UPDATE: Police arrest four following shots fired, car chase

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Submitted: Tue, 12/17/2013 - 3:33pm
Updated: Wed, 12/18/2013 - 10:57am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Reports of shots fired from inside a vehicle sparks a short car chase with police, and ends in several arrests.

It all started just after 10:30 last night in the 4400 block of Wrightsville Avenue when police say a concerned citizen reported someone firing shots out of a burgundy car with at least three passengers inside. That caller told dispatchers the car was heading down Shipyard Blvd. near 17th Street.

That’s when police say officers on patrol nearby saw the car go through an intersection before turning on their blue lights in attempts to stop the speeding car. When officers caught up with a burgundy Acura, they say the car took off. Police say they chased the car until they lost sight of it on 17th Street.

Officers say they then found the car parked near George Anderson Dr., where the four suspects had abandoned the car and took off running. Police say K9 units and the SABLE helicopter helped search for the suspects, before they found and arrested the first suspect.

Police say they then found the other three suspects laying down and hiding in a backyard off of Wagon Ct., where they arrested the men.

Police say all four men face the same charges, which include felony fleeing to elude arrest, resisting to delay and obstruct, discharging a firearm from an enclosure, conspiracy to commit a felony, hit and run and possession of schedule VI drugs.

Tedrick McClary, Gregory Nixon, and Xavier Hall are all in the New Hanover County Jail under $50,000 secured bonds. Tymir Wigfall is in jail under a $70,800 secured bond.


  • guesty says:

    Because police are bound by a duty to protect the public so they can’t just blow through red lights even with their blue lights and sirens activated. The criminals will fly right on through with no regard to anybody while the police have to come to just about a complete stop to ensure cross traffic has stopped for them.

    Otherwise you would be posting on a story about an innocent family hit by a police car.

  • You mean that WPD cruisers can’t keep up with an Acura? Hmmm.

  • bhambywayofwilmy says:

    Guest2020 Trayvon Martin case became a racial issue because it was stated that a racial slur was used….it was stated that George said ” these( word un know) always get away” if someone is killed under those circumstance, civil rights organizations get involved and subsequently the Federal government whom has very limited jurisdiction {strictly constitutional issues}was also able to review

    Guesty you stated not how it works, when in fact it does and there is a 227 year old document that guarantees that’s how it works, those who do not agree probably should be security guards…. The young man killed without a firearm laying on his stomach fired no weapon….it was never proved that the unarmed guy that was killed in fact was the gun man….Our laws are not just written arbitrarily they were drafted by a group of men who know the evils of government and power They new the importance of procedural and substance such as; notice and an opportunity to be heard by a jury of your peers, you are also afforded the right for your charges to be heard by the community and if they agree that charges should be brought then they can decide…see this validates the system as fair and just and not vigilante cops and a broken police force.

    Do not let your racist zeal allow the government to trample on your civil rights, it starts out ok because it’s the other people but it is only a matter of time before it is you or your love ones whose rights are being trampled

  • Guesttoo says:

    I give your; “challenge of pointing out a time in which the NAACP spoke out against a non-civil rights issues” a try…

    Tawana Glenda Brawley (City of Philadelphia, PA Police) 1986
    Crystal Gail Mangum (Duke Lacrosse team) 2006

    Neither one was a civil rights issue, unless you consider the rights of those accused. But I don’t think that fits your challenge.

    Both were simple little lies told by two different women 20 years apart that the NAACP embraced as civil-rights issues. Unfortunately, for the “protectors of civil rights”, they chose to follow the sensational path rather than the correct one…and lost ALL credibility along the way. Yes, even to this day. Has the NAACP ever apologized in either case? Any case?

    Sigh, once again, the “suspected cop shooter” could have very, very easily had his day in court had he chosen to get a lawyer and turn himself in to contest the accusations. Instead, he chose the path that the guilty take.

  • Lilly says:

    The NAACP just come to the media for attention, just like when the low life idiot blew thru the check point down town led police on a high speed chase thru down town wilmington, multiple streets and then crashed into officers cruisers. Do you really think the police are going to just walk out of their crusiers waving their hands saying hi how are you DL & registration please?

    The thug put the community, and all the officers involved lives in jeopardy. He doesn’t care about is own since he drove like a crazed mad man thru down town hitting objects and police cruisers. So I 100% stand by our Wilmington Police Dept when they use full force on anyone who runs, and endangers the public.

    The thugs that robbed the local food places ever since they got killed and shot any other places been robbed nope. Police solved that issue real quick.

    Police use force against anyone and everyone no matter if your white, black, asian, etc. If you simply comply with the officers and follow their commands if you have nothing to hide then you are good to go.

    Thugs, low life, drugs dealers, gang bangers etc they bring trouble on themselves!

    If you go out get a job pay your bills and taxes you wont have a problem but no they would rather be sorry a** low life thugs and cause trouble and endanger the city.


  • Guest2020 says:

    So, you would rather the police officers to risk and lose their lives just so the criminal could have his day in court?

    Trayvon Martin is a perfect example of the NAACP showing up and stirring the pot when there was not a civil rights issue involved. Even if the shooting had been first degree murder, which it was not, it was not a civil rights issue since Zimmerman was a civilian.

  • guesty says:

    First, police don’t have to wait for a thug to shoot at them, they can act first if a threat is present. Second, police train to stop the threat. That doesn’t mean shoot in the arm or leg, it means aim for center mass and fire until the threat is stopped.

    By the actions of those thugs, they decided they didn’t want to go to court.

