thats gonna be locke dup for the rest of his life?? SMDH!
We (black folks) need to do better! How would they feel if the white boy would of killed his a** over $10, a cell phone and a sandwich ? They would of had the naacp, Al Sharpton and everybody else they could think of out there rallying and carrying on!
Im glad hes off the streets...hes a killer and he deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison! People like him make innocent black men like me look bad! He got off easy if u ask me! Him and everybody that supports him needs to be ashamed! The only person didnt have a choice that night was the poor lil innocent white boy that was trying to do something with his life!

THANK YOU. For that comment.

THANK YOU. For that comment. It was incredibly insightful and accurate. I, now still have hope for the world. :)