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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Steel support beams are all that remains after a fire destroyed a home at 415 Oceana Way early Saturday morning.

Geoff Guy says it was a little before 4 a.m. when he woke up, and saw flames had engulfed his next-door-neighbor’s home, and were quickly moving toward his home.

“We ran down, got the hose to start with to see if we could do something, and it got so hot so fast. We had probably, I’m going to guess, 20-25 mph northeast breezes coming in from this direction, and it just accelerated so fast. I’ve never seen anything burn that fast.”

Luckily, no one was home at the time.

Neighbor Geoff Guy says the flames were so hot they damaged the windows and siding of his home.

“I would venture to say, another five minutes if they wouldn’t have gotten the water to the side of that house, the tips of the rafters already started to ignite. And thermal pane windows were popping out, and all the plastic, and vinyl pieces melting.”

Brothers Christopher and Nicholas Schwenker live across the street. They say their dog noticed the flames first, and alerted them of the chaos outside.

“3:40 a.m., our dog woke us up, and then our mom looked outside, and then it was like blazing with fire, it was engulfed,” they said.

The family quickly gathered their favorite things, and headed for safety.

“We were scrambling around for all of our things,” Christopher said. “I just got my saxophone and ran to the car,” Nicholas added.

When they came back though, the scene was quite different.

“And then we see this,” Nicholas said. “And then we see that big mess,” Christopher said.

Nicholas says this has helped him learn a valuable lesson.

“You just got to be prepared always,” he said.

Neighbors say the owner lives in Charlotte. There is no word yet on the total amount of damage to the home, or what may have caused the fire.

Guy’s wife says damages to her home could cost up to $40,000 to repair.

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