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Passengers describe Bald Head Island ferry crash


SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) -- Passengers that boarded the 9 a.m. ferry to Bald Head Island never thought their 20-minute ride to would turn into a day-long ordeal.

Now, those on board are sharing their stories of what happened.

Passengers describe the scene as something out of a movie.

"All we know, we was going, and all at one time, the boat just quit, hit the sandbar, and everybody went backwards and forwards,” passenger Eddie Almond said.

Almond rides the ferry almost every day, but Tuesday his trip turned out much different than ones before.

"I was at the back about two feet from the bathroom, and I was holding on to the rail. And when it locked up, I went back this way, and hit the door,” Almond said.

He says people were yelling for help, and some passengers were bleeding.

Those who could help rushed to the hurt while they waited for more help to arrive.

“Everybody stayed calm and came together, and helped out the injured until the Coast Guard got there,” passenger Chris Reavis said.

"Everybody was checking on each other basically,” passenger Matthew Fleming said. “Everybody was like, 'are you alright?'”

Witnesses say injured passengers were evacuated first, and taken to the hospital. The remaining ones were evacuated to deep point marina.

Commander center chief for sector North Carolina, Lt. Lane Munroe says for future passengers, there is nothing to worry about.

"There is really no indication that there is a risk to mariners or risk to passengers that's above normal,” Munroe said.

And Almond says this crash will not keep him from riding the ferry.

"No, not really,” he said.

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Use Air Bags to float it out then tow it on the bags in case there is any serious damage to the hull.
Air bags are used to right overturned semi trailers!

On another note

a sufficient number of fee sniffing attorneys responded to both hospitals and still had a sufficient number at the scene to represent those not requiring hospital attention.

And I'll bet our State

And I'll bet our State Senator (Mr. I'll help you) was the first attorney to show up at the hospital.


but I would be more inclined to put money on the Edwards Law Firm's new bird dog, Brian Burger.

You'd lose your money Tom!!

You'd lose your money Tom!!


Did the ferry crash or run on ground?

I'm sure there will be some

I'm sure there will be some money therapy to help with the healing.