  • Johnny James says:

    This comment is to the Passerby, who made a statement base on inaccurate assumptions, about Xavier Hall parents. I would like to speak on their behalf. I have acquaintances who know both of his parents, who say they are well-educated and loving parents. who believe in doing the right thing all the time . For you to make statement about his parents based on the actions Xavier has taken through-out his life, is a pure sign of ignorance on your part. I think you are making this statement because of your past dealings with Xavier, or maybe his mother. Because you definitely do not know the kind of man his father is.

    You stated that,” you could of had my kids outside riding they bikes to get shot up by these fools”

    I hope that your kids father is not just a sperm- donor father , and participates in the your kids life. Because I know Xavier’s parents have.

    Also, you are not the judge in this case, Xavier and the other young men will get what they deserve. I only hope that the shoe will not be on the other feet one day. And someone will not be saying the same about your children.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Let’s say a couple has three children. They are all three raised in the same environment. They are all instilled with the same values/morals. In other words, the three of them have had the same upbringing. Let’s say that two of them grow up to lead normal, upstanding lives and the third one whores around on her husband, lies, gets hooked on drugs, feigns illnesses to avoid responsibility for her actions, treats her children like crap and is just an all-around piece of scum. Who is responsible for her being that way?

  • Passerbyer says:

    Where is his mother???? This young boy needs to be sat down and locked up to learn his lesson and save his life! What kind of mother has raised such a wild gang banger? He needs to stop getting rescue from trouble and let him face his consequences. He wanna shoot guns like a man than he can get locked down like a man. Serves his assets right to have a $50000 bond!along with all of the other disgrace and poor excuses for human beings. He must not have a good man in his life to raise him an honorable man what a shameful act of ignorance. I could of had my kids outside riding they bikes to get shot up by these fools. Sad the cops keep letting these local terrorist back on the street. STOP RESCUING SOMEONE WHO DONT WANT BE RESCUE

  • droppy says:

    … she is well aware of his criminal behaviors yet allows him to continue with no repurcussions. She knowingly and willingly accepts the profits from his gang crimes. Just how does she somehow “afford” a brand new car every few months, do you ask? The cops need to include HER as part of their investigation if they truly want to know the extent of Xavier’s involvement in the gang issue here in Wilmington!!

  • L House says:

    To the writer who ask the most ridiculous question, concerning the location of Xavier’s parents. They are right where they belong. You can only do so much as a parent to instill character, virtue in your children as you are raising them. But when they become an adult they are responsible for the choices, THEY make. For you to accuse his parents of not being in his life, is an idiotic statement , based on your encounter with Xavier, and not knowing the facts. I only hope that the kids you say you have, the son, decide not to allow peer pressure, and the choices of the world influence him and he become a THUG. Or the daughter you may have, doesnt assume a WHORISH mentality, and go looking for her several sugar daddies.

    Xavier will get what he deserves, but I’m so glad you don’t have to decide his FATE.

    Just another concerned parent, who has kids also, and wouldn’t wish any ill towards anyone children, or make a statement, unless I know the individuals personally.

  • Lilly says:

    Where is the NAACP now? Why are they hiding, the brothers were caught shooting, running from police terrorizing a neighborhood and now the NAACP is hiding from the media.

    They need to step up and releaize it’s their own people causing problems shooting their own brothers and sisters. Yes their are white and other criminals out there. But majority off all the shootings and crimes in Wilmington are black criminals. NAACP accept the facts and get over it. Quit pulling the flipping race card.

    So sick of all the BS from the NAACP, pulling the race card on the police dept, on the furniture stores etc. Get over it gesh. Quit shooting, robbing, killing people.

  • Mrsykes says:

    What is it exactly inwhich you speak of when you said “GET OVER IT”???

  • live in the city says:

    very well said you so right………………..

  • bhambywayofwilmy says:

    I am by no means an advocate of the NAACP, I believe they waste their efforts on marching and protesting instead of using there influence in changing political races. However, your attack on the NAACP and their efforts to protect civil rights is miss guided….At no point in this story has anyone’s constitutional rights been threaten by the state.
    The NAACP as an organization protects civil rights when they think the state has impeded on someone civil rights…
    I challenge you to point out a time in which the NAACP spoke out against a non-civil rights issue….
    I do not know if you are aware of this or not but that police shooting was unfair to all involved,
    if the suspect indeed did shoot at a police officer he should have been giving his day in court so we as a public can receive assurance of a just legal system that has process and procedure to address those accused of a crime…
    A great legal scholar once said a Ham Sandwich can be charged and indicted but did he do it????

  • guesty says:

    But they are good boys. Barf.

  • toola says:

    Xavier Hall needs to be kept off the streets! A $50,000 bond is a joke! He has been terrorizing the community with his antics long enough! It’s time to stop letting him walk free and make him do some hard time! Lock him up where he is not putting innocent lives in danger any longer!

  • Guest2020 says:

    The bond is to assure his appearance in court.

  • billp says:

    I figured they were “in church” 24 hours per day.


    I was guilty of profiling last night. I knew as soon as I heard it on television last night that there was shooting, a car chase, subjects crashing, and subjects running, that the suspects would be African-American, and that at least one would have dreadlocks. I’m also sick of the NAACP, and I’m sick of one of the anchors at another television station who drug the NAACP into the Stafford Brister controversy, and who gets mad when you say the problem in this town is primarily caused by African-Americans. When that person leaves work, that person drives to the gated community of Landfall. If that person had to spend the night in Creekwood, their opinion might change.

